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April Quilt Update

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Easy Street (ES) - quilted, bound - In la la land
Old Tobacco Road (OTR)  - Clues 4, 5 - still dreaming
Allietare (A) - Clue 6 sewn, back, label, binding, quilted, bound -  perhaps my goals are still too high
Double Delight (DD) - quilted and bound - haven't used the mid-arm all month
Row Robin #2 - back, label, binding made, quilted and bound - see above
Pop-up Made - YES
Second Valentine pillow finished - YES
Valentine Table Runner finished - YES
Round Robin (2)- finished and in mail - YES!!!!
Round Robin (3) - finished - YES but not mailed yet
Round Robin (4) - finished - Fabric finally chosen and cut - will do at retreat next month
Bargello - back made, label made - It's that same dreamland
Roll Roll Cotton Boll - Clues 1-4 YES

1st -  I am giving up quilting!  Yes, you heard that right.  I'm done.  Finished.  Caput.  What you're not buying it?  Perhaps because it is April Fool's Day?  Okay, you got me.  I could no more quit this art that I love than I could quit breathing.  It is part of who I am.  And --- I love that part of me.

I'm starting out the month trying to finish up the pop-up that I began in Telluride back in February.  I hit a few bumps and had to really work to move forward, but I think I'm on the right track now.  The first task is to make the ties.  Don'tcha just love sewing tiny things like this.   Not.

I started out using my pretty little Danielle, a Singer 185, but she has determined to get herself some attention from Mister so I have moved on.  Cocoa, one of my Singer LBOW 301's gets a turn to play instead.

In less than an hour, my pop-up is finished.  Yay me.  And yay for another UFO off the list.

The ties are used to hold it in place when not in use.  Then it springs back into life, ready to play again.  I love it.

Mister has set up an adoption meeting this evening and times it so that we have a chance to go and check out the grand opening Not Your Mama's Quilt Shop in their new location.  It's a cute little shop and as I am selecting some fat quarters to use for the May retreats, Mister hears a lady behind me that has questions on the pop-up.  Well, this is her lucky day as I just finished one and can answer them quick as can be.  Good ear Mister.

Brenda stops in while we are there and I get a chance to visit with her while my camera apparently takes a nap.  I do pretty well here --  one pop-up in a fat quarter size for my retreat demo and the fat quarters that I need for the games.  A glass of wine and one more round of the store before we are on our way to a quick dinner and the adoption meeting.

We meet up to check out a new baby in the parking lot of Lowe's.  I know, it seems impersonal when one is looking for a new little one to love, but some people feel safer that way.  Lucky for me, she is sweet and has found a new home.  Mister wants me to give my Barbara a rest for awhile and use this one instead at retreats as she is a little rougher and better to tote around.  Welcome home, Genevieve.

2nd -  Even though we spent yesterday doing quilty things, Mister has agreed to a road trip today.  We are off to Lone Oak and the TOGA (Treadle-On Gathering Academy) event.  It is a fun day which you can read all about in the  TOGA POST.

3rd -  The art festival season has begun and we are off to Deep Ellum today for just such an event.  It's always fun to see what treasures we are able to find and if any miraculously jump in our car with us.  I spot one booth full of fun bags.  Oh, Debi K., we could so do these.

Another booth uses non-working vintage machines as part of their decor.  I'd rather see this than lamps or tractors and it keeps the machines from the bottom of a landfill.

We do find one treasure that wins both of our hearts.  This great couple discovered a warehouse of old piano keys/billiard balls/etc.  It was where they were made and they were able to buy the whole warehouse.  We look at all the parts and pieces of ivory that were there and were amazed.  I then had an inner struggle as to whether to buy some of the jewelry or not as I hate that animals were killed just for it.  However, this all took place forever ago and nothing I do can change that.  It seems as though putting it to use rather than just destroying it lets me remember what awful things man does to our world.  It will be a great conversation piece and a chance to educate people.  I am also able to pick up a new barrette made from Elk Antlers.  Now these I have no issue with.  They lose them every year and I have found them in the woods.  Why not make something beautiful from them.


4th -  Monday.  That means playing time is over and I need to get back to being productive.  Today's mission is to cut for a Round Robin I am working on and clean up the house as tomorrow is a play day with Allison.

5th -  Allison and I start the day with an early morning walk at the Arboretum and then return to the house for a fun day of sewing together and chatting away.  The camera went into hiding and only popped out for a few quick clicks and then hid again.  Not a very documented day.  I work on the Round Robin happily sewing tiny 2 1/2" stars together.  They will finish at 2" in the top.  Wow.  Fortunately, I don't have any issues and they go together nicely.

Now to figure out what to do with all those stars.  At first I was going to border the whole thing with them.  Now I am wondering if they should be spaced apart.  I think I'll go to bed and sleep on it.  Tomorrow will start with fresh ideas, I'm sure of it.

6th -  And I was right.  This morning I quickly knew just what I wanted to do for the border and here it is.  This one is ready to mail.  Woohoo.  Now onto the next one which arrived at the same time.  Dang, these ladies are fast at this.  The rest of my day is spent cutting Li'l Red samples and sewing pieces together to make fabric for the dress/hat I want to make for Ophelia.  Mister and I are off to the Arboretum for some evening walking and photographing.  See ya'll tomorrow.

7th -  I've been invited to lunch by Valerie and am kinda excited.  We decide to have lunch at the Arboretum (yes day three in a row for me) where we can walk and visit at the same time.  Please click on our  FUN DAY to read all about it.

8th -  My granddaughter is playing soccer in Kennedale so I am off to watch and spend some time with Jen.  I do a little handwork on my Valentine pillow before the game starts and then watch and visit during it.  The girls win and thus will play again tomorrow so Jen is spending the night with us.  We are off to Cane Rosso for dinner.

The group Quilt-a-long starts today.  We are doing Roll Roll Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter and can be found in her String Fling book.  To follow along with us, click on this  RRCB Summary link.

9th -    WOW --- I cannot believe how much fun I am having this month.  It just seems as though each day I get to spend time with friends or family.  What a complete treat.  Today I am off to Flower Mound to play with friends at Maria's house.  Is is odd to say that we are playing at our age?  I don't think so.  The word play brings joy to our mind and that is what days like this are:  pure joy.  You can catch up with our antics by clicking on this LINK.  All I do is cut scraps the entire time.

10th -  Mister and I are up and out the door bright and early today.  We are headed to Abilene for Jon's Bday family party.  How on earth did he get so old?  Fifteen?  No way.  I drove there, thus giving Mister a break as he drives everyday in his commute to work.  On the way back, I work on my Valentine pillow until dark and then just kept Mister company.  Upon arriving home, my brain was just on fire with ideas for the upcoming mystery and I knew there was not going to be any sleep until I emptied it.  It turned into an all-nighter but I think I am close to having what I want.  I am kinda tired of working on the computer though and no pictures to show just yet for it either.

11th -  I am not very productive today.  The most I can lay claim to is that I have rearranged the squares that are STILL laying on the floor by the door.  How pitiful is that?  I am, however, leaving the house around 2:30 and taking the train up to Mister's office so that we can drive up to Lewisville and the Land O'Lakes Guild meeting.  While on the bus I do manage to work on the Valentine pillow a bit  more.  It would be a lot more but for some reason I am incapable of putting the threads I  need into the project bag.  Ugh.  Oh, you are probably wondering why we are going up to Lewisville for a guild meeting.  Well, Ms. Allison is presenting tonight and we are going to both support and help her.  If you want to read all about our fun evening, please click on this POST.

12th -  Mister is working from home today and between the two of us, we managed to finally learn enough in EQ7 to finish the upcoming mystery.  I am so excited and can barely contain myself.  I want to post stuff NOW.  Introduction will take place next month.  Once I finish up with him, I am off to tackle Roll Roll Cotton Boll, clue 2.  I know, I know ---- I haven't finished clue one yet but I am trying to get a bit ahead and these were already almost complete.  You can read all about it HERE.

13th -  It's a blogging day as I am really behind and needing to do some catch up time both on this blog and my personal one.  After sewing my L'il read squares into a piece of fabric, I spend the rest of the morning doing just that and then am picked up by the bus taking me to the train.  I am, once again, off to Mister's office so that we can make an evening jaunt.  We are off to look at a new baby and she does, indeed, come home with us.  She's a sweet little Singer 403 and I am thrilled to have her.

After picking her up, it was peak traffic time so Mister suggested we stop at Home Depot so he could get some parts for the pedal helpers that Mister is building.  While there, I make a pit stop in the paint department and fill my hands with pretty, pretty paint cards.  Oooooh, it's getting real now.

14th -   It is the last day for  RRCB Clue 1 as tomorrow the new clue comes out.  Okay girl, kick it in gear.  I need to set a better example than this.  I settle in and whip out these threesies in no time.  I do love purple and green together.

15th -   It's an Allison Day!  For some reason, on these days I have absolutely no problem getting out of bed bright and early to make everything as pleasant as possible and as low stress to Mister as I can.  He HATES a house that isn't perfectly wonderful when company is here.  I do my best to oblige him, but I'm really  not a perfect person and seriously don't care about this as much as he does.  I know --- I should probably reevaluate.  If you want to read the Play day Post, please do.

I finish up working on RRCB Clue 4 (ugh, yes I am THAT bad as clue 3 has not even been released yet and I have not started on it) before moving on to putting the backing and binding on my Valentine pillow.  It doesn't quite have all the handwork finished, but I can do that next trip AND do the binding too.  Once I complete that, I take the L'il Red fabric that I  made and start the process of cutting out Ophelia's dress and hat.  It seems to take me most of the day just getting that accomplished.  Yes, sewing clothes can be painful at times and I truly dislike the cutting out part.

16th -  So, since I really didn't devote enough time this week to blogging ---- AND my flights to Denver to pick up granddaughters were cancelled, ALL day is spent that way.  Meanwhile, Mister is out back making three more of "Doug's Pedal Helpers"  (haha, those who are familiar with our personal blog might get a smile out of the DPH involved there).  I also make a few more changes to the upcoming mystery and get the fabric yardages out to my editors.  Yes, it is starting.

Mister has finished another three of his DPHs and they look great. Since Allison and I were the recipients of the first two, he is really getting the system down now.  Perhaps there will be more if people want to order them.  We're looking into it.

I'm going to show several pictures of these here --- enjoy and think of how many  you want.

17th -  It is storming like crazy today and I am super sad.  Not only am I without my granddaughters, we are also not able to attend Songkran.  Ugh.  What to do?  I start out by sitting in the chair pouting and sewing down the binding on my Valentine pillow.  I also finish off the eyes and a few other things so that I can call it DONE!  I even make a run out to the studio to find a pillow form for it.  Made circles out of L'il Red crumbs, then a drawstring bag.

Next, I decide to start sewing up the crumbs from cutting out O's dress/hat yesterday.  I have a thought to make a drawstring bag to match her dress -- one that will carry her L'il Red doll.  You can find a tutorial for this bag Right Here.  Another item complete.  I am on a roll.

While I am working, Mister stops by now and then.  I have my phone sitting up against the speaker so that I can watch Friends.  After awhile he can't stand it any more.  Soon he shows up with a hanger that has been reconfigured to fit over the speaker and hold my phone.  It's not fancy but it certainly does do the job.  Thank you, Mister, for always trying to make my life just a little bit easier.

18th -  I have resolved to CLEAN THE STUDIO and it takes me ALL DAY.  Yes, it was just that bad.

Before pics:

After:  (still not perfect but oh so much better)

While out there, I cut the papers for the upcoming Roll Roll Cotton Boll string blocks and take into the house the Valentine QAYG parts that I found.  The rest of the evening is spent working on those blocks and finishing them.  No, I didn't take a picture of the at this stage.  Bad Debi.

19th -  Earlier this week I put out a "help" to my friends since I no longer have little girls to occupy my time.  The Jennifers responded and set up a meeting for today.  I am off on the train to meet up with them for some retail therapy.  Please check out our fun day in this  POST.

20th -  I'm an online shopping machine today.  I have to get some projects finished and am missing parts.  Round Robin, Ophelia's quilt, etc. It's fun though and I likely have ordered more than I truly need,

21st -  After spotting an upcoming estate sale yesterday, I put out a post to see if anyone wanted to go along.  Soon Jen S. agreed to meet  up with me and plans were made.  I have a GREAT DAY (yes, click that link to share in my fun) and scored on some beautiful fabric.

22nd -  Yippee!!  A new friend is coming over to sew.  Leanne is taking a risk and venturing into an unknown home just to sew up pieces of fabric that were once whole.  This quilting hobby is kind of strange when we look at it that way, isn't it?  I spend the entire time working on the string blocks for RRCB Clue 3 which released today and you can read all about our day HERE.

The evening is spent with family and I am treated to some incredible craftswomen working with yarn in addition to a ton of nature's beauty.

Oh my goodness the beauty of what they produce cannot be taken from my eyes.  Would you like to see?  Just click on this LINK to see more of it and nature's beauty as well.

23rd -  Mister and I are having a quick get away down to the Hill country.  One of our stops included an antique store in Blanco where I spotted some pretty cool treasures.  Look at this cool ribbon cabinet.  Do you think it would work for fabric too?  It is refinished oak from the early 1900's and the store indicated that they are used for wine by people who buy them now.  At any rate, it's a cool piece.

A cool vintage iron.

I also spot some interesting pin cushions/thread spool holders.  One looks like it could have been a candle stand and the other could have served petit fours or something like that.  Both make me chuckle.

There are a few machines here and there but most are pretty pitiful.  This White was the best they had to offer.

One table had some vintage quilt blocks and they are cool, but $50.00 cool?  I didn't tarry long at the table.  A quick picture and move on girl.

24th - As part of our little sightseeing trip this weekend, we make a stop at the LBJ historical site and stop in at the living history farm and are able to walk around and check things out.  In one of the bedrooms, I spot not only a cool quilt, but a treadle to boot.  The best part of the machine is the coffin top for it.  Look at the carvings on the end --- very nice.

Driving along, I am hand binding the Valentine table runner.  This gives me another in the DONE column this month.  Woot woot.

My favorite part of the day?  A stop at the Settlement Trail in Johnson City.  I made a friend with the gift of some tender grass and was so taken back in time.  Oh those days of fun with horses and time with my cousin LaVonne.  (Man is my hair a mess.)

25th - Today is take back my house day.  Well at least one room of it.  My "hobby" has completely taken over our home and it's time for it to stop.  I have a perfectly fine studio to work in.  It takes me until around 3 in the afternoon to get one wall of the office returned to "office" state and everything else hauled to the studio.  This also requires finding a home for the Necchi cabinet that was in there, so I did some quick (hahahahahaha, falling over laughing there as I completely rearranged the den and then put everything back in place before moving a cabinet in the living room) switches and it now has a new home.  I took a break about halfway through to walk to the bank and deposit retreat checks as well as dropping off some old coats at a donation center.  Then back to work.  At 3 I call it enough and do 10 string blocks (these seem to go quicker when I am not flapping my jaws talking to someone else all the time), make a cream of cauliflower soup for dinner and then finish up the day with an evening walk.  That's two in one day --- oh I am going to be sore tomorrow.

Love these roses spotted on the first walk.

26th -  Allison is over bright and early for a sew day and I am so thrilled to have this time again this week.  I start out the day by popping some fresh scones in the oven and we enjoy them with tea while sharing stories together.  Time much needed for me to gain perspective today.

For me, it is string, string, string as I continue my journey towards completion of clue 3.  Allison is working on her Talkin' Turkey blocks for the day and after putting two together, she settles in on doing some stringing herself.

Oh, oh, oh -- before I forget.  She brought a lovely piece of history to share with me and Mister.  I am enthralled with her vintage pinking machine.  What a delightful object to have and treasure.  It is so much better than modern pinking shears which give you hand a cramp after only a few cuts.  Just quietly crank away, resulting in a clean and even cut.  Nice.

We all have our days and this one is a variety day for Allison.  She has cut, sewn, trimmed, ironed, and is now into drawing mode.  Yep, all those dang squares need lines drawn on them and she finds just the spot to do that in.  Comfort at it's best.  Yep, we aim to please here.

27th -  Mister is home sick today and I am staying as far away from him as I can.  I do NOT want what he has.

On the brighter side, there is a happy dance going on here.  I have finished sewing my string blocks and trimmed them all up.   I feel like the little engine that could again.  I think I can finish today, I think I can finish today, I think I can . . . .

So, just so you know, all of the above was done before noon when my dear friend Lisa stopped by to pick me up for lunch and some girl time.

We decide on the Arboretum for lunch and after ordering, grab a table in the shade.  Apparently, we look like bird ladies, as we are soon surrounded with friends looking for handouts and dang are they pushy about it.  I thought they were going to jump right into our food.

I try to grab a quick pic of Lisa, but I think something slowed down as this is the best I got and well, let's just say she likely won't see this post.  Fingers crossed.  Food was good though and this caramel frapp --- ooh, yummy.

Lisa, however, takes a really nice picture of me.  Ugh - Now I feel even worse.

Once I'm home again, I settle into a chair in the living room, put some Netflix on, and start depapering.  Two hours later I can say that Clue 3 is finished and you can read all about it HERE.  The next clue comes out tomorrow so I am barely staying afloat here.

For my evening entertainment, I make a quick trip to JoAnns for a few items that I need AND apparently they are having a 75% off sale on fat quarters and bundles.  Well dang, I am still short a bit of variety for upcoming projects.   I am able to find some lavender (a yardage piece too with a 40% off coupon), dark purple, periwinkle (for Ophelia's new quilt), red/pinks, insulbrite (50% off coupon), covering for the insulbrite, and two yards of fabric to hopefully go with the Round Robin I want so desperately to finish.  The piece I ordered the other day is NOT going to work even a little bit.  It turned out to be canvas.  OH -- and I got a new rotary cutter (also with a 50% off coupon).  All in all -- I did dang good.

28th -  Mister is still sick and thus working from home again.  I have not cleaned the living room up yet so I spend my day there - out of his area and yet close enough if he needs something.  Such fun.

Todays task is to kit, kit, kit.  I start out with the beach bags and then move on to Ophelia's dress/hat, the new baby quilt, the Round Robin, and work on getting a pop-up staged to teach with.  OH yes -- AND today is release of Clue 4 for RRCB ---- guess what?  I am finished already.  To read all about this miracle, please click on this LINK.

29th -  Prepping for retreat.  Yep, ALL DAY.  Prep, prep, prep.  What am I thinking?  I am cutting for more pop-up bags, O's periwinkle quilt, some sewing mats, and parts to snap bags.  Many of these are in partially finished stages.  Somewhere along the way, I decide to take all of my scraps and make a pillow for my sister-in-law's dog.  When I received my online fabric order the other day, the fabric I had hoped would work for the Round Robin turned out to be a canvas type fabric.   Voila ---- dog bed.  (Link to blogpost on this is HERE)

Mister is home and the birthday season has began --- woohoo.  I am off to an auction with my sweetie.

No treasures so time for some blogwork tonight.  Yes, I'm trying to get this post out before the next update is due.

30th -  I am still prepping for retreat.  Mister offers to make a quick shopping run with me and we find all my gifts for both May retreats AND both beach retreats.  I am on top of the game for a change.  Once back, I continue my prep work --- lots and lots of triangles for the next RRCB clue.

Now for dinner at Food From Galilee and a play.  We are seeing The Great God Pan.

A wonderful time is had and upon returning home, I work like crazy to finish getting ready for retreat.  We are leaving on a small trip tomorrow and I am out of days.  There is hope that I will finish up this post tonight but I am not holding my breath.  (Yep, Mister LOVES selfies.)

Thanks for checking up on me this month.  Check back in now and then and please check out the link to OUR QUILT BLOGS at the top of the page for many of the quilt groups are starting to restrict the posting of blogs into the groups.  If you want to still have a long monthly read and time for your tea, join the group.  Thanks for sticking around this long -- I appreciate all of you who read each month.

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