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February Quilt Update

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Easy Street (ES) Clue 8, back, label, quilted, bound - Clue 8 finished, label made
Old Tobacco Road (OTR)  - Clues 4, 5 - still a no
Allietare (A) - Clue 6, back, label, binding, quilted, bound - nope but am cut for clue 6
Mister's Mondrian finished - YES
Mister's Koala finished - YES
Double Delight (DD) - I'm a definite dreamer -- this would require me being at home
Row Robin #2 - back, label, binding made, quilted and bound - again dreaming
March group project prototype made, kits together - no
Second Valentine pillow finished - no
Secret Project (SP) - set with borders, label made, binding made, backing made - YES  

1st -  I am smack dab in the middle of two retreats and am fortunate enough to have my dear friend Allison spending these days with me.  Today is a play day -- I say that because we have hiked, talked, shared meals (including dinner at the river) and just loved life.  I do manage to work on my Double Delight a bit as I procrastinate on quilting Mister's koala throw.  For more about our wonderful days together, please feel free to click on this LINK.  Hint:  I do get the quilting done before crashing into a heap in my bed.

2nd -  Another amazing day at Brazos House.  Unfortunately what Allison I do all day is a BIG HUSH, HUSH secret so I can't show any pics just yet.  Instead you will just have to make do with the amazing sunset we watch before dinner.

3rd -  We are back to four today as Debi and Elisabeth have returned.  Still working on our top secret project but we also make chocolates for everyone arriving tomorrow.  Lovely Valentine fun.

In the wee hours before I go to bed, I finish a couple of Allietare blocks, parts and pieces for Double Delight AND a layout.  NOW, I'm tired.

4th -  Today is the day.  The house fills back up and we are off and running.  The secret project has been cleaned up and Double Delight is on the design wall.  Let the fun begin.  You won't want to miss all that goes on during this retreat so please click on this POST for the full story.  My accomplishment for today is Double Delight completely set -- borders and all.  TA-DA

5th -  Way back in December, when Debi was over visiting and using the mid-arm, I kitted up several sewing mats and today is the day I want to work on them.  I start in and Sherri is complaining across the room that her machines is bouncing a bit while she sews.  After telling her that I will make her a mat to see if it helps, I find out that Debi doesn't have one either.  Now I am working on two at once.  While doing so, I ask Elisabeth to draft the cutting requirements for a wall hanging I want to make Mister for his birthday.  Her payment?  A mat -- now three are in the works.

At the same time, Ana does her group project tutorial and I am able to put together a quick Kleenex holder as well.  This is kind of a fun day.  I also finish up a new sewing mat for myself that still needs binding.  Good day.  The evening is spent cutting and sewing the wall hanging that Elisabeth has named, "Doug's Mondrian."  I like it.

6th -  My ENTIRE day is spent finishing the Mondrian.  Just before dinner, I have accomplished it and I believe it is technically the best work I have ever done.  Oh I hope Mister will love it.

Oh these ladies.  What can I say?  It's time for our group photo and the beginning of our last night together.  Most of us have been together for 1 - 1 1/4 years now.  It seems longer as I feel as though we have known each other all of our lives.

For the evening project, Shirley is teaching us how to make these catch-alls.  I LOVE mine and it takes me all evening to finish.  Just as the day is turning, I am done.  However, the group is not and we stay up together singing, dancing, laughing, and playing games for several hours more.  (Guess what?  I sewed the zippers closed - haha  - don't tell anyone.)

7th -  Ick.  The morning means that this retreat is coming to an end.  I spend it putting the finishing touches on my koala quilt,  adding binding to the last sewing mat, and packing up.

 Mister arrives - good-byes are said -- and after a quick walk to the river, we head home.  (Thank you Allison, for the picture.)

8th - After 11 days at retreat:  I slept today.

9th - The price you pay for days of fun:  bookwork, bookwork, bookwork  And that is all.

10th - I am soooooo behind on this blog.  Today's mission is to make headway there.

11th - Another day on the computer.  Yes, sewing for 11 days straight means that basic life has to be caught up today.  Did a few more blog entries AND . . . . researched and ordered my backing for SP.  I cannot tell you how excited I am for the parts to arrive.

12th - I am like the little engine that could again.  I think I can finish, I think I can finish, I think I can . . . . . blog and upcoming retreat emails.  Yep, another one in March.

13th - Mister and I are taking some time together today.  We are off to the zoo.  You can read about our wonderful morning with this LINK.

14th - Happy Valentines Day -- Try to find some time with those you love today.  I am not of the mind that it must be a significant other.  We need to use this day as a jumping off point to simply appreciate all whom we love, be them friends, family, or a perfect stranger who smiled at us on the street.  It's all about love, my friends.

15th - Mister is being locked in at a training this morning so I am all alone until I leave on my flight Wednesday and I will not be back home until sometime in March.  Goodness.   I would really like to make some progress on ES as it is now officially a UFO.  I make the borders, label, and work on the back a bit before attaching borders.  Yay!!!

I am getting there.  Now I only have to finish the back.  I also cut borders/binding for SP and cut the centers, inner border, and setting triangles for A.  I prep a Valentine table runner and determine just what I need to take with me on this extended trip.

16th -  Ooooohhh the mailman brought me a TON of squishies.  Did I really order that much?  I cannot wait to open them.
I definitely had fun while ordering.  There is a TON here.  After laying all the pieces out, I quickly determine that there is almost enough here for a second back.  A quick call to Allison to share my excitement and I let her know that she doesn't need to order anything else for her back.  I cannot wait to see these finished and ready for pictures.

After laying out the top of SP (which I still can't show you), I take blue painters tape and mark the corners so I can work at piecing a back together.  Here is what I come up with:

Don't you just love and oh I bet you are wondering just what the top must look like.   This is fun.

The rest of my morning is spent drafting my addition to a round robin that I received in the mail and need to have out by the first of April.  Again, I can't show you as the person it is for may read this but there will be a post all about it later on.

17th -  I spend most of the day packing and getting everything read for three separate trips.  I have determined to check a bag so that I don't have to drag Mister to the airport early Sunday morning to switch one out.  So, with a full suitcase of clothes, a carry-on roller with my laptop and several projects, and my mondo bag, I am set for the first two legs of the trip.  I have a sewing machine and a basket of projects for Mister to put in the car when he drops it off at the airport that I will use on the third leg.  The house is clean, plants watered, birthday season gifts hidden all over the house, bills paid, and I am outta here on the 10:00 flight to Vegas to meet up with my mom, sister, and brother-in-law.  See ya later.

18th -  Arriving at a little after midnight, by the time I get to my hotel and settled in -- it is after 2 a.m.  I'm gonna sleep for awhile and then I'll be back.

Okay -- a few hours under my belt and I'm ready to go.  Trouble is -- it's 7:30 a.m. in Vegas and well, there is just not that much to do.  As I lay in bed, my eyes spot a painting on the wall.  Yep, I even have sunset colors in my room.  If you are interested in the rest of my trip, please click on this LINK.

Since it is too early to leave the room, I settle in and finish the hand binding on my sewing mat, and settle in to start work on the Row Robin block I drafted out the pattern for.  Yes, I absolutely can set up in a hotel room.  Can't you?  I didn't bring a sewing machine, but I can iron the paper and continue drawing my paper piecing templates.

Around 9 I decide to leave the room and start my strip wandering to pick up show tickets.  It seems as though everywhere my eye lands, I see quilt patterns.

Oh the ideas running through my mind.  The rest of the day is spent with family and thus, quilting is on hold.

19th -  As we walk about, again my eyes are drawn to the patterns above and below me.  Such a ton of inspiration to be found here.

20th -  Today we are getting out of the city and taking a drive down to Hoover Dam and Boulder City.  As we stop in the town (okay I guess it is a city since that is the name of it), I find the cutest candy shop.  Oh the memories in here.

And yep, I'll share a quick shot of me and Sis on the wall behind the dam.  That white strip indicates how low the water level is.  So sad.

After dinner, I am outta here and off to Telluride, I have a midnight flight back to Dallas and then a 4 hour delay before my flight to Montrose.  A quick hour long nap and I am on my way.

21st -  Arriving in Dallas, Mister has decided to come and take his walking zombie of a wife to breakfast.  This is not a good plan and he soon delivers me back to the airport where I find a bench to sleep on for a few hours.  I am in Montrose by noon and after groceries and errands with Amanda, Raef and Caleb, we are on our way to Telluride for one whirlwind week.

Amanda is off to rehearsals after dinner and I and the boys head to be shortly after that.  Time for some real sleep.

22nd -  Good morning.  Life is better today and once everyone is off to school and work, I settle in for a little sewing.  I only have two days to sew this week as the others will be occupied by vacation time with Mister, seeing another daughter, Rhiana, and all the events of the week.  I gotta get a little done at least.

I have brought the borders and backing for my SP along with the Round Robin and another project idea I have for a future retreat.  There is some handwork too, but I may or may not get to it.  I decide to do the retreat project idea as a leader/ender and it takes me FOREVER to get ready for it.  Was this a good idea?

With circles being in the mix, I am starting to wonder about this project.  They scare me.

I DO love the fabric I found for it though.  This was a last minute run to the store before I left town.  I had just an hour before the bus was picking me up so I didn't get to hmmm and haaaaw at all.  Just grab and go.  I sure hope it goes together well.

Once the cutting is complete, and measurements take, it's time to get to work sewing.  Ooops, better add the label first thing or I will forget it.  This is a Fat Quarter Gypsy pattern.

Okay, borders and binding strips are chain sewn together and my leader/ender in tow.  I am off and running.

I so wish I could show the borders on the top, but it's a secret so you'll just have to wait and trust that I continued with that as my next step.


Once my top is bordered and my binding pressed and put away, it's time to start putting the back together.  Now this part is not a secret so you can follow along with me.  I cannot believe how easily it goes together.  AND I LOVE IT!!!  All that research (i.e. shopping) really paid off.  (Yep, I took the picture upside down -- ya just gotta deal with it.)

23rd -  I am enjoying an amazing sunrise while setting up for today's project.  The ENTIRE days is spent making ONE section on the round robin and I can't show that either.  What a boring post this is turning out to be.  Oh heck, I am going to back track and tell a certain someone not to read this far.  Okay, I'm back.  Here ya go:

24th -  Mister arrives today so I am off to Montrose to pick him up right after dropping the boys off at school.  We make a stop at the Black Canyon and you can spend the day with us HERE if you wish.

25th -  After a fun morning with Mister, I leave him taking a nap while I make a quick (well 3 hour round) trip to Montrose where I retrieve Rhiana and Kasey who have also flown in for the show.  Our evening is spent watching the T.A.B. show in which Amanda models beautifully.  To see the entire post for the night please click HERE!!!!

26th -  We have a wonderful day around town and visiting with family.  It's our last day in Telluride and we're making it count.  To see what we saw, please follow this LINK.

27th -  Our crazy day has begun.  It is Bekah's Cotillion down in Temple, TX and we somehow have to get there.  Please take the time to read about our crazy trip and see the beautiful pictures of her HERE.

28th -  On my way to Abilene with Jen.  Once there,  the boys and I are elbows flying getting the main floor of the house in tip top shape while we send Jen to bed.

29th - It's Leap Day AND apparently decorate your granddaughter's soccer locker day.  Jen is feeling up to a quick trip out to get a few fun items and then back home to sleep.  I hit the sewing machine and whip out 18 little kleenex holders while she naps.  Yep, purple and gold school colors.

It is definitely fun to be sewing again.  Thankfully, Mister packed almost everything I could need while I am here and it was waiting for me in the car when we got to the airport on the 27th.  Even my sweet Featherweight, Barbara.

Once I have everything cut out, two quick seams and turn them right side out.

Then fold in thirds and two more seams please.

Turn right side out and fill with Kleenex.  Voila --- a quick and easy gift.  Oh thank you Ana for this one.

Now, we still need to make the locker decorations as well.  We have chosen gold stars, purple ribbon and feathers, and of course a treat.  M&M's seem to fit.  Then we are off to the school to do the decorations:

My late night (and I do mean late night) is spent talking with Bekah while she works on her beads.  No, I did not work with them.  Just watched.

Oh where on earth did this month go?  I think it literally flew along with me on the various planes.  Whew.

Thanks for checking up on me this month.  Check back in now and then and please check out the link to OUR QUILT BLOGS at the top of the page for many of the quilt groups are starting to restrict the posting of blogs into the groups.  If you want to still have a long monthly read and time for your tea, join the group.  Thanks for sticking around this long -- I appreciate all of you who read each month.

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  1. You and your whirlwind life my friend!!! So glad I was on the front end of this month at Brazos with you. Thank you for our time together working on our Secret Project and taking time to hike, talk, laugh and eat!! Hugs, Allison