Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yarn Shopping and Errands

Mister and I were out running errands and I wanted to pick up some yarn to make a few scarves so we stopped off at my fav yarn spot, Holley's Yarn Shoppe.  While there I saw this very cool item.  It takes the coils of yarn and rolls them into a ball.  Dang it was sweet.  And double dang -- I remember sitting and holding my arms apart with the yarn around them while it was hand wrapped into a ball.  I am pretty sure this is NOT modern technology, but it is way more advanced than what I was used to.  Too cool.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time Sewing with Cass

Cassie's grandmother is turning 80 and all the grand and great-grandchildren are making a small quilt as a gift for her.  Each one is to do something that "Grandma would like" and since Cass has been out of town working for the past week she is behind the eight ball on getting it done by the deadline.  I pitched in to help and also give myself some fun Momma/Daughter time.

We took over my sewing room and Mister kept us supplied with patterns, food, and drinks while we worked.  He was great at finding patterns online that we could work with easily.  Grandma loves flowers and so we settled on a pansy and a violet.  Once we finished creating the applique flowers and had them ironed in place, it was time to blanket stitch all the way around.

We moved into the office in the house to sit back and do the finish work a little more comfortably while still being able to visit and hear all about her time in Austin during SXSW.  She always has so many funny stories to tell - airports are a gold mine for those.

We think the squares turned out well -- how about you?