Friday, February 28, 2014

February Quilt Update

Previous posts:  First of year quilt update  (There are individual class posts for 4 Bonnie Hunter classes as well if you click on Feeling Crafty label and go to older posts.)
                         End of January quilt update

February Goals:  Here we go again

Three quilts  - (Not Quilted)
Three BOM's current - yes
Swap blocks for March - yes
Celtic Solstice - 20 blocks - yes
Roll Quilt - yes
Applique quilt top pieced - yes
UFO project - crochet pink/white afghan - try and finish rows - Whole project completed!
** If time - start cutting next month's quilts.  I am putting this as a maybe since we are going to be in Wyoming for 8 days.  I will take things with me, but still will lose time.  (Didn't happen)

(1st)  It is an early rise today and we are out the door by 7:30 to run to the estate sale that had the 401a, but, alas, it is sold.  Ya snooze, ya lose and we lost that one.  I knew we were probably going to have regrets on that one.  Drat.  We're now on the way to Temple for Jared's birthday and to deliver his birthday quilt.  On the way down I debone 1 shirt and 1 pair of pajamas - yay! - love the recycled fabrics.  I also finish removing all the dog ears for my bonus Celtic Solstice triangles. ((chauffeur service provided by Mister)) Now to figure out what to do with a gazillion of these things.

We had a great time with family and we were able to watch 2 basketball games before the party (check separate post) It was dark coming back, but Mister was such a sweetie and let me use the interior light to crochet by.  I was able to get about 8 rows on my baby afghan.

(2nd)  Our weather sucks and Mister is not wanting to heat the studio so I am stuck in the house.  I spent most of the day poking tiny holes in my finger tips while hand quilting.  I consider it a success, though, because there are not any blood spots on the fabric.  What a day.  I also baked an apple crisp to take over to a friend's for the evening Super Bowl party.  We had a great time visiting -- pretty sure I didn't watch anything but the commercials and the halftime.