Monday, October 7, 2013

Quilt Update

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the studio.  Each one of my machines has been busy with a project of it's own and I am happy to say that we are definitely accomplishing things.

There are piles of triangle squares in blue and white for my Jamestown Landing quilt which Barbara (my featherweight) has been happy to stitch.

Lady Elna, my "fancy" machine, has been busy finishing up the Lazy Sunday quilt.  Borders and cornerstones are ready to put on the top and then she is ready to quilt.  Woohoo.  I have only been going on it since January.  When I put the four cornerstones together on the design wall, I loved the block.  May have to work on something like this in the future.

I have also been digging in the bins of old fabric that I brought with me when I left Montana.  I found several quilt kits that I never started -- well now is as good a time as any so I have three of those going as well:

The green is for me, the orange is one both Amanda and I are doing together, and the rose/green/cream one is one Jen and I are both doing as she also had the kit.

  I am learning all about applique on this one and am using it as my learning piece.

The skill is also required in a table runner kit that Mister picked out while we were in Hawaii so I really want to get good at it.

We found such a fun little quilt shop in Hilo and walked out with quite a few fun new items.  This kit was one of them and Mister has been in charge of color arrangement and selecting the quilt patterns to use.  Love doing it together.  As I was working on it, Cass decided she liked it as well and went to the store to purchase fabric to make her own along with me.  Love that too!  It is finished and ready to quilt.

The last thing I found while cleaning out bins was an old Ohio Star quilt done in white and Christmas ribbon fabric.  All the triangle squares are already made -- now I just need to get it put together.  No excuses I guess.

There is also a Virginia Bound in progress.

 I am truly loving it --  it is the one I am using all the recycled shirts in but it is worth an entry of its own and I will show progress as I go.  Ta ta for now.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A New Baby --- Memphis Treadle

OMG!  Check out my new baby.  She is an 1898 Singer 27 Memphis (Sphinx) treadle.  We found her at an estate sale and waited until the last day when she was ours for $75.00.  I absolutely could not be a prouder new mommy.