Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Quilt Update

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Goals:  Trip to DC this month

Round Robin (RR) blocks (14) - put into row, attach, and mail by April 28th - cut and ready to sew and another one cut as well
Grand Illusion (GI) Mystery Quilt blocks made, set. sandwiched, bound, labeled, quilted - no
Zyra Tea Set completed - ugh no
Weed Whacker blocks made, set, sandwiched, quilted, labeled, bound - blocks made, layout finished
Wanderlust - quilt, attach binding, label, bound, - no
BOM blocks (3) complete -  yes
Easy Street Clues 2, 3, 4, 5 - 2, 3, 4 yes
Orange Crush Clues 3, 4, 5,  - yes and almost set
2 Christmas Blocks made - 1 test finished, made changes -- then 3  Also finished selecting and graphing additional blocks.  
BD blocks complete - yes and partially set

1st -  March is supposed to come roaring in like lion -- right?  Not happening.  It's a dreary, drizzly day in Dallas but we must go forward with the plans for the day.  I wake and quickly head for the kitchen to make a birthday cake for Mister.  "What," you ask.  "Wasn't his birthday a week ago?"  Well, yes it was BUT today is the day to get together with his family and celebrate AND I didn't make him a cake ON his birthday since we were traveling and playing.  Once the cake is finished, we are off to Irving for lunch and party time.

Okay -- now we are back home and just chillin'.  What can I do to at least feel semi-productive that doesn't involve cleaning house?  OC clue 3 is calling me so I get that cut out of the stacks of scraps from stripping out scraps yesterday.  I also cut WAAAYYY too many small triangles for clue 2 so those are ready and waiting to be used now.  A quick dash out to the studio nets me an armful of scraps to press from the never ending tub.  Once those are finished, the rest of the evening is spent snuggling with Mister and watching The Great Britain Baking Show final AND the Downton Abbey season finale.  Yes --- yes, I do love PBS.

2nd - I stayed up late last night to make a "day by day" goal list for this month.  Usually that helps get me motivated in the morning when I know exactly what I need to tackle for the day.  And true to form - it works magnificently.  Another two minute trip to the studio gives me another armful of scraps to press AND this months 3 BOM's.  I now have my direction set.  First up is to press the scraps into submission and stack them with the ones from yesterday.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Estate Sale Treasures

It's Saturday and that means time with Mister.  He asks if I would like to go estate sale shopping - well, of course.  We map out the 4 closest to us, make a couple of coffees to go and are out the door in time to make the opening of the first one.

The only thing I spot at this one is an O'Lippa ruler that is marked $6.00.  It looks pretty grimy so I check with Mister to make sure it will clean up and since it is last day, we get it 75% off -- 2.50.  Good start.

Across the street is a garage sale so we walk over just to check it out.  I am able to find 6 XXL cotton shirts and two of them are colors that are difficult to find:  pink and purple.  They are asking $1.00 a piece but I get 6/$5.00.  I'm pretty happy about that as we return to the car and head for the second destination.  (The chicken comes later as well as the drawers.)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Wichita Falls and the Texahoma Shophop

Yay!  Today finally got here.  I am so excited to be having a girls day and visiting a new part of Texas.  We have drove through  while on trips heading north or returning from said trips, but haven't stopped.  Here's how excited I am.  I wake at 5:30 without any alarm and decide to make fresh scones for Mister and the girls.  They are going in the oven when Mister wakes and we get to have a lovely breakfast of tea and scones before I drop him off at work, pick up Stephannie and head to Jennifer's to meet up with both Jennifers.  We get stuck in traffic and are a bit late so let's get this show on the road.

Jennifer M. is driving and Jennifer S. has put herself to work in the backseat with hexies.  I have graph paper and am hoping to work on blocks while we visit.  A couple of hours later, we are in Wichita Falls at the MPEC.  Look at the gorgeous flags out front.  Yes - the theme of the show is working around these and I'm looking forward to what is in store.  Time to shop.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fun With Allison

It's a playday for me!  Do we ever really outgrow those?  I certainly hope not.  Friends are the best and I am hoping to someday be like these wonderful friends on the left.  Yep, I certainly do wish for these moments ahead.  It took me awhile to come out of my shell and begin to make friends here in Texas, but I am truly loving the journey right now.  Now, onto our wonderful day.

Just as Mister is leaving for work, Allison arrives bearing gifts - some wonderful tea and a new book to peruse.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart girlfriend.  You always make people feel oh so special.  After a cup or two of tea and a nice visit, we are ready to start our day.  The weather is holding for awhile so we are going to get a wonderful walk in at the Arboretum.  Come on along with us and smell the flowers and enjoy the eye candy.  It's great for the soul, I promise.  After walking the loop, it's time for some photos so we revisit the spots that called to us.  The test gardens!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Easy Street - Clue #4 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Yes!  I am caught up again with both mysteries.  Boy does that feel good.  Easy Street fabrics just make me feel happy to work with them.  Such pretty, vibrant colors.  Today's assignment is more flying geese.  One would think that I would get good at these pretty soon.  There are less than a hundred to make today -- for those that know Bonnie's patterns, well by golly, that is very few indeed -- and I get them sewn before Mister calls to say he is on his way home.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Orange Crush - Clue #5 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Clue 5 and it's a big one!  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  This mystery is wonderful!  I LOVE how we put together blocks within the mystery.

This clue has us preparing to make album blocks and so I have cut the orange and blue squares that will be used.  I have also gone ahead and cut out the required parts for the border blocks.  I have 96 MORE shaded 4 patches to make.  Goodness.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shaded Four Patches - Easy Street - Clue #3 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

It's Sunday evening and I haven't even looked at this clue.  I totally forgot to share the post on it with my group as I was all caught up in the excitement over the quilt show.  I've had a busy day today as well but we are back home and it is quiet time, thus the memory came back.  I guess I need to get this clue put together so that I can stay caught up and keep working on other things as well.  Wow -- that sounds humdrum.  Let's try again.

It's quiet in the house this evening and Mister is out washing the car so I get to work on clue 3.  Penelope has several parts going this week, but I think I am going to stick with the original clues and just make the shaded 4 patches.  I'm not in a hurry to get this one finished so will enjoy drawing it out a bit.

There are not very many of these, so it takes almost no time to chain the first half on, give the seam a gentle press, and add the second triangle.

All I have left is to attach the beautiful turquoise triangle to the other side and my clue is finished.  Since I was already cut, this only took me two hours total.  Nice.  (Only trouble is:  once again I am unable to count and have TWICE as many turquoise triangles cut as I need.  What am I going to do with myself?)  Aren't these just delicious looking.  Oh, yummy.  If you wish to play along, this pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter's More Adventures With Leaders and Enders.  As always, you can find all my posts on Easy Street by clicking the tab at the top of the blog.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dallas Quilt Show and Meetup Breakfast

The day for the quilt show has finally arrived.  I have been looking forward to it for quite some time and even though my transportation is dicey at best today, I am gonna give it the old college try.

Mister is on the way to help his sister move today, so he drops me off for the breakfast meeting that Stephannie has arranged at Mama's Daughters' Diner near the Market Hall.  There are quite a few ladies already seated when I arrive and it is hugs and hellos all around.

Suzanne greets me with a wonderful array of new scraps to play with and they take up residence in the chair next to me.  Fun times ahead there.  I LOVE getting to meet new people and with three new ladies at my table and two more at another I am thrilled.  Way to go Stephannie.

My photography skills are definitely lacking today and I cut off poor Gena's face completely and didn't take backgrounds into consideration even a bit.  Ugh -- Mister wants to know why I choose to put my backside in someone's face instead of going to the other end of the table as it is so blatantly obvious Marcia does - yes I am stealing her picture but am happy to give credit for it.  I have absolutely no excuse.  (Oh and since Sharron is too busy eating to smile at the camera, I make her do a solo shot.)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Orange Crush - Clue #4 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

I can't stand it!  These beautiful fabrics are sitting here calling me to cut them up and finally we get the chance on the next clue.  Perhaps I will just get the cutting finished and be ready for clue day.  This red and black are just luscious to me and I can't wait to see how it will all fit together.  There now, I have a wonderful little stack of red/black triangles ready to become grown up HST's.  Now to get back to my list of today's activities.  I will stay away from these until I get back from DC.  I will stay away from these until I get back from DC.  Repeat that mantra all day, I tell myself and I am successful.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's Fly Some Geese -- Easy Street - Clue #2 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

I am flying tomorrow so have worked ahead on Clue 2 for Easy Street.  Mister keeps laughing at me as I work on this one and shake my head muttering under my breath how much I am starting to like purple.  I have NEVER cared for this color and always associated it with old ladies.  Thus the laughter from Mister.  Apparently I am an old lady.

Today's clue is flying geese.  Beautiful little purple and white geese.  With the easy angle ruler and companion angle rulers, these are oh so easy to do.

Since my pieces are all pre-cut and waiting to be sewn, it is just a matter of placing my brightly colored stack of triangles next to my pretty little machine and start chaining one side.

I literally takes me less than half an hour to get through the required amount. (And no eaten tips -- the feed dogs are denied due to this ruler.)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Orange Crush - Clue #3 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

It's Friday and that means it's time to post about another clue.  Yay!  I have been so busy today that this is the first chance I have had at the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time.  AND --- Mister came home and developed pictures first thing.  Ahhh, life is good.

So, onto clue 3.  We are making half-split four patches.  I have had to think long and hard on this one so that I don't have any waste.  I think I have figured it out.  Starting with a stack of 2" strips facing right side up.  After trimming the edge so that all are even, I flip it over until it is upside down.  THEN, I cut the first triangle with the easy angle ruler.  Next, flip the stack back over and grab the companion angle ruler and cut your next piece.