Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's Fly Some Geese -- Easy Street - Clue #2 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

I am flying tomorrow so have worked ahead on Clue 2 for Easy Street.  Mister keeps laughing at me as I work on this one and shake my head muttering under my breath how much I am starting to like purple.  I have NEVER cared for this color and always associated it with old ladies.  Thus the laughter from Mister.  Apparently I am an old lady.

Today's clue is flying geese.  Beautiful little purple and white geese.  With the easy angle ruler and companion angle rulers, these are oh so easy to do.

Since my pieces are all pre-cut and waiting to be sewn, it is just a matter of placing my brightly colored stack of triangles next to my pretty little machine and start chaining one side.

I literally takes me less than half an hour to get through the required amount. (And no eaten tips -- the feed dogs are denied due to this ruler.)

I have a flock of half-geese to press and prepare for the second wing.

 I am loving the black and whites too.  Oh, why did I wait so long to work on this quilt?  It is fun and bright and cheery and believe me -- with the weather we are having lately -- I am thrilled for bright and cheery.  Anything to improve the mood, right?

Well, this clue is in the books.  Il et finis!  And I am thrilled with the way they look.  Bring on clue 3.  If you want to do this quilt, Easy Street is no longer available as a mystery, but can be found in Bonnie's book, More Adventures With Leaders and Enders.  It is available on her website at  As always, you can find all my posts on Easy Street by clicking the tab at the top of the blog.  See ya next week and thanks for stopping by.

(My tray is oh so full with parts and pieces, but wanted to share it anyway.  Love, love, love the colors.)

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