Monday, June 30, 2014

June Quilt Update

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Roll Quilt - yes
CS quilts - borders on and backs made - yes
UFO - Estate Sale blocks - yes - Gratitude quilt - just needs handwork on binding and threads worked in
BOM blocks - yes
Mark and Quilt Applique quilt - hahahahaha -- didn't even take it out of the tub
Finish Scrappy Bargello top - came close to center top but this is a no
Bind DN quilt for new baby - yes

It is a new month and I have lots of wonderful things happening.  My new granddaughter will make an appearance this month and since school is out -- our time with grandchildren starts.  I am so excited and hope that this year we will accomplish the goal of having all 12 current grands come and visit.  So far --- Malea and Elena are checked off the list but we are hoping for them again before the year is over.  Since there will be lots of visits -- I have given myself an easier goal list this month.  Perhaps I can achieve it?  We'll see.   Let's get started.

1st - With a new baby's arrival getting closer and closer, I think it is time to finish her quilt.  I love the fabric I found a couple of days ago and think the pink stars will just add that little bit extra that says "girl".  I get the binding nade and since I still have a few scraps laying around, I make a quick label as well plus get the binding attached.  Woohoo -- the end is in sight.  I also complete all three BOM blocks and worked on CS final row.  As I am adding the last few blocks, I notice that I have a block turned the wrong way - grrr.  Thankfully it is on the last row so out comes the seam ripper and in no time, my second top is truly ready for borders.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celtic Solstice Back Making

I am finally tackling the backs to my Celtic Solstice quilts.  Yes, it is time.  I am feeling a wee bit lost as to how to start but I have the leftover units to begin with.  I lay them out and see what I can come up with in order to use most of them.  I want to incorporate my label into the block and this is what I come up with for two blocks using ALL of my leftover units:  Strange but I like them.

I sew the two blocks together and now have the center of each back.  Now what?  I don't want to try and frame it so would prefer a long stripe down the back and off-centered.  What can I add?  My eyes glance up and I spot my two containers of leftover bonus triangles from the chevron units.  Remember these?:  (in the container)  Well I have two containers of them -- one with white/green HST's and the other with yellow/green HST's.  Now to come up with a cool way to sew a few of these together.  I've got it -- how about a swirl?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The "Gratitude" Saga

15th - For those who are following this blog, you will remember that back in April (link) I became the recipient of a treasure trove of fabric.  Included were some blocks and I have been thinking ever since of ways to use them.  One group of them have called out to me over and over again that they need their own quilt.  Today is the day.  My grandson is here with me and doing some sewing of his own so I have the cutting table and time on my hands.  Let's start with some brown fabric that was in the "trove."  I cut 4 1/2" squares to match my little stack of units.  Later in the evening, I just start randomly placing the units I have with the brown squares into two different 9-patches.    It works out evenly, leaving me 5 units (some are the same or I would have made another square).  I opt to keep out 4 units for corners and use the last one to make a label with.  Once the blocks are made --- Mister and I do a layout.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TWO Celtic Solstice Tops with Poetry

A Quilter's Celtic Ode To The Frog by Deb Hayter with apologies to Clement C. Moore.

The day had arrived, the first clue came out.
"Let the cutting begin", I said with a shout.
The colors I'd chose: orange, green, yellow and blue.
I had pretty jewel stacks and new rulers too.
Each Friday would find me merrily sewing along.
The units were made; please don't let them be wrong.

I stay with the pack, never falling behind.
Until the reveal was given and a new plan in my mind.
I'd make a new quilt for each grandchild this year.
But what of my units?  Leaders and Enders I cheer.
So onto the blocks which from units were made.
They fit together perfect and my fears start to fade.

Months have passed by. Almost six (I'm keeping track).
But my blocks are all ready.  It's an impressive stack.
There are so many - what was I thinking?
"A king will not work," I said without blinking.
Two queens it will be, so off to retreat
And hope for two tops. Oh my, wouldn't that be sweet?

The trip is a success and I am in awe
The tops are gorgeous and shown with a "ta-da."
It's time for the borders, let's get them in quick.
The top looks so perfect - wasn't that slick?
It doesn't lay flat?  A closer look makes me pause.
Oh no, wait, wait.  What could be the cause?

I should have measured and counted my squares
So I wouldn't have put too many pieces in there.
And now I hear from you, the mocking little bit
Each time you open your mouth - "Rip it, Rip it, Rip it."
A lesson has been learned, never again will I cheat.
The borders are back on and my tops are complete.

New piece counts:  Quilt 1 - 2,750   Quilt 2 - 2,750

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Trick to Pinning

Last night when I was attaching my pieced borders to my quilts, I realized that the way I pin may not have been thought of by others.  No one showed me to do it this way, but I am sure that it is not original by any means.  Just a light bulb moment for me about a year ago.  By pinning this way, you can remove the pins with your left hand and my seam guide is not an issue.  Win-win.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Those Pesky 1/4" Seams

My tip of the day show how I handle 1/4" seams.  While I know that there are oh so many ways out there -- this works for me.  If finding that perfect 1/4" seam is a challenge for you as well, give this a try.  It is shown here on Barbara - my lovely featherweight - but works the same on most machines.

I use a combination of a seam guide from Bonnie Hunter and the seam guide that came with the machine.  Using the green guide, lower your needle into the 1/4" hole and lower the presser foot to keep it in place.  Then slide the other guide right up next to it and tighten into place.  Remove the green guide.  Voila --- this will give you a scant 1/4", thus enabling you to have an accurate size square after pressing.  (I should have cleaned the machine before this picture -- ah well, live and learn.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A New Facebook Group

Okay -- so I bit the bullet and started another Facebook group.  I know, I know -- do we really need another one?  Well, I am hoping that we will use this group as a learning spot -- sharing tutorials (so many groups won't let you link anymore) and ideas as well as our "ta-da" moments.

It is called Our Quilt World and please feel free to join -- it will be monitored well -- and let's all learn and grow together.

Here is your link:  Our Quilt World