Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Quilt Update

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Goals:  I will have grandchildren again this month plus may be going to Provo to meet my new granddaughter so I need to be careful here.  I am also still out of batting so unless a sale hits, I may need to do some revising here.

Roll Quilt - No
UFO - Ceramic Tea Set - Repairs made is all
Alphabet Bears - Yes
Quilt and bind Nature Bound (Applique) Quilt (NB) - Yes
Quilt and bind Celtic Solstice (CS) quilts  - No - 1 Sandwiched
Set Pieceful Paisley (PP) Quilt, make back - Yes
Row Robin (RR) Blocks made and sewn into rows -- 2 quilts worth - one mailed - Yes
Cut and sew the setting for My Favorite Things (MFT) Quilt - cut, not sewn
Make Old Kentucky Album (OKA) quilt top, back, label - yes
Cut "secret" project for November retreat - yes
Cut Log Cabin (LC) blocks for Jacob quilt - strips cut -- wasn't planning on this as had a different quilt planned -- oh well

1st - Traveled to Denver and back today to pick up grands.  Did a little quilting on NB in the evening.  Pretty tired.  Too tired to even write in here.

2nd - During quiet time, I worked on my RR blocks while the kids watched a movie.  Loved the time together and yet still sewing.  After a full day with little ones, I am out in the studio quilting on NB for awhile.  This is quite the challenge for me as I have not quilted anything "stitch in the ditch" or with drawn patterns using my machine.  It is an entirely new experience.  And tough.  Free-motion is so much easier.

Don't look too close ---  I have never "shadow" quilted before.