Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Quilt Update

Goals:  The mystery quilt is going and I am starting the month with classes.  I have girls until the 11th so my goals are very straight forward.

Wanderlust - quilt, attach binding, label, bound, no
Round Robin (RR) blocks (14) - mail by 15th, Attach my row yes
Grand Illusion (GI) blocks made, label made -  no
Sewing Mats complete - yes
Valentine project for retreat kitted up - yes
Zyra tea set complete - no
BOM blocks (3) complete - no

1st - Happy New Year!  It is exactly midnight and Miss Bonnie has posted the reveal for the Grand Illusion Mystery.  I am ready and lay out a block exactly 5 minutes later.  What do you think?  Now I am off to bed for some sleep before my class in a few hours.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Miss Allison Takes Me Shopping

Oh my.  I am so excited for today that I could almost burst.  My dear friend, Allison, asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to go to the Moda Warehouse with her for a shopping trip.  Well of course I do and I feel oh so honored to have been asked.  She's picking me up between 6:30 and 7 this morning so I really need to go get ready.

We arrive before it opens and get a chance to just visit for a few minutes before we notice that they have unlocked the doors.  Allison is so excited to be here this early and I am thankful to have been agreeable to the early morning hours.  It is oh so worth it to see her eyes sparkle.  Our first stop is the sample room where she tells me that she used to be able to buy these on the discount table but hasn't seen them there recently.  Dang, that would be fun.  From there we take a gander at the quilts on display in the outer atrium.  How beautiful they all are.  We stop in the little notions room for a glance at a small portion of what is available and then onto the warehouse.  As we are walking down the final hallway, Allison stops at an office where a friend of hers tells her that she will be thrilled with the selection.  Woohoo.  Let's go.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cutting Up Some Pink and Red With Friends

I have this plan to try and do a group project at retreat.  I'm probably insane, but will give it a try anyway.  Stephannie and Jennifer have agreed to help me and today is our day to cut, cut, cut.  I grabbed a few new Valentine fabrics this week to add to the pinks/reds/blacks/whites that I already had.  I've hunted down scraps of batting and a couple of larger yardage pieces.  It's time to make kits.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Vintage Card Table Day! Score!

Mister and I found an antique shop in Garland that was referred to us when we mentioned that we were looking for a hand crank machine.  Well, we didn't find a machine but second on my list is a table for my 301.  I about fell over when I walked into a back room and found three tables stacked together against a dresser.  I inquire about the price and am told $50.00 each.  I said the center one is missing a piece and wonder if she will drop the price.  Yep, $45.00.  Okay.  Mister and I talk about it some more and decide to just take the two tables: the 301 and the metal Featherweight.  When we get to the front, we tell the owner that the other table is really  not usable as a Featherweight table as is and we explain what they did.  She tells us to go ahead and take it and I when I ask how much, she says, "No, just take it off my hands."  She also drops the price on the other table so I pay $90.00 and walk out with three tables.  I'm pretty happy and Mister is as well.

Here are the pics:

The first one is a featherweight table just like the one I have only the opening has been nailed closed and the brackets bent or broken off.  It will take some work to get it usable again.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Class - Fabric Fanatics

It's Mystery Day and that makes for one difficult blog post.  I want very much to show everyone just what we are making but I pinkie swore to keep it to my self.  I will say this much -- I am working all in batiks and in bright, cheery colors --- all the colors of the rainbow.  AND, I am loving it.  Just be patient --- this quilt will be out in an issue of Quiltmaker magazine later this year.  Be on the lookout.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Scrap Crystals Class - Fabric Fanatics

Day three ---- Yes!  This is the most fun ever.  There has been a wee bit of shifting around at our table today and Nell has joined our little group.  We are now a table of Featherweights.  How fun is this?

Our class today is Scrap Crystals from Bonnies latest book and this is one I have really been looking forward to.  I do love the blocks with lots of tiny pieces in them and this one has almost 100 per blocks.  Wow.  I have decided to go with my own color scheme this time though as I really want a quilt for the Master Bedroom.  Since it is red/black/white -- that is where this one is going.  I sure hope it turns out.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Bow-Dacious Class - Fabric Fanatics

Happy New Year to Everyone!  I am bringing in 2015 with super friends at another Bonnie Hunter workshop.  Today we are working on the Bow-Dacious quilt pattern and living the good life.  Miss Allison and Miss Bonnie always bring smiles to my face and I am privileged to call them friends.