Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Bow-Dacious Class - Fabric Fanatics

Happy New Year to Everyone!  I am bringing in 2015 with super friends at another Bonnie Hunter workshop.  Today we are working on the Bow-Dacious quilt pattern and living the good life.  Miss Allison and Miss Bonnie always bring smiles to my face and I am privileged to call them friends.

We are starting out by making wonderful little four patches to start the day.  My colors are bright and cheery but I am really not as prepared for this class as I should be so I keep wandering over to Allison's table and snitching little bits of color.  She soon has a ton of little units all lined up on top of her Ottlite.  How cute is that?

Even though I have taken multiple classes from Bonnie, I always attend her demos and it seems as though I pick up a new little tidbit each and every time.  It is amazing to me how she can streamline all the processes so easily.

My little four-patches are starting to take shape.  There are quite a few lined up but for some reason I have only made two red ones.  How odd.  These are just way too cute for words.

I am still working some leftover crumbs from Grand Illusion as my leader/enders and it makes several people peek and tell me I'm crazy.  This particular one will become part of the label when finished.

Turn about is fair play.  Yesterday, Bonnie caught me with my mouth open while presenting my quilts, today I catch her while in her demo.  Sorry girlfriend.  Since she is sitting at our table, I have the perfect vantage point for this particular demo.  It is now time to do a little sew and flip for the next units.

And once we put the units into another four patch -- look at the cute little bowties we have.  I LOVE them and can see this easily becoming a leader/ender project for me.  Simply because it takes billions of these to make the quilt.

It's time to share what we have finished so far and I am off to a great start.  The colors are reflected in my mood and I think I have perma-grin today.  I have had a blast and am sad that the day is over but I still have two more fun days ahead of me.  Take a peek at my sweet little blocks.  I finished 8 but have many more almost completed.  Good start.


  1. Wander over anytime you like Deb!! Help me use all this fabric up . . .pretty please!!

    1. I appreciate your generosity more than you know. You've backed me up so many times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.