Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Vintage Card Table Day! Score!

Mister and I found an antique shop in Garland that was referred to us when we mentioned that we were looking for a hand crank machine.  Well, we didn't find a machine but second on my list is a table for my 301.  I about fell over when I walked into a back room and found three tables stacked together against a dresser.  I inquire about the price and am told $50.00 each.  I said the center one is missing a piece and wonder if she will drop the price.  Yep, $45.00.  Okay.  Mister and I talk about it some more and decide to just take the two tables: the 301 and the metal Featherweight.  When we get to the front, we tell the owner that the other table is really  not usable as a Featherweight table as is and we explain what they did.  She tells us to go ahead and take it and I when I ask how much, she says, "No, just take it off my hands."  She also drops the price on the other table so I pay $90.00 and walk out with three tables.  I'm pretty happy and Mister is as well.

Here are the pics:

The first one is a featherweight table just like the one I have only the opening has been nailed closed and the brackets bent or broken off.  It will take some work to get it usable again.

The second one is indeed a 301 table but it missing the insert board.  Everything else is great and with a little TLC, this one will make me plenty happy.

The third is also a Featherweight table but one of the metal ones.  It is in really good shape structurally and with some TLC, the top will be nice as well.  One of my friends is looking for a Featherweight table so I give a call and she says yes.  Mister says it's a great table and it must be cos he wants way more pictures of it.


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    1. I feel so lucky and found out yesterday that the 301 table we got fits my LONG bed. Woohoo!