Friday, January 2, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Scrap Crystals Class - Fabric Fanatics

Day three ---- Yes!  This is the most fun ever.  There has been a wee bit of shifting around at our table today and Nell has joined our little group.  We are now a table of Featherweights.  How fun is this?

Our class today is Scrap Crystals from Bonnies latest book and this is one I have really been looking forward to.  I do love the blocks with lots of tiny pieces in them and this one has almost 100 per blocks.  Wow.  I have decided to go with my own color scheme this time though as I really want a quilt for the Master Bedroom.  Since it is red/black/white -- that is where this one is going.  I sure hope it turns out.

After being frustrated yesterday over my ill-preparedness, I stayed up late last night cutting for both today and tomorrow.  I feel ready for class today and that is a good thing.  I did not cut all the parts though -- the squares are finished but I only did about 100 HST pairs -- that will only do about 3 blocks.  Will I get that far?  Time will tell.  I have told myself to buckle down a bit more today though.  I have spent a great deal of time chatting the past couple of days and I really want to see some headway on this one.  Time to sew but first check out this super cool necklace that Nell has.  I want one so if anyone has a cache of wooden spools, I'd love a couple to attempt this with.

Now for HST's.  I buckle down and soon have a nice chain of "flags".  As I am walking to the ironing board, Lisa (owner of Fabric Fanatics) walks by and Bonnie grabs us for a picture.  Do you like my accessory?

Oh yes -- I musn't forget.  Oh I know that isn't a word, but dang, it's fun to use.  Miss Allison spent the morning setting up a new home for herself in class.  Check this out.  If you want to learn more about her table and machine, see Bonnie's post HERE.  This is just way too fun.

I have started a new "dog ear" baggie for my Scrap Crystal ornament.  I think it will be mostly black and white since the squares are where the red gets used, but maybe later I will find a few red ears to add to the mix.  And Voila -- we have broken dishes.  Man oh man am I getting good at this block.  Four of the broken dish units go together to make 1/4 of the block so the next step is to get them sewn.

And then -- we have a quarter block that I put together wrong, then fixed, and didn't get the center to line up right.  Really?  I'm not ripping again.  The others will be better.

I think my frustration reaches Allison's spidey senses as she shows up bearing hot tea for me.  Yes -- I have a lot to learn about being a great friend and her example will help me to do just that.  Four quarter blocks are together and I have a block.  Woohoo.

Bonnie shows up with her ever present phone to take a picture and so I ask for one of her and Allison too.  Memories to treasure.

I take this picture of the back to show all the little spun seams.  This is just way too fun.

And block two is complete.  It has a couple of same fabrics next to each other, but oh well.  It's gonna stay that way.

And just before I have to get in the car and drive to pick up grandbabies, I finish the third block.  I am now out of HST's and so I met my goal.  What a fun day.  Unfortunately, it is freezing rain outside and we have a 2 1/2 hour drive to get girls and then drive back.  Not a fun evening.  See ya tomorrow.


  1. Oh Deb, I really appreciate how you documented our day with our scrappy quilting hero, Bonnie!
    Hope the tea soothed you and brought you back to center. Many hugs, Allison

    1. I adore you girlfriend and you spidey senses are always right on track. I am already looking forward to next year and the fun we have, but in the meantime --- there are always retreats ahead. See you soon.