Monday, November 30, 2015

November Quilt Update

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I have moved the previous posts to the end of the entry.  I hope that you make it that far.


BOM blocks (3) complete -  YES
Easy Street (ES) Clue 8 -  a few blocks made, Block A all laid out
Bow-Dacious (BD) - In the FINISHED column
Orange Crush (OC) ripped out, quilted and bound - Ripping finished
Old Tobacco Road (OTR)  - Clues 4, 5 - Started on border piecing
Christmas blocks - Finished and delivered
Christmas Quilt (CQ) - Set, back and label made, ready to quilt
Block a Day continued (BAD) - nope
Grand Illusion (GI) blocks made and quilt set - YES
Friendship Nine Patch (FNP) blocks made and top set - YES and back/label made, ready to quilt
Chicken Quilt labeled and bound - yes

1st -  It's our last day at retreat and if I'm being honest --- I'm ready for some sleep.  Janet teaches me how to do the "color on fabric" thing for a Christmas block I am working on and dang, it is so easy.  Why was I letting this intimidate me?

Before leaving retreat, I get another Christmas block cut out and the applique ironed on.  I think I'm gonna LOVE this one.  It's time to head home from another amazing retreat but I only have three weeks til I'm back again.  Yep, life is just THAT good.

2nd -  Pulling fabrics for Allietare, the Bonnie Hunter mystery that starts on Black Friday.  I am still loving these colors and other than grey -- have all I need.  Woot woot!

Now to work on the chicken quilt for Kay.  I received it back from Glenda, who quilted it, right before retreat and now I need to make it a priority.  It looks so cute and she did a chicken wire quilt pattern in it.  Perfect.

Allietare Clue #1 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Thanksgiving is behind us and that means that the long-awaited day for the first clue of Allietare has arrived!  Did you do a happy dance like me?  Did you sneak out of bed several times during the night checking to see if it had posted?  Well, I did and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Finally the post comes through.  Ahhhh --- HST's.  Yes!  I do love these little units and the number is not even that scary.  Woohoo.  Beats the heck out of the 600 or so that we needed for Jamestown Landing.  OMG.

These are the moments when I am oh so thankful that I have embraced Bonnie's Scrap Users System.  I quickly find my grey and then just grab the tote of 2" neutral strips.  Yep, I can whip this out in no time.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brazos House Retreat --- Chicken Style

It's here!  It's here!  The Chicken Retreat is finally here.  It seems like it has taken FOREVER for this date to arrive.  I mean, it's been a year, but still.  A year!  Has it really ONLY been a year since I met this wonderful group of women.  Wow.

After my usual "drop Mister at work" routine, I am off to Rainbow, TX and the wonder of Brazos House.  My heart is happy and I KNOW others are doing the same thing.  We simply cannot wait for this to start.  As I cross the cattle guards, a calm comes over me.  My happy spot is just down the road.  I am the first to arrive and have time to set up cutting tables, ironing boards, design wall, and anything else that is in our closet.  I also get my sled treats on the tables, lights on, and the warmth from the room now says, "I'm waiting."  Who will be the first to join me?  My corner of the world gets organized - it has to this time as I am sharing it with Kelly.  Poor girl.

Glenda and Shirley arrive and hugs all around as the room starts filling up.  Almost EVERYONE is arriving early for this retreat and love is filling the room.  Jennifer presents me with an amazing shirt that brings tears to my eyes.  How cool is this?

I start working on name tags while others are setting up all around me.  The camaraderie of this group cannot be overstated.  It is like a family reunion.

After multiple trips outside to unload cars and fill the room with enough "stuff" to open our own sewing shop, I call TIME.  We are off to Granbury and Babe's for lunch.  I'm starving and so looking forward to fried chicken.  I guess I should let you know that Glenda decides to take the scenic route on the way there, prompting Jennifer M. to text and ask me if we are going to a different Babe's.  Yep, memories being made already.

Grand Illusion - Clue #6 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt -The Big Reveal

It's out.  The ball dropped and the clue is given.  I took a few minutes to grab some pieces and do a layout.  The corners will have teal squares in them.  I love it and can't wait to get to work on it.  But, first -- I have four Bonnie classes to do.  Hooray!

I will do more posts as progress moves along on this.  Stay tuned.

I didn't touch this again until November of this year.  Now for the rest of the story.

So, I have realized that the new mystery is almost upon me and I haven't finished the this one.  Oh my.  It is time to kick it in gear.  While preparing for retreat, I do the sashings as quick as can be.  Well, seriously -- how hard is it when they 8 patches are already made?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Our Chicken Quilt for Kay

It has been decided that we will make a quilt for Kay, the owner of Brazos House, as a thank you for taking such good care of all of us.  We are going to present it in November and each person is making a "chicken" churn dash block for it.  I offered to make two in case Jen runs out of time getting to hers.  I am going to keep this a running post and will update as I get information and see the progress of the quilt.  It can easily be found by clicking the tab at the top of the blog when you want to see the updates.

I found my two fabrics at the Dallas Quilt show and went to the stash for the complimentary fabrics.  Sharron is in charge of this project and she has asked us to do a dark border and then the pastel color of it for the outer border.  Can do.

I thought I would do a simple Churn Dash tutorial here if anyone needs to see what we are up to.  Cut a 6 1/4" square of the "chicken" fabric.  Then cut 4 strips 1 1/2" x 6 1/4".  Also make 4 2 1/2" HST's by whatever method you desire. Sew one light and one dark strip together with a scant 1/4" seam and repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 strip sets.

Lay out how you want it to look and sew just like a nine-patch.

I webbed mine, but it is not required, just remember to use those scant 1/4" seams.

Don't they look fun.  I can't wait to see how everyone's turn out.  These are from Jen and I.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another Successful Adoption

Well hello there pretty lady.  Welcome to our home.

This little sweetheart was sitting all lonely and needing love on Craigslist.  Mister spotted her and made the appointment to rescue her.  She's home with us now and awaiting her spa treatment to be brought into the house and lovingly stitched with.  Now for a name for this cute 1946 Singer 66.  She came with her cabinet and stool for the wonderful price of $40.00.  Woohoo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Visit to Allison's Hideaway

Last month Mister and I were lucky enough to find a longbed 301 table up in Oklahoma.  A quick phone call to Allison and it was in our trunk heading back to Texas.  After several busy weeks, I have found a day to play and am headed to Plano to deliver the table.

Do you know what this means?  It means I am going to have the wonderful opportunity to spend time in rooms full of bliss.  I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it.  Let's go.

As I walk in the door, my eyes instantly light up.  Oh my -- I just want to become part of this room.  It could be called a museum, perhaps a gallery, definitely eye candy, but for me it is heaven.  Can I move in?  Come with me through the house:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Brazos House Retreat - Halloween

Hi ho, Hi ho it's off to retreat we go.  I am in shock that today is here.  Where on earth did October go?  I know --- it went to mystery land and never came back until today and bam --- I need to be on my game.  Okay, I can do this.  I packed the car last night and after dropping my sweetheart off at work am on the road to Brazos.  No matter how hard I try to avoid the Chisholm Trail toll road, I cannot do it.  Oh well, I arrive just a wee bit sooner than I thought I would.  As I near the house, for the first time I try Debi Kendrick's trick of counting the cattle guards.  1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Yep, it works.  A calm has settled in and I am ready for the weekend.  I feel like the Monday Night Football song ---- ARE YOU READY FOR SOME QUILTING???