Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Quilt Update

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Quilt Retreat:

Bind Ryan's Log Cabin (LC) yes, Bind Bekah's Stacked Squares (SS) yes, CS blocks put together into a top yes X2, borders nope - still need fabric for neutral inner border and don't have the pieced border assembled yet , Finish Bargello top nope = didn't even get to take it out, Bobs Rectangle Squared (RS) yes, top/back/binding

Home:  I have girls for a week in addition to my retreat so need to be wise in my goals this month.

Roll Quilt - Nope
CS blocks - Finish before retreat yes
UFO - Tea Towels - 1 finished
Quilt and attach binding Ryans LC yes, Bekahs (SS) yes
Hand quilt baby Ashton's  Dancing Nines (DN)- yes
Quilt and bind Bob's RS yes
BOM blocks yes
Mark Applique quilt for quilting - nope

1st - It is a new month AND it is my birthday month.  Yay me.  It is also the last high pressure month, I hope.  I have a few deadlines this month and then perhaps things will slow down a bit.  One can hope anyway.  After tea with my sweetie, I set about cleaning up the office from the previous quilts.  All the scraps from the black/white/red/grey quilt are cut as well as starting on the prints from squaring off last month's thrift store binge and put into the system.  I then look at the stack of minky I have leftover and my brain takes over and moves into play mode.  Apparently I am not feeling the pressure today.  I have a few blocks leftover and I put those together into a large square.  There are still scraps left so I set to piecing them into 4 1/2" blocks and then into another large square.  Now I have two and no idea what to do with them.  I use CS blocks as leaders and enders and add another 6 to my stack.   It hasn't been an overly productive day, but I have certainly had fun.  Quilt Guild night.  Played with minky leftovers from baby quilts.  I know -- I have work to do but checked out for awhile.  AND I had fun, so there.