Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Quilt Update

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Goals for April:

Hand quilt tricot for baby, bind, deliver to Cass - yes
3 Tops - Log Cabin (LC) Ryan yes, Dancing Nines (DN) baby  yes, Bekah yes
3 Block Of Month's (BOM's) current - yes
Quilt, bind, finish Scrappy Mountain Majesty (SMM) - Zyra yes (need April), Scrappy Trips (ST) - Malea yes (need May), Bricks and Stepping Stones (BSS) - Elena yes (need May)
Celtic Solstice (CS) - 20 blocks - yes
Roll Quilt - not happening this month -- I spent too much time hand stitching the other two quilts.
Swap Blocks yes
UFO -- work on blue afghan yes and finished it

SMM, CS, ST, DN, and BSS - all are Bonnie Hunter patterns and are available free on her website at 

1st - It is April Fools and I am not playing any tricks.  What's up with that?  I do decide to start the month off right though.  There is a possibility that my daughter will be here on Thursday and I would like to give her this quilt to take back to Utah with her.  Can I do it?  Let's find out.  Mister helps me set the frame up in the den and with a movie on the laptop, I set to work.  I quilted for about 6 hours (yep, 3 movies) to get to this point.  I also prepared the swap mailings and put the international ones in the mail.  I still need a few more envelopes to finish my 2 1/2" square swap.

2nd - I started out the day back in the den hoping to finish this quilt today.  I am thinking there is a good chance that I can make this goal.

Movies are back in the lap top and I get all the way around the edge before asking Mister to help me roll the quilt.  I put another movie in and soon the center is finished as well.  It has taken me the whole day and another 3 movies, but my quilt is off the frame.  I just have the edge left to do.  I finish the mailings from yesterday and make a pattern from the burp cloth I did last month so that I have one for future projects.  Good day!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Quilt Ladies

One of the ladies on the Texas Quilter's Facebook page decided to sponsor a "Meet and Greet" with anyone who could make it.  Since I actually can fit it in, I am off to meet them.

We gather at a restaurant and visit for a couple of hours before heading down to the fabric warehouse district to play.  Everyone walks away with at least one treasure and some new friends.  What a nice afternoon and I look forward to getting to know Suzanne, Becky, and Bonnie better.  Thanks ladies.

(It's a bit of a blurry picture that a random guy at the counter took for us.)  Glad we have it though.