Monday, March 31, 2014

March Quilt Update

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March goals:

3 quilt tops/backs - Malea, Zyra (need April), Elena - yes (Zyra's is basted and ready to go)
3 Block Of Month's (BOM's) current - yes
Quilt, bind, finish 2 Scrappy Mountain Majesty (SMM) from last month - Caleb (need April), Josh - yes
Bind and Finish Dancing Nines Shirt Quilt (DN) - Jon (need April) - yes
Celtic Solstice (CS) - 20 blocks - yes
Roll Quilt - yes
Swap Blocks and Charms (March and Aprils charms to get ahead LOL That's only 1500 2 1/2" squares) - yes
UFO -- finish edging on burp cloth and small blanket -- crochet - yes
Mark and put tricot baby quilt on frame. - yes

SMM, DN, CS, ST, and BSS - all are Bonnie Hunter patterns and most are available free on her website at 

1st - It is a new month and I am excited.  We do not have any travel plans on the calendar and other than spring cleaning, I can focus on my projects.  Woohoo!  It will also be fun to watch the season change this month.  I am ready for spring.  Well, let's get sewing!  I start out the month by putting together my 3 BOM's and a couple of CS blocks as well.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dallas Quilt Show

Upon waking this morning, I asked Mister if he would like to go to the Dallas Quilt Show with me.  It is my guild's show and I would love to go and check it out.  He readily agrees and off we go.  For the first time at a show, we start with the vendors.  It may prove to be a mistake, but we'll see.

I am always looking to learn new techniques (whether I ever use them or not) and spot this one where they sew a small piece of fabric on top of the blocks and then brush it with a steel brush to create a "chenille" strip.  Pretty cool.

We come across a booth that has featherweight light bulbs, yep need one of those.  Another booth has the seam ripper I bought a couple of years ago -- he has a stiletto point that fits my ripper -- yes, gotta have one of those.  I also find a couple of cute fabrics that are on clearance, so grab those to make a couple sewing machine covers for the machines that are always set up.

However, the bulk of our time is spent trying out various sit-down long arm machines.  Oh and the chairs.  Here are my favorites of the day:  This chair was incredibly comfortable and the Sweet Sixteen is my choice for machine as well.  Now -- will someone please give me five grand so that I can get one?  It would truly make me a happy girl.  Best part is that both the chair and the machine are in the same booth and the shop is really close to home for me.  Yay!