Thursday, February 15, 2018

Texas Tumbleweeds Week Three

It's week three of our Bonnie Hunter Texas Tumbleweeds Quilt-A-Long.  Are you keeping up?  It's not too late to join in if this intrigues you at all.  Her pattern can be found in her book:  More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Come play along.

Now, again --keeping it honest here.  I did all my cutting ahead of time so I just have to pull the parts from my project box and get started.  Here we go.

A ruler, a gel pen, and my squares are all I need to get started.  Oh, wait --- I also have Netflix and old Friends episodes.  It's time to mark.  As I have said before, there are other ways to do this but I like the diagonal line method.  It works for me.  An hour later and all the lines are drawn.  Now to head for the machine.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Brazos House Retreat - Black and White/A Black Tie Affair

It's time for round two of our February double header.  I've been looking so forward to this retreat and tried super hard to have all diamonds here, but it just didn't work the way I wanted it to.  It will give a reason to spotlight the last two throughout the year and that will make for fun times.  At any rate, bring on group 2.

This weekend, our startup lunch is at Hammond's BBQ in Glen Rose.  When we arrive, we have two tables but as soon as we can -- the move is made to one.  We all want to be together ya know.  Yep, I'm taking the picture.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Nifty Thrifty by Bonnie Hunter - Quilt-A-Long- Week Three

Soooo --- This step was supposed to take place at the end of May, 2017.  Hmmmm.  What can I say.  It became a UFO.  Let's get back to it.

8/6 -- I am putting blocks together as l/e while working on my A Day at the Beach mystery.  They go together so easily and are perfect for this task.  Here is a question for ya'll.  Do you care if the lines are all straight while using recycled shirt plaids.  It's pretty obvious that I don't but does OCD kick in for some?  This one looks decent but when I lay them all out . . .

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Texas Tumbleweeds Week Two

It's WEEK TWO of the Quilt-A-Long.  I am still at retreat and thus, this group was precut as well.  All my little squares are ready to make their way into the ladder blocks.  Are you playing along?  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern and can be found in her More Adventures With Leaders and Enders book.  It's never too late to join in.

2/8  - Today is "get started on week two" first thing.  Again, I want this finished today and have set that goal.  It's a great goal for a retreat day and the second group of ladies are arriving as I work.  The first block is laid out --- I like it.

February Tweener Time

It's TWEENER TIME.  Now, granted that is not quite the same as at the beach, BUT Val, Debi and I look forward to it so very much.  I am so thankful these women are able to keep me company the entire time.  Occassionally, we have others that stay an extra night or come an extra night early -- this is one such time.  Brenda is keeping us company for a couple of extra nights.  Woohoo.  Some one on one time with her is perfect.

The minute we are down to the four of us, on goes the music and we are bobbing to Malt Shop Oldies.  How fun is this?

It's a pretty empty room.  We have one station that is still set up as Paula is returning next week.  (I can only have so many stay the whole time and just as a FYI -- extra nights come with a fee.)

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Brazos House Retreat - For the Love of Quilting

It's RETREAT TIME!!!!!  November was a long time ago and I'm so ready for time with the ladies.  My new car is packed to the brim and ready to roll.  It's the first time I'll have a car at retreat when there for 10 days and I'm pretty excited about it.  Not that I go anywhere while there, but still.

It's still dark as I leave the city and I have the moon in front of me and the sun rising behind me.  What a fun sight.  As I just get out of Dallas, Stephanie calls to let me know she is at the house.  WOW.  Well, girlfriend, I'm about an hour out still.  See ya then.  (Yes, I invited her to come early and help me set up --- No, she didn't just arrive at the crack of dawn without permission.)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Texas Tumbleweeds Week One

Welcome to the Texas Tumbleweeds Quilt-A-Long!  Each year in the Facebook group, Our Quilt World, we tackle at least one group project like this.  Today starts the first week and everyone has their books and fabrics so let's get going.  This week we are making the four-patch and rectangle units that will be in the ladder block.  On your mark, get set, go -----

First up --- cut, cut, cut.  I am leaving for retreat this week and want to take this along but am cutting it first.  I know -- perhaps one could say this is cheating a bit but we have limited cutting space at retreat and it's just more productive to be ready to start sewing.