Monday, May 22, 2017

Nifty Thrifty by Bonnie Hunter - Quilt-A-Long- Week One

When I cleaned out the studio last month, I unearthed TWO completely cut quilt tops.  I used recycled men's shirts and the Nifty Thrifty pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  I'm pretty sure I did this back in 2014 when I was making quilts for all the grands.  Somehow, I must have jumped ship and these have lain ever since.  It's time to resurrect them.  (Picture at right is of Bonnie's quilt)

Everyone knows that we all get more accomplished when someone else is either working along with us, or watching our progress.  With that in mind, I had a vote in our Facebook group for a quilt-a-long and Nifty Thrifty won.  How cool is that?  I think everyone just took pity on my but I don't really care.  They are gonna get done.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Brazos House Retreat May 2017 - Session 2

Session 2 is underway!  Since there isn't really a setup time, my camera is taking a break and we'll pick up at noon --  Come along and see how the weekend goes.

11th -  Yeehaw and round 'em up.  We are off to Babe's in true Western style.

I absolutely am thrilled when others play along with our theme.  We have such fun when we let loose a bit.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Brazos House Retreat May 2017 - Tweeners

It's TWEENER TIME!  When I do back to back retreats in February and May, I stay for the time between and Kay allows 1-2 people to stay with me.  Since Kitsey was sick in February, she is joining Val, Lydia, and I this time as well.  We may have one other too, but it's undecided yet.  Brenda and Debi are staying one extra night so it's a fun group today.

7th -  Once the house is quiet and the first group of retreaters have left, I want to go see the baby chicks that everyone is talking about.  Ooooooh, lookie, lookie.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Brazos House Retreat May 2017 - Session 1

It's the last big retreat of the spring and then we take a break until the beach in September.  For this round, I will be here 10 days and am going to enjoy it to the hilt.  My heart and soul rest easy here and this time should not be any different.  It's my birthday and that makes this even more fun.  Time to get on the road.

4th - I found out last night that Jen is switching retreats this weekend so my brain is flying during the drive down.  How to best set up with an extra person in the room?  I think I have it figured out and text Debi, who is already there, to hold off on creating her nest.  As soon as I arrive, we brainstorm some more and decide to switch sides of the room so that three people can share two tables and have a wee bit more on the side near the closet.  We get it all set up and I think I will just need a small section of the large table and Debi is willing to give up some of hers for Jen.  We are good to go and set up in no time.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Quilt Update

Welcome to the Monthly Update.  What does that mean?  Well, it's just little ol me trying to recap what took place during the month so that I can keep track.  I kind of use it like a journal.  Please sit back and enjoy a peek into a month of my life.

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The previous 2017 monthly update links are located at the end of this entry.  I hope that you make it that far.


Easy Street (ES) - quilted, bound -
Garden Party (GP) - quilted and bound - 
Midnight Flight (MF) - blocks made
BOM (blue) quilted and bound -
BOM (Thimbleberries) set, backing made, label made, quilted and bound -
BOM (pink) quilted and bound -

1st -   It's a fly day!  I am going home.  Am I happy about it?  Well, to be truthful, yep.  I miss my sweetheart.  Speaking of Mister, he managed to get me an earlier flight today and that makes it even better.  I do have a bit of time in Montrose before I need to check-in and I take advantage of it by stopping in at a local quilt shop.  You can find that post in this Ladybugz Link.

And with that, I am up, up, and away.  Look at all those contrails.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Rolling a Quilt for Storage

I always folded my quilts and then to my wonder and amazement, Bonnie Hunter taught me how to ROLL one for storage or shipping.  It eliminates so many of those horrid creases that tend to follow along seam lines.  I mentioned this last month in my update (you can find that post HERE) and Sherry M. commented that she would to learn how to do this.  Well, with all credit to my friend, Bonnie, here is a quick tutorial on rolling a quilt for storage.

It seems appropriate to use one of Bonnie's quilts for this so here is Razzle Dazzle all laid out and ready to roll.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cleaning the Studio

Every now and then you just have to do it.  Right?  It may not be fun, but it is required occasionally.  Today is the day for me.  I have literally DUMPED for three months in my studio.  Grab and go was the mantra.  Now, I have to pay the piper and clean it up.

First - some BEFORE pictures!  Those are always good since they show progress when all is finished.  Yes, I have truly buried sweet Annie, my vintage 301a mocha longbed.  She's in there somewhere.  This picture doesn't even really show that where the chair goes, more stuff is piled.