Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve with Batiks at the DMA

New Year's Eve is upon us thus Mister and I are off to enjoy a wonderful day together.  The Dallas Museum of Art opens at 11 a.m. and since that's our first destination, I guess I should get dressed and ready to go.

The reason for the trip is that there are two exhibits ending this week and we have not yet been able to immerse ourselves in them.  The first is "Divine Felines:  Cats of Ancient Egypt" and the second is "Art and Nature in the Middle Ages."  Both are absolutely wonderful and as we slowly work our way through them, find numerous items to peak our curiosity as well as get me questioning.  Yep, that's me -- always wondering.

After those two exhibits, Mister tells me that he learned about a batik exhibit here.  What?  Oh goodness, lead the way up to the third floor.  From the moment the exhibit is spotted, I am in heaven.  It's glorious and goes into depth on the process used in Java, Indonesia.  I am enthralled with the ability to touch and feel each step of the process and see the intricacies used in creating elaborate and beautiful wrap skirts.  Feel free to click on these photos so that they enlarge and you can read all the great information.

December Quilt Update

Any links that you click in this post will open in a DIFFERENT window, allowing you to continue reading this without losing the page.

The previous 2016 monthly update links are located at the end of this entry.  I hope that you make it that far.

Goals:  I am no longer even attempting to comment on those that were not touched.  They'll just stay on the list until they are achieved, even though life jumps in front of them now and then.

Easy Street (ES) - quilted, bound -
Old Tobacco Road (OTR)  - Clues 4, 5 - YES and backing, binding, label made
Roll Roll Cotton Boll - quilted and bound -  
Mad City Mama (MCM) - quilted and bound -
Weed Whacker (WW) backing/binding made, quilted and bound -
En Provence (EP) - Clues 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - YES

1st -  Happy December.  Oh my, another year-end is closing in on us.  Have you accomplished all you set out to do this year.  Remember, this is my year of UFO's.  I really need a bunch of finishes this month to even come close to making a dent in mine.  However, today is not a day for that.  I am back downtown with jury duty once again.  Please, please, please let this be the end today.  I'm asking oh so nicely.

2016 Finished Non-Quilty Items

Each year I have been trying to do a summary page here just so I know what I have accomplished in addition to quilts.  I want so badly to have a variety of tools in my toolbox and the only way to do that is to constantly try new things or practice skills already learned.  So, here's 2016 for ya --


I crocheted three scarves which are bound to become gifts.  Who knows.

2016 Finished Quilts

2016 has come to a close.  Really?  I am shocked at how quick it just whizzed by.  I set a goal this year to make it a year of UFO's, allowing myself gifts and learning moments.  Well dang, those far outnumbered the UFO's and the list is still oh so long.  Perhaps 2017?

January - We taught the Quilt As You Go method at retreat and that required me to actually learn how to do it so that I could teach it.  Sad, I know.  Here is the result of the two tables runners I put together while learning.  One is just "winter" and the other will be for my table next Christmas as Mister and I have decided to do a "blue themed" holiday.


Friday, December 30, 2016

En Provence - Clue 6 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Christmas is behind us and we are rapidly approaching the beginning of a new year.  Whether you are happy or sad to see the year pass, it means one thing to me:  We are getting near the end of the En Provence mystery.  In years past, the big reveal came on New Year's Day, but this year we are two days away and have two colors that haven't even been touched yet.  Believe me --- THIS is a definite mystery for me.

As I wake and check the post this morning, I am once again shocked that we are not using all the colors.  Green is coming to play, but yellow is still waiting in the wings for it's big moment on stage.  I am stumped.  Oh well --- let's get this clue started.  We are making hourglasses.

My first step in today's setup is to pull the fabrics and it is fun to grab all the greens I have set aside.  I will likely cull them a bit with some help from Allison and we will share strips again today so will have a good variety to pull from.  Our weekly sew days have been so much fun and our quilts will share the same fabrics and yet I know they will look so different.  I'm getting excited to start building blocks and see where this one is going.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cos That's What Friends Are For - Rocking Bobbin Day

The first of the month, my sweet friend (and incredible author of the best written blog ever, My Imperfect Life - yes, that's a link and YES, please click it to visit), Stephanie, had just a bit of a rough day.  Week?  Month?  I don't really know how long it was building but it was definitely time to put it to rest.  With a quick tap of my keyboard, we had arranged a get together as soon as both calendars could agree.  Wow --- I can't believe it took almost three weeks, but dang -- today is the day.

I scrambled a bit yesterday trying to find a "hang out" spot for us and then invited a few more to join us.  Well, if one person can help with the blues, perhaps a gaggle of us can cure them.  It's worth a try, right?

As we were driving to meet my nephew for lunch yesterday, Mister pulled quick into Rocking Bobbin (YES, another link and please check it out too) and told me to see if they had space we could use.  He's such a smart man sometimes --- yes, that's why I keep him around.  Hahaha --- no . . . .LOVE THAT MAN dearly.  At any rate -- we score and are ready for tomorrow.  A few quick texts on the phone and we are ready to go.  Woohoo.  Girl time coming our way.

The day starts out with COFFEE.  Yep, I have drug Stephanie and Allison down to White Rock Coffee with me and plied them with Merry Mint Mocha's and pumpkin scones.  Indeed, I'm a bad influence for sure.  But they are just so dang good --- BOTH items.  We are lucky enough to have a wonderful LONG visit before Rocking Bobbin opens.  Not only do we get to visit, but Stephanie and I manage to finalize an adoption while there.  I know, I know.  You are thinking, "Another machine?"  Well guess what?  You would be kind of right but it's a totally different kind of machine.  It's an Accuquilt Studio.  Yep, you read that right.  Joint custody and shared rights.  Just give us time --- we'll be cranking out strips like crazy women soon.   Oops -- look at the time -- let's get out of here.

Friday, December 23, 2016

En Provence - Clue 5 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

SURPRISE!!!   Bonnie released the clue a day early BUT since Allison and I are doing these together, I am waiting to start on it until after she arrives tomorrow.  See ya then.

Good morning!  I am up bright and early and straight to the shower in an attempt to get the eyeballs working today.  Now to set up the room, start water for tea, get the chicken going for the chowder we are having for lunch, and make some muffins.  I manage the first three before Allison arrives and then throw up my hands on the muffins -- opting out today.  We settle in for tea and a visit while I get to treat her to a Christmas present.  I have gone away from quilting for her gift and can't wait to see what she thinks.  Merry Merry.  She gifted me with my the quilting on my Razzle Dazzle quilt last month and what a sweet gift that was.  For her?  Tea stuff.  Lots and lots of tea stuff.  (I can't believe I didn't take a picture.  Ugh.)  I also receive another foot for my machine to use while paper piecing.  Okay, okay -- I know this is not why you are here -- onto the clue.

Monday, December 19, 2016

When Inspiration Strikes

The sun is shining, it's 77 degrees outside.  That is all supposed to change tonight.  The forecast states that we will drop to the single digits.  Seriously?  That's almost a 70 degree change.  CRAZY.  Well, what I'm trying to say is that we decide to take advantage of the morning and walk down to White Rock Coffee for a late breakfast (Mister slept til 10 - unheard of) and exercise all at once.  Moments of "just us two" are indeed treasured for me as this time of year doesn't provide many due to my sweethearts job.

After a delightful visit and walk, we arrive back home and I settle in on the sofa with a new book gifted to me yesterday by Allison.  I am content for all of about 10 minutes when my eyes light up and I just KNOW what to do for my kids/grands for Christmas.  Yep, it's the 17th of December and about time right?  Well now, in all honesty, we have selected a family gift for each home but this is just a little something extra and "made by Mom/Gammy".  Within moments I have located a layer cake AND 3 sets of sample cards with the same pattern on them - all treats I set aside from a recent Moda trip, just waiting for the right minute to come and play.  Today is the day.

Friday, December 16, 2016

En Provence - Clue 4 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Another week has flown by.  It's crazy but I am not sure where it went.  Why is December always like this?  I know some of you thought it drug on and on while waiting for the next clue, but I really didn't have time to even think about it and now, here we are again.

Allison spent the night last night and we were able to work on UFO's all evening along with setting up for today.  It's nice to have a head start and just be ready to go when the clue posts.  Let's get to it.  Mister is up and it is almost 6 a.m. so I roll over and check Bonnie's blog to see if the clue has posted.  Nope.  A quick refresh and there it is.  Time to get up.

Less than an hour later, with tea and banana bread, we are off to the cutting table.  Allison has spent he last few weeks learning about Gilmore Girls and the story lines in it.  I have waited to watch the new episodes with her and we watched one last night.  Today we are onto the second one first thing.  Do you not LOVE what is going on in this picture?  It makes me giggle just looking at it.

We are doing a repeat of clue 2 with a different color this week.  Purple and neutral strips are everywhere and while I am using my tri-rec rulers, Allison is going to be using her Accuquilt cutter.  Old and new schools combine.  Well, not really.  I mean, after all, I'm not using scissors and templates.  THAT's old school.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Antiquing/Shopping with Mister

It's a "enjoy each other" kind of day.  We really don't have any set agenda and Mister doesn't have to work tomorrow so we are just chillin' around town, doing some shopping and enjoying all the day has to offer.  After a LATE breakfast out, we stopped in at a local antique mall.  I found a few items that might give you joy or a chuckle at least.

First up:  Santa out of a vintage quilt top that I'm choosing to believe was unrepairable.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mugstateer Day at Fabric Fanatics

Back in the beginning of October, several of us took a class taught by Eileen Urbanek at Fabric Fanatics.  It was decided that we would get together there once a month on the day that Janet works to not only sew but keep her company as well.  I was on a trip with my sweet Mister in November so missed the gathering, but am in town today thus blessing the gals with my presence.  Oh yeah.  I'm in just that mood today.  I leave Mister deep under the covers staying warm on this chilly day and soon depart for our initial meetup spot - the 1418 Coffeehouse in Plano.  I can already taste it while driving.  It's calling me . . .  Allison and Elizabeth hit stumbling blocks for the coffee meet, but Elisabeth, Mariah, and I have a great time.  Marian just stopped in for coffee and now must say good-bye but it is fun to see her.  Perhaps next time she can stay for the day and sew.

Friday, December 9, 2016

En Provence - Clue 3 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday.  We all know what that means.  It means get out of bed around 6, check the clue, make scones, set up for sew day, prep lunch, and greet Allison at the door.  Woohoo!!!  It means it is a FUN day.  I so look forward to Fridays, not just for the clue release, but for the friendship that it entails.  (Oh, I NEVER remember to do this and I always mean to --- If you want the recipe for these wonderful scones, please click HERE)

I am ready and ironing fabrics by the time she arrives.  Mister makes a joke that I just can't wait for her, but I am.  Ironing doesn't count.  Right?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Old Tobacco Road - Label and Backing - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

I am on a roll with this quilt and do not wish to have even one bit of it left other than quilting.  I also really WANT to get my house decorated.  That means the living room floor MUST be void of fabric and that means this backing needs to be made today.  Now if truth be told, I really do like making backs.  To me, they are freeing.  Just be creative and see what you get.  Now, time to work.

Yesterday I found some dark brown fabric in the stash that will work beautifully if I cut it in half.  It is short though and the best way for me to use it is horizontally.  It leaves me a gap between the two pieces.  What to put there?  Let's start with the flying geese and bricks that are leftover from the top and there is a bit of the inner border fabric left as well.  After playing, here is my start.  I KNOW, the one brick is upside down and there are two similar blacks together.  It's a BACK.  I will make sure the one panel is right side up, but as for the black --- pshaw.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Old Tobacco Road - Clue 5 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

7/2/16  I am working on the center medallion block for my upcoming mystery and making these flying geese as leader/enders as I go.  I need almost a hundred of them for Old Tobacco Road.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Old Tobacco Road - Clue 4 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

5/2015  I'm at retreat and have stayed up late to lay this out the best I can.  I really don't understand how it will all go together, but I'm liking it for sure. ---- Fast forward 1 year 7 months

Friday, December 2, 2016

En Provence - Clue 2 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

It is December 1st and I am serving on a jury in which I just found out we will be back again tomorrow. NOOOOOOOO.  Don't they understand that I have a mystery clue coming out?  Do you suppose there is even a chance that the clue will post at around 2 a.m. and I can get a little start before court starts?  If I wrote a letter perhaps?

Dear Bonnie,

It's little old me -- Deb in Dallas -- and I have a bit of sadness right now.  They are making me go into jury deliberation tomorrow morning and I won't be able to start on my clue.  Do you think you could just email me the clue?  I promise not to tell anyone.  I'd do the same for you.  Honest, I would.  Thank you so much, Deb.

Now surely that would make a difference, right?  NOT.  It's all a joke and I would never even dream of sending this but I really, truly am sad.  My daughter will be sitting in the airport in Dallas killing time for 3 hours tomorrow and I won't be able to go see her.  AND, I am losing my day with Allison on top of it all.  What yuck.  Okay -- enough whining.  Onto to tomorrow . . . . . . . .

Sleep?  Whose sleeping?  Definitely not me.  I am so much on my mind for tomorrow that I am up at 3 a.m.  Is there a clue?  No, guess I'll work on blog posts.  4 a.m.? No.  Keep writing.  5 a.m.?  Still nothing.  Dang.  Now to get retreat emails written.  6 a.m. and there it is -- the clue.  Well thank heavens it is a fairly easy one (triangle in a square units - think Celtic Solstice) and I will get caught up quick.  Now, it's time to shower and head downtown for I'm sure will be a most disturbing day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Quilt Update

Any links that you click in this post will open in a DIFFERENT window, allowing you to continue reading this without losing the page.

The previous 2016 monthly update links are located at the end of this entry.  I hope that you make it that far.

Goals:  I am no longer even attempting to comment on those that were not touched.  They'll just stay on the list until they are achieved, even though life jumps in front of them now and then.

Easy Street (ES) - quilted, bound - on frame - does that count?
Old Tobacco Road (OTR)  - Clues 4, 5 - 
Roll Roll Cotton Boll - quilted and bound -  
Mad City Mama (MCM) - quilted and bound -
Razzle Dazzle (RD) - quilted and bound - Quilted by Allison and FINISHED
Tree Skirt and Owl samples made for retreat - BOTH FINISHED
Weed Whacker set, back, binding, label made, quilted and bound - Set, Back/Label made

1st -  The first of the month comes around and I want to post the update from the previous month.  Usually that means a rush to finish entries it is linked to and try, try, try to get it out as quick as possible.  Today is not an exception.  The entire day is devoted to doing just that -- getting the October Update posted.   I am going to try so much harder this month to stay caught up.  Can I?

2nd -  I started working on the owl phone/tablet holders while at retreat last month.  Today they are to be finished.  My first task is to somehow figure out a way to get the rice inside these buggers.  Apparently I left the openings a week bit too small.  After several fruitless attempts, I cut the handle from an empty milk jug and slide it into the hole.  Presto -- instant funnel.  Oh yeah -- doing the happy dance here.  Next, the holes get filled with some fluff and then hand sewn closed.  What else today?  Laundry.  Yes, those wonderful household chores that we all wish elves would show up to do.  Oh and packing.  I'm leaving for Houston tomorrow.

Friday, November 25, 2016

En Provence - Clue 1 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

It's here!!!! It's here!!! The wonderful day we have all been waiting for - Black Friday.  Not because we want to shop but because we want to sew.  And have fun.  I have a house full of family so I will be honest and tell you that this is the first time I haven't gotten up in the middle of the night to check and see if the clue is posted.  I slept.  I slept well.  I left it to everyone else to do the peeking and fidgeting.  Now it is 6:15 and I see the clue posted 15 minutes ago.  Perfect timing for me.  Neutrals?? Of course since that is the only fabric I haven't pulled yet.

Tiptoeing quietly past sleeping grandchildren, I make my way to the studio and the neutral bin.  I just start grabbing and bring in the right size strip box as well.  Hopefully I already have some strips cut.  With a grand flourish, I dump my fabric on the sofa and head back to the studio for supplies and items to set up a sewing room for Allison and I.  She will arrive shortly and we have all day together to knock out clue 1.  I am ready when she arrives.  We are quiet as can be so as not to wake the household.  First up:  ironing for me.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Brazos November Retreat - Third Year

The November retreat has finally arrived and it seems like it has been an eternity since we were at Brazos.  It was May and as I cross the five cattle guards and reach the gate, I feel like I am going home.  This is such a good feeling.

Hello Old Friend.  I've missed you.  My heart is already happier and I am not even out of the car yet.  Yes, it is that glorious here.  The donkeys have been moved back down here near the house and there are a LOT of them.  I'll have to take a little walk right away and check things out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Making of a Tree Skirt

A year ago Debi K. asked if we could make a tree skirt at the November retreat.  Well, given a year's notice it is pretty dang hard to turn a request down.

In February we were making Quilt As You Go table runner with winter fabrics and since the previous Christmas Mister and I decided to do a blue themed Christmas this year, I set aside enough fabric strips for this project.  And there they sat.  For SEVEN months.  Now I am in Oh My Gosh mode and I need to get this project finished if I am going to attempt to help others.

This is the Moda Bake Shop FREE pattern entitled Peppermint Swirl.  It is a bargello type tree skirt and I took it a step further (much to my chagrin, but more about that later).

10/31  It's Halloween and I have been invited to Valerie's for the day.  You can read all about our day by clicking on this LINK.  Since I cut all my strips back in February, I pull them out and start sewing them in panels, trying to keep the bargello effect going.  I'm doing well until the very last panel and I discover that I am out of several of the strips I have been using and will need to substitute others in.  That means I have to strategically put them in throughout all the panels so that it is not so obvious.  Wonderful.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Antiquing in West Texas

Today is a bit more casual since we really don't have any specific agenda or place to see.  As we arrive in Anson, TX, I spot the Anson Antique Mall and Mister quickly makes a turn to check it out.  Yay.  I love antiquing and we haven't really had much of a chance to enjoy it lately.  Note to self:  do this more.

I grab a few pictures to share with ya'll as I wander the aisles.  Enjoy the eye candy.  Do YOU remember these comic books.  I lived for each new one to come out.  Yes, I was that silly pre-teen/teen girl.

Friday, November 11, 2016

More Vacation Quilt Shop Time

Hello there -- We start out our day at the Carlsbad Caverns.  Have you been there?  It's absolutely amazing and I am delighted no matter where I look.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Couple of New Mexico Quilt Shops

Mister and I are out and about in southeastern New Mexico today.  While in Artesia having lunch, I spot a cute little quilt shop called Martha's and make a quick beeline over there while waiting for our food.

Along the way, I am stopped in my tracks as these murals appear between two buildings and the colors are just so vibrant that I have to take a closer look.  This little courtyard is perfect for quietly reading or getting organized for the day.  I do love the flavor of this area of the country.  My greatest desire is to have a adobe home that surrounds a center courtyard.  What joy that would be.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Half a Day at Sunset - With the Gals

It has rained ALL NIGHT and I am out of the house by 6:15 a.m. so that I can get to Allison's by 7:00, transfer to her car and make it to Sunset by 9:00 a.m.  The rain is horrendous to drive in and my state of mind is not very nice when I arrive at Allison's.  She lets me share my worries, we make a plan for the day, and are soon on our way.  It's a lot of driving for a short time there, BUT the time in the car gives us a chance to visit.  Perfect.

It is NOT raining in Sunset and I am thankful for that.  My mood has lightened tremendously and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, even if only for a short time.  Our renewed efforts to "travel light" are rewarded with ALL of our things fitting on one rolling cart, except Allison's machine which is rolling on it's own.  Well, not technically on it's own, but you know what I mean.

My project for today is to somehow make sense of the bargello tree skirt that I cut up yesterday in preparation of today.  I managed to cut not one, but TWO, sets of the wedges the wrong direction and need to somehow put them back together again.  Where are all the king's horse and all the king's men when I need them?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Houston Quilt Festival - Day Three

It's day three and I am up before the sun.  Well, that happens when you crawl into bed at 8:00.  There is a flurry of activity on the streets below as they gear up for the Rocket Run which starts at 7:00.  Streets are closed off and people in red shirts are running amok everywhere.  I can hear barely music coming from the park nearby and once in awhile cheers are raised for something of which I know nothing about.  It is all quite magical.  Oh look -- here comes the sun.  It's behind me so I can only see some color on the buildings in front of me.  Gorgeous.  It certainly bodes well for a wonderful last day here.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Houston Quilt Festival - Day Two

Good morning.  As I step out of bed, I gingerly put my feet down.  Do they hurt as much as they did last night?  Nope.  Yay.  I am good to go.  It's time to get dressed and go to breakfast.  Val calls just as we are heading up and meets up with us for a wonderful visit.  It's always so good to be with her.

Okay, after breakfast it's time to get started again.  I have a plan.  Let me say that a bit louder.  I HAVE A PLAN.  I am going to go and finish the vendor area (and start that by redoing the last two aisles I did yesterday as I think I was a walking zombie by then) AND start on the quilts.  The show opens at 10 and I am giving myself until 1 to get into the quilt area.  Can I do it?  I'm gonna give it the old college try.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Houston Quilt Festival - Day One

One year ago people were posting like crazy about the Houston International Quilt Festival and I didn't understand what the big deal was all about.  I  mentioned that I had never been and was looked at in amazement.  "If you want to call yourself a quilter, you must go at least once."  I was told this multiple times.  So, being the obedient person that I am, I watched for the hotels to open up their rooms for the next years festival.  YES, I booked the room ONE YEAR in advance.  How crazy is that?  I have absolutely never booked a hotel room more than 3 months in advance.  This is as bad as the dang beach retreat.  I put out a post seeing if anyone wanted to go with me and Lydia answered with a resounding "ME."  Fast forward to today.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Round Robin Fun

Last year I became involved in a "Row Robin" and enjoyed myself so very much.  If you don't know what that is, please click on this Row Robin Journey Link.  It was a fantastic learning experience for me and if you have never participated in something like this, well do it at least once just to stretch yourself a bit.

This year the group is putting together a "Round Robin" and it is hitting at a time when I just don't have a moment to spare to build a center medallion.  The group is short a person so I ask if it would be okay to use a panel.  I get a resounding "yes" and quickly order the panel and get it in the mail to the first person on my list.  Now to see what they do with it.  I have asked that it simply stay wall  hanging size and to keep it sewing related so that I can use it behind my quilt frame in the studio.  Let the fun times begin.  My first one should be in the mail to me soon and it has to be out the door by the end of January.

Sondra's RR is the first to arrive and as I am off to Telluride, I run to the studio to pull fabrics from my batik bin that will match, pack it all up and away I go.  She has a beautiful Mariner's Star as her center and I adore the colors.  Now, please let the creativity come.

Monday, October 31, 2016

October Quilt Update

 Any links that you click in this post will open in a DIFFERENT window, allowing you to continue reading this without losing the page.

The previous 2016 monthly update links are located at the end of this entry.  I hope that you make it that far.

Goals:  I am no longer even attempting to comment on those that were not touched.  They'll just stay on the list until they are achieved, even though life jumps in front of them now and then.

Easy Street (ES) - quilted, bound -
Old Tobacco Road (OTR)  - Clues 4, 5 - 
Allietare (A) - Scalloped and bound -  YES
Roll Roll Cotton Boll - quilted and bound -  
Chasing the Sun (CTS)  - scrappy quilted and bound -  YES
Mad City Mama (MCM) - set, label/backing/binding made, quilted, bound - Set, Label, Backing, Binding Made
Razzle Dazzle (RD) - quilted and bound

1st -  I am starting out the month RIGHT!  I have another day of class at Fabric Fanatics where Eileen Urbanek is the teacher.  Please check out this  LINK to read all about our fun.

When I get home, I discover that Mister has been working on day on some foot pedal helpers (he calls them DPH's - which cracks me up.  Doug's Pedal Helpers but they are also his initals and the logo for his photography) for friends that have requested them.  He's such a good man.

A Day With the Girls

Happy Halloween!  The sun is not quite up and I am on my way for a day with gal pals.  As I take Mister to work, the sunrise is just beginning.  It even has a Halloween feel to it.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

En Provence - Introduction and Colors - YUM - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

Hey there.  I am just back from a trip to Utah and while there, Bonnie released the colors and yardages for this year's mystery.  It is based on her trip to France and is called En Provence.  I LOVE the colors and am super excited for this one.  I have been saying for quite awhile now that I want a quilt in purples and green.  The yellow and magenta are a bonus.

So, the first thing I had to do today was make a quick trip to Lowe's for the paint cards.  That meant a little shopping as well so three new violets came home with me.  That seemed appropriate since the colors matched and lavender just isn't in season here.

As soon as I get home, it's straight to the studio to see what I can come up with.  My first pull is pretty successful and although I may need a few more dark purples, the only real empty spot I have is the magenta.  I am off to Houston Quilt Festival this week and well --- dang it's as good a reason to shop as any I can think of.  I'm not pulling neutrals until much later and the same stands for getting into the strip buckets.  Once I know the sizes we are using, I will hit them up.  There are a LOT of strips already cut.  Isn't it wonderful to have a stash?  I LOVE mine.  (Psst - since I'd been remiss at putting away things from Chasing the Sun, The purples and yellows were easy pulls -- hahahaha)

Oh guess what?  I remembered that there is a bag of scraps that need to be tamed so within minutes I have created a wonderful mess but also have an entire gallon ziploc bag of scraps to use for this mystery.  Woot, woot.  More stuff cleaned up.  The rest of it?  Well, back into the bag it will go.

I'll check back in on this post to update the fabric I pick up in Houston and any others I find hidden around the house.

UPDATE!!!  While in Houston at the International Quilt Festival, I found the magenta I need for this, a few more fat quarters and everything for the back and binding.  I am simply over the moon excited and may even try and get this backing put together before the mystery even begins.  Yes, my friends, THAT is excitement.  Isn't this all just oh so lovely?  I am going with the "lavender fields" theme for the back.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  (Yes, keep reading.  I threw this update in before the end.)

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

En Provence Summary

Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery has started once again and I am gathering all of my En Provence posts and placing them here so that you can link up and find what you want easily.  They will each open in a new page, leaving you access to this post.  You can always easily find this post by clicking on the tab at the top of the blog.  Please become a follower and you will always know when the new post is up.  Welcome to you all and comments are ALWAYS appreciated.

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