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2016 Finished Quilts

2016 has come to a close.  Really?  I am shocked at how quick it just whizzed by.  I set a goal this year to make it a year of UFO's, allowing myself gifts and learning moments.  Well dang, those far outnumbered the UFO's and the list is still oh so long.  Perhaps 2017?

January - We taught the Quilt As You Go method at retreat and that required me to actually learn how to do it so that I could teach it.  Sad, I know.  Here is the result of the two tables runners I put together while learning.  One is just "winter" and the other will be for my table next Christmas as Mister and I have decided to do a "blue themed" holiday.


Backs: - not perfect but decent enough.

February - My niece graduated from Nursing School and while at retreat this month, I made her this Quilt As You Go circular with all nursing fabrics.  Start to finish in two days at retreat.

Also, while at retreat (I was there for 10 days), I made this koala quilt for my sweetheart for his birthday.  The pattern is under the Patchwork Pals series in Quiltmaker magazine.  I just adulted it up a bit.  I know that's not a real word.  Oh well.  Quilted with some straight line and some free motion.  I even attempted tree bark.  I didn't say I was all that successful.  The leaves turned out rather puffy.

Additionally, he made me a dish a few years ago and I took that dish and created a wall hanging quilt for his office that is identical.  Again, start to finish at retreat.  Completely walking foot quilted.  I think, technically speaking, it is the best I have ever managed to do.

April - A quick Quilt As You Go with the leftover strips from February's retreat.  I was too busy to do this while there, but pulled parts for a later date.  April is that later date.

 June -

"Periwinkle River"  My granddaughter was going to be 2 and getting a "real bed" since she had a little sister on the way.  Well, she needed a new quilt to go with it.  This is what I came up with.  I started it April 29, made the top, back, binding, label while at retreat in May (another 10 days) and quilted it June 6.  I quilted it with straight lines through the periwinkle blocks and tiny meandering through the neutrals.  It was bound on June 7 and the pillow sham is made the 7th and 8th.  No worries on a June 10 birthday.

Baby Girl Ashton's Welcome Quilt.  The top, label, and binding were made while at retreat in May - super fast and easy and then quilted and bound on June 15th.  It has a white minky back that is just oh so soft.  My first attempt at free motion clam shells in the quilting.  It's --- okay.

July - Well I had managed to get halfway through the year without any sign of a UFO completion.  This month it all changed.

First up:  "Explosion of Color" Round Robin.  This one was made by Jennifer Smiley, Jana Leuschen, Carol Zaretski, Bonnie Bourdo, and Sandra Brooks.  The first stitch was 7/21/14 and the last one on 7/5/16.  The quilting is my first attempt at a panto and it has stars all over it since the circles reminded me of planets.  It is a full cloth back.

Next:  This is Tumbling Waves by Becky Botello, which I have renamed "Bargello Cluster".  There are so many mistakes in it and I tried to quilt it with a fall leaves panto -- which didn't go that well.  I'm just glad it's done.  The back is pieced out of whatever I had left to use up.  First stitch taken on 8/22/15 and last stitch on 7/9/16.

Tricot quilt for baby Ava.  Hand stitched teal tricot.  First stitch on the 19th and last one on the 22nd.  Yep it's all I did for those days.


Double Delight by Bonnie Hunter was done as a Quilt-A-Long in the Our Quilt World Facebook group.  We started it January of 2016 and the last stitch was taken August 24.  I quilted it with a mirror image LOOSE panto that I drew myself.  It's a very cuddly quilt with whole cloth backing.

"Humble Quilter" is a round robin I participated in this year.  It was started with a panel that I sent out November 3, 2015.  It arrived back August 2, 2016 after having rounds added by Suzanne Montgomery, Janet Latska, Julie Edwards, Joan Sheridan, and Sondra Millard.  The day it arrived back, I drew the panto I wanted to use on it.   I made the backing, binding, hanging sleeve,  and label on the 7th and quilted/bound on the 24th of this month.  The backing is a solid blue.

Chasing the Sun 1 - my 2016 mystery quilt in it's constant version.  It was designed by  me and presented in mystery clue format in several Facebook groups online.  First cuts made on May 3 and the final stitch taken August 25th.  It was quilted with a pattern called "Lyrical" by Allison Bayer.  Scrappy back from leftovers which included the test block for making the center medallion block.


Chasing the Sun 2 - Scrappy Version.  First cuts taken on May 3 and final stitch in on October 12th, just in time to take it to retreat for the reveal.  Crazy.  I the back is scrappy, again with prototypes, and I quilted it with a sun panto that I designed myself.  I'd be happier with a tighter panto next time around.

Allietare - Bonnie Hunter's mystery started on Black Friday 2015.  It is the first time I've attempted scallops and I love how it turned out.  Last stitch taken October 13 while at retreat at Briarwood.  The backing is pieced with all sorts of "Italian" panels/fabrics that were found throughout the year.  Allison Bayer quilted it for me using the Flounce  pattern.


Tree Skirt - At the retreat in November 2015, we talked about doing this bargello tree skirt.  The pattern is called Peppermint Swirl by Moda Bake Shop.  Last January, while cutting for the Quilt As You Go table runners, I saved enough strips to make this to match my table runner.  Since I'm teaching it at retreat THIS month, this one is now finished.  Quilted with stitch in the ditch and a walking foot.  Again with the bias binding and curves.

Razzle Dazzle is another Bonnie Hunter mystery started in Plano, TX on 12/30/15.  I was able to attend the class twice and get a good start on this but it sat for awhile until Allison and I got going on them together while at retreat.  Last stitch taken November 29 while awaiting jury selection down at the courthouse.  Lots of admirers for the final TA-DA.  The back is pieced from fabrics I found researching the term "Razzle Dazzle".  Think "Chicago - The Musical" and it will all make sense.  It was quilted by Allison Bayer using the Curly Q pattern.


With a wild hair one week before Christmas, I decide to make five Sudoku Games as gifts for the kids and their families.  Mister and I set to work and Mission Accomplished 2 days later, including the mailing.  Whew.  These were quilted with a walking foot, following lines drawn by Mister.  True joint effort.

Well, that's it.  Twelve quilts, two wall-hangings, three table runners, one tree-skirt and five Sudoku mats.  Not too shabby but not near enough UFO's.  Out of the twelve quilts, only four were started before 2016.  I'm staying on the goal of finishing UFO's again this year.  I have five that are just needing quilting and several more that are in the block stage.  Perhaps I can get a better start in 2017.  That's the plan anyway.  See ya'll later and Have a most Happy New Year.

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  1. Well done my friend, well done! Also a pleasure to quilt for you too. Can't wait to see what 2017 holds for finishes. Hugs, Allison in Plano