Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Old Tobacco Road - Clue 4 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

5/2015  I'm at retreat and have stayed up late to lay this out the best I can.  I really don't understand how it will all go together, but I'm liking it for sure. ---- Fast forward 1 year 7 months

  12/4/2016  When you set about to clean up a blog and make sure there aren't any crazy posts sitting out there that were started and not finished (for VERY good reasons), it's kind of embarrassing to find one where you were leading a group of people on a quilt-a-long.  Ugh.  Where on earth is this project box?  Out to the studio I go.  I find it and decide to set up a 301 in the bedroom just for this project.  I am going to get er done.

12/5 -- I have laid out the quilt (picture above right).  I THINK it's right.  Now to start sewing.  Since it works in rows and yet on point (see my confusion?) I start at one corner and sew units into rows and rows together.  Four hours later, I have on corner finished.  At this point I take a good look at the lower corner and realize that it is not right.  After another half hour, I have it fixed and ready to go for tomorrow.

12/6  Since my living room floor is still covered with all of these units, I need to finish putting this together.  Why?  Well, I'm thinking that the Christmas tree should go up and the room needs to be cleaned first.  Agree?  So, that means I am back at this again today.  Mister is working from home and comments to me, "You can't eat breakfast first thing in the morning but you can crawl out of bed and start sewing?"  Yes, Yes I can as a matter of fact.  Four hours later, I have the second section complete.  (And just for the enquiring minds, yesterday took four hours too.)

One final seam and the center is set.

Does this mean I am finished with clue 4?  Oh heck no.  I still get to crawl around on the floor and attempt to cut all the edges straight and NOT move the dang top because it will now be loaded with bias.  Are we having fun yet?

Finally, sore knees later, we have the center complete and I can say good-bye to clue 4 - 19 months later.


  1. Oh Deb! See, this is why I don't blog . . . I'd rather stumble across the project than have a blog post started about it to remind me. LOL~~ Kuddos for getting it to top status. Hugs, Allison in Plano

  2. That is so beautiful Deb. I want to make this quilt someday and only hope mine will be as lovely as yours. Just Beautiful! You are still my hero!