Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Finished Non-Quilty Items

Each year I have been trying to do a summary page here just so I know what I have accomplished in addition to quilts.  I want so badly to have a variety of tools in my toolbox and the only way to do that is to constantly try new things or practice skills already learned.  So, here's 2016 for ya --


I crocheted three scarves which are bound to become gifts.  Who knows.

While in Telluride, I worked on and finished a pillow as a gift for an exchange at our upcoming quilt retreat in February.

I'll toot Mister's horn here --- he made 18 nametag holders for our retreats.  I think I'll let the ladies paint them at retreat.

February:  I made some more sewing mats which likely will be gifted.

We also learned how to make little Kleenex holders while at retreat.

While at retreat, Shirley taught us how to make these tool boxes and I love mine although the zippers do not work.  They look good though, right?  I also screwed up and put the end pockets on the outsides.  Crazy times.

While at Jen's house, I used my knowledge of Kleenex holders to make some for her soccer team.

We also made locker decorations for everyone.

March:  Four soft books for the Ashton house and a little leprechaun woolie that hangs

Along with a Little Red Riding Hood doll set for Ophelia.


I'm teaching how to make pop-up bags at retreat next month so made the sample.

I cut out a dress for Ophelia and used the leftover fabric to make this little drawstring bag for her too.

Mister got into the act again and made these wonderful pedal helpers for my vintage machines.  He's making more as these are also going to Debi and Allison.

When I cut for the pillow in January, I cut for two but didn't have time before retreat to get mine made.  Now it's done.

I also made a dog bed for my sister-in-law's new puppy.


This retreat is just a bonanza of completed items.  First up -- a new ruler bag --totally my own design.

More sewing mats to share

Another doll set to give Ophelia when the new baby arrives.

A dress and hat for Ophelia.  I even patchworked the fabric together to make the dress.

The family of pop-ups are now finished.

We also made shoulder pads for seat belts.  I LOVE mine.

Eight beach bags to gift at the family reunion.

Beads of Courage bags for our charity work.


Elena and Malea came to visit and made dresses and aprons

July -

Hyrum and Zyra were here and made a dress and pajama pants as well as a blankie for the chickens.  Don't ask.

Raef, Ryan, and Caleb arrived and also wanted to make pajama pants and travel pillows.


Mister bought a new camera and it didn't come with a bag so he asked for one.

I also finished a couple of snap bags for the beach trip.

Ava Leigh arrived and thus her bears needed to be made.


With a baby blessing coming up, I crocheted a white afghan for Ava.

While at Cassie's for the blessing, I made a headband for Ava  First time for that and no pattern.


At retreat we made fall mug rugs

More Beads of Courage bags

A soft book

I also made this UFO pillow for Cassie's home.


My gift for the November retreat is Owl Phone Stands so I started them at the October retreat and finished up here.

While traveling, I made the Owl Woolie sample

At retreat, I put together a quick Mini Pop-up

December --- I'm putting this here but it's kinda quilty too.  I made a button sudoku game for each of my children's families.  This was a crazy, two day project but I love how they turned out.  That's it for this year.  See ya in 2017 with a longer list, I hope.


  1. Marvelous finishes my friend, marvelous!! Hugs, Allison in Plano

  2. Lots of great finishes! I especially love the white crocheted afghan you made for Ava....would you mind sharing the name of the pattern? Thanks so much and Happy New Year to you and Mister!!

    1. Thank you so much. It is called Dainty Keepsake and is found in Leisure Arts Keepsake Baby afghans" 2001