Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cos That's What Friends Are For - Rocking Bobbin Day

The first of the month, my sweet friend (and incredible author of the best written blog ever, My Imperfect Life - yes, that's a link and YES, please click it to visit), Stephanie, had just a bit of a rough day.  Week?  Month?  I don't really know how long it was building but it was definitely time to put it to rest.  With a quick tap of my keyboard, we had arranged a get together as soon as both calendars could agree.  Wow --- I can't believe it took almost three weeks, but dang -- today is the day.

I scrambled a bit yesterday trying to find a "hang out" spot for us and then invited a few more to join us.  Well, if one person can help with the blues, perhaps a gaggle of us can cure them.  It's worth a try, right?

As we were driving to meet my nephew for lunch yesterday, Mister pulled quick into Rocking Bobbin (YES, another link and please check it out too) and told me to see if they had space we could use.  He's such a smart man sometimes --- yes, that's why I keep him around.  Hahaha --- no . . . .LOVE THAT MAN dearly.  At any rate -- we score and are ready for tomorrow.  A few quick texts on the phone and we are ready to go.  Woohoo.  Girl time coming our way.

The day starts out with COFFEE.  Yep, I have drug Stephanie and Allison down to White Rock Coffee with me and plied them with Merry Mint Mocha's and pumpkin scones.  Indeed, I'm a bad influence for sure.  But they are just so dang good --- BOTH items.  We are lucky enough to have a wonderful LONG visit before Rocking Bobbin opens.  Not only do we get to visit, but Stephanie and I manage to finalize an adoption while there.  I know, I know.  You are thinking, "Another machine?"  Well guess what?  You would be kind of right but it's a totally different kind of machine.  It's an Accuquilt Studio.  Yep, you read that right.  Joint custody and shared rights.  Just give us time --- we'll be cranking out strips like crazy women soon.   Oops -- look at the time -- let's get out of here.

With a quick check in at the store, we soon have the key to the classroom and are busy setting up.  Oh lookie, lookie ------ vintage ladies all around.  What a beautiful sight.

As soon as the machines are ready to go --- it's time to shop.  Oh ------ somehow you thought this was a post about sewing?  Uh, no.  Well maybe later on.

The first thing seen as we walk in is the Accuquilt corner and it grabs our interest.  It should, right?  I mean, we now have a child that needs clothing and STUFF.  Oooh, oooh, oooh SHINY.

Walk away -- walk away.  We need to find out just what we have first and then see what we need.  Oh look --- fat quarters.  New shiny.

I see the red ones with a sign that says "5/$5.00" and with February retreats coming up, get some as does Allison and Stephannie.  I am also taking another Bonnie class in February so I grab some for it as well.  While checking out, Stephannie shows me some cool cookie cutters and in no time, I have spent my share.  Let's get out of here.  Quick.  No, I did not buy the wreath in the picture -- it's just on the counter.

There is a gentleman in the shop working on a quilt and we get to see the first one he made as it hangs in the break room.  Isn't this lovely?  What a great job with those little cornerstones on his first attempt.   I didn't catch his name, but I'm sure the owner, Staci, can share that with anyone who asks.

Everyone now has a cute little bag of goodies in hand and I'm ready to sew.  We get back to the room and Stephanie is working on Clue 5 of En Provence (oh you think you need another link? well here ya GO - yes it's that simple, just click on the big word go) so I've offered to give a quick lesson on the Easy Angle Ruler.  She's a Thangles girl, but one can never have too many tools in your toolbox.  Right?  I think Stephannie is watching close too.  That's what the bonus to these gatherings is:  impromptu educational moments.

My lesson is complete and I am back at the machine about the time that Stephanie's sweet Featherweight, Lenny, decides to be naughty.  It's time for another lesson, but this time Ms. Allison is the teacher and these two are being taught by the master herself.  I bow down to her expertise with vintage machines.

I bet you are thinking we are never going to sew.  Well, if I'm truthful, by now I have put the same block together four times.  Yep, you read that right.  FOUR.  Apparently there is a bit of a focus issue going on here.  I may not accomplish anything today.

Leanne has arrived to join us and our little party for the day is complete.

After settling in and actually sewing for awhile, Leanne mentions that it is 1:00 and wonders if we are going to do lunch.  Yep.  Let's walk next door to El Fenix and fill the bellies up a bit.

Stop laughing.  We can walk.  We just rarely do.

Somehow when lunch is finished and we hike all the way back to the room (I know, that makes it sound like it's MILES away), I discover that I left my glasses at the restaurant.  Dang it anyway.  That means I have to walk past Rocking Bobbin again.  You see, when we returned to the room after the shopping expedition earlier, I commented that ALL the fat quarters were on sale for a dollar a piece, not just the red ones.  Everyone looked at me with knowing eyes and I discovered that the only unenlightened person was me.  What the what?  Well, after thinking about it, I am pretty sure I need more and another trip past the store is just not gonna work without me going back in there.  Grab the money and go find your glasses Deb.

The minute I walk into the restaurant, the staff laughs and points at my glasses on the counter.  Sure, laugh at the old redheaded lady.  I see how it is.  With an about face, I am back outside and right through the door beside it.  First things first -- I need to use the restroom and look what I find in there:  Now THIS is bathroom entertainment.

What a great way to familiarize yourself with different fabric lines.  I may need to stop in here for bathroom breaks more often.

With both arms full (you think I'm joking but just ask the others) of fat quarters, it's back to the room I go.  In the interest of full disclosure:  I am still trying not to buy fabric BUT I am only two weeks away from grandchildren's birthdays beginning for 2017 and I have an idea of what to make each of them.  This provided me the materials I need for that specific project.  I'm not simply adding to the stash.  Well at least that's my story right now and I'm sticking to it.  (Yes, the picture of all my goodies is taken later when I get home.  Deal with it.)

It's after three now and time to call the day over.  So sad.  I don't want it to end but Stephanie has a 2 hour drive back home and still wants to hit the warehouse district before leaving town.  I can't wait to see what she finds there.  I guess at some point, I actually did sew today because the last thing I do before packing up is press the stack of blocks I worked on.  I have 16 more UFO blocks finished.  WOOHOO.  A little bit productive as well.

Thank you Allison, Stephanie, Stephannie, and Leanne for a wonderful day filled with laughter.  We should make this a calendared event each month or every other month.  Think about it.  Hugs, Deb.


  1. OMG- I did hop over to blog of "MIL" and of course had to read til I found the one with the meltdown she mentioned. SO FUNNY, the girl takes my heart.

  2. I love reading about our Sew Days together. Thank you for gathering us, our Mother Hen of Healing Souls, and arranging this fun day out. Yes!! I am so game for this being a monthly gathering for us. Tell me how I can help. Rocking Bobbin made it such a nice place to gather. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  3. There is nothing better for the blues than a sew day, and one with friends is even better!