Thursday, December 8, 2016

Old Tobacco Road - Label and Backing - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

I am on a roll with this quilt and do not wish to have even one bit of it left other than quilting.  I also really WANT to get my house decorated.  That means the living room floor MUST be void of fabric and that means this backing needs to be made today.  Now if truth be told, I really do like making backs.  To me, they are freeing.  Just be creative and see what you get.  Now, time to work.

Yesterday I found some dark brown fabric in the stash that will work beautifully if I cut it in half.  It is short though and the best way for me to use it is horizontally.  It leaves me a gap between the two pieces.  What to put there?  Let's start with the flying geese and bricks that are leftover from the top and there is a bit of the inner border fabric left as well.  After playing, here is my start.  I KNOW, the one brick is upside down and there are two similar blacks together.  It's a BACK.  I will make sure the one panel is right side up, but as for the black --- pshaw.

Okay now what?  There are some four patches remaining as well as some squares.  I also find a wee bit of the outer border that was left.  After a little more playing, I wind up with this.  We're getting there but still have quite aways to go.

That means I will need some slightly larger chunks.  Back to the living room I go to measure EXACTLY how much backing I will need.  Then I am able to cut 9" off one section, split it in half here and voila-

I still need more -- there are a few more four-patches and some more squares as well as a couple of bricks left.  Play, play, play.

Okay, now it's within reach.  Back to the living room and the second piece of backing fabric.  Another 9" from the second piece split in half nets me the right size for the middle section of the backing.  TADA

Two seams later, I have a backing.  Yes, it lays smooth.  No, I'm not going to show you.  I'm very tired of crawling around on the floor.  Yep, I see that the sides are slightly off.  Do I care?  Absolutely not -- they will be cut off after quilting anyway.  I like it -- has a bit of a modern flair to it, right?

Oh yeah --- leaders and enders during this whole process have now been turned into the label.  This one is ready for the "to be quilted" bin.  I have just about everything crossed that it makes it to the machine and back off again before years end.  Time will tell.  If it does, I'll update this again.  Until then . . . Keep on creating.

2/19/17  UPDATE AGAIN!!!  It is finished.  Woohoo.  Almost two years in the making, but I did it.  It was quilted by Allison Bayer with a Simple Leaves pattern and I absolutely love it.

Lots of sun, but what can you do?  That's the front coming through on top.

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