Saturday, November 12, 2016

Antiquing in West Texas

Today is a bit more casual since we really don't have any specific agenda or place to see.  As we arrive in Anson, TX, I spot the Anson Antique Mall and Mister quickly makes a turn to check it out.  Yay.  I love antiquing and we haven't really had much of a chance to enjoy it lately.  Note to self:  do this more.

I grab a few pictures to share with ya'll as I wander the aisles.  Enjoy the eye candy.  Do YOU remember these comic books.  I lived for each new one to come out.  Yes, I was that silly pre-teen/teen girl.

Check out the foot pedal.

Now THIS is a dang cute teapot.

I want a quick rack.  We are on the hunt.

This is darling and I bet greatly used at one time.

Mister spots this quilt top and we have to check it out closer.  It's not often that we find one that is dated this way.  This was obviously an exchange of some sort.  The date on one of the blocks is either 1935 or 1936.  I am not sure as it looks as though the ink has bled.

I love these little boxes.  The drawers contain all sort of great things to move around in the rooms.

Okay, my memory bulbs are flashing like crazy inside my head.  I SWEAR I owned these exact same paper dolls when I was younger.
Wow.  These are amazing and bring back so many memories of time occupied quietly playing.  I am always shocked that people still have this stuff.  Why didn't I keep mine as a treasure for the future?

Cool iron.  We think we have it oh so rough if we have to actually break down and iron something.  LOOK.  We have clothes that rarely wrinkle and irons that manage different types of fabrics along with temperatures at the flick of a switch.  I need moments like this to gain perspective every  now and then.

This is a great antique mall.  It's time to get on the road again, but if you are in Anson, TX, check it out.

Oh -- we make one more stop in Graham TX where Mister does find me a new little keepsake to add to our collection.  This buttonhole attachment is a new one for us.  Fun times.  If you wish to read about the rest of our day, please give this Day Four Link a click.

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  1. Cool stuff to look at! Thank you for sharing your travels. Hugs to you both, Allison in Plano, TX