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August Quilt Update

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Goals:  I will have grandchildren again this month plus may be going to Provo to meet my new granddaughter so I need to be careful here.  I am also still out of batting so unless a sale hits, I may need to do some revising here.

Roll Quilt - No
UFO - Ceramic Tea Set - Repairs made is all
Alphabet Bears - Yes
Quilt and bind Nature Bound (Applique) Quilt (NB) - Yes
Quilt and bind Celtic Solstice (CS) quilts  - No - 1 Sandwiched
Set Pieceful Paisley (PP) Quilt, make back - Yes
Row Robin (RR) Blocks made and sewn into rows -- 2 quilts worth - one mailed - Yes
Cut and sew the setting for My Favorite Things (MFT) Quilt - cut, not sewn
Make Old Kentucky Album (OKA) quilt top, back, label - yes
Cut "secret" project for November retreat - yes
Cut Log Cabin (LC) blocks for Jacob quilt - strips cut -- wasn't planning on this as had a different quilt planned -- oh well

1st - Traveled to Denver and back today to pick up grands.  Did a little quilting on NB in the evening.  Pretty tired.  Too tired to even write in here.

2nd - During quiet time, I worked on my RR blocks while the kids watched a movie.  Loved the time together and yet still sewing.  After a full day with little ones, I am out in the studio quilting on NB for awhile.  This is quite the challenge for me as I have not quilted anything "stitch in the ditch" or with drawn patterns using my machine.  It is an entirely new experience.  And tough.  Free-motion is so much easier.

Don't look too close ---  I have never "shadow" quilted before.

3rd - Mister stopped by the ceramic shop to pick up some "slip" a few days back and today I am finally out in the studio working on fixing the tea set that somehow got broke.  I sure hope it sets well so that I can work on this for a Christmas gift.  During quiet time, I worked on the RR blocks and am off to bed early tonight.  No quilting.

4th - Oh my day has been busy.  I do manage to work on RR blocks during quiet time.

5th - I am just going to write a ditto from yesterday.

6th - My grands are occupying all the free time each day and I have been absolutely exhausted in the evenings.  I am not complaining even a bit as I LOVE this time with them.  However, sewing is definitely taking a back seat.  Once again, I worked on the RR blocks during quiet time.  That's it folks.

7th - Nothing but being a grandma today.  Wonderful!

8th - I have realized that my trip to Utah is getting closer and the bears need to be finished.  Heck, they need to be started on.  I get everything set up and ask Zyra if she wants to help.  Of course Gammy.  She helps me get the base coat on.  What a great time together.  I have to laugh as I walk into the office/mini sewing studio.  You can definitely tell there are little ones visiting.  As if my blocks aren't colorful enough or the table doesn't have enough things piled on it.  Oh my.

9th - During quiet time, I manage to get the dry brush work done on the bears.  That is it for crafting today.

10th - I put the first coat of pink of the letters of the bears during quiet time today.  I am a little sad today as we are losing these grands tomorrow.  Tears are right below the surface in all I do to prepare.

11th - Travel, or rather, attempted travel today.  I do not wish to rehash it here.  If you want to read about the horror --- check out this link - ugh

12th - The house is oh so quiet.  Mister is at work and I am just moving from project to project.  I put the pink second coat on my bears, male 8 RR blocks, finish quilting NB, work on OKA strips for blocks, start setting PP.  Whew.  I have such a mess.  Perhaps I need to take some time and organize a bit tomorrow.  Or perhaps not.

13th - It's another productive day.  I make 4 RR blocks, work on OKA blocks, set PP except borders (which are made), trimmed and removed loose threads on NB, made binding for NB.  I am really loving both the RR and the OKA blocks.  What a fun day filled with variety.

14th - This being home alone is certainly giving me lots of time to sew.  I stop around 3 each day and work on dinner, treats, housework, etc.  So far, so good.  I make 4 RR blocks, work on OKA blocks, put the binding on NB, attach all borders to PP, finished gold on bears- fixed Misters pants AND removed papers on RR blocks while watching tv in evening.  Lovin' life.

15th -  It's Friday!  I have put a goal out to spend the weekend with my sweetie so this will be the last busy day for a couple.  I start out by selecting fabric for a backing for the PP quilt and opt for a giant 4-patch.  Additionally, I make 4 RR blocks and work on the OKA blocks,  Things are coming together so nice.  I am excited about all of these projects.  Let's hope I can keep the momentum going next week while I have grandsons.  Ha ha -- not much chance of that.

16th - I wake early and take a little time to finish all the gold paint and touch-ups on the bears - now to spray.  Well, first I have to buy some spray.  Maybe Mister and I will shop today after we get back from picking up Jared.

They are looking cute.

17th - It has been a creative day BUT not in sewing.  Jared and I made and cookies today.  Oh my everything sweet and wonderful in the kitchen.  I do manage to get my CS1 sandwiched in the evening.  I WILL have these finished before the new mystery starts!  If I say that often enough, perhaps there will be some truth in it.

18th - I find a little time early in the morning to make 4 RR blocks before Jared and I are off to the zoo for the day.  After a wonderful day, we return home to make dinner and I finish the day sewing my OKA blocks while watching Quilt-Cam.  So nice.  It is amazing how much I can accomplish while sewing with someone else.  Love it.

19th - Jared and I have another wonderful day exploring the Science Museum.  I spend the evening finishing the OKA blocks.  Yay!

20th - After a morning at the aquarium, I deliver Jared back to his mom and gain Jacob.  We return to Dallas, pick up Mister, grab some dinner and head home.  I didn't get any RR blocks made yesterday so today has a double allotment.  I make 8 blocks and do some trimming on them as well.  I think these are going to be absolutely gorgeous and couldn't be happier with the way they are turning out.  It's definitely time for bed.

21st - My fat quarters from the Batiks Etc. sale have arrived and they are so very pretty.  I instantly put some of the neutrals to use in making todays 4 RR blocks.   The day is spent with Jacob at the mall and watching Planet of the Apes.  Yep, that's what I did.  Goodness.  In the evening I start on binding NB.

22nd - Our adventure today is going to be the Ranger game and we will travel by train to meet Mister before going there.  As a result, we are having a quiet day at home and I make 4 more RR blocks and continue working on binding NB.

23rd - Waking early and loving the quiet, I sit and easily finish binding NB.  Oh yes, what a good feeling.  Instantly it goes into the washer to remove the pencil marks.  It's still not my favorite quilt, but I certainly learned a ton on it. When Jacob wakes, he wants to go to the coffee shop and we are happy to oblige.  After our breakfast, we stop in at the shopping center and I find a few treasures.  I get the spray for the bears at Gecko Hardware, a notebook for my RR row at the Dollar Store, and a new OttLite at Tuesday morning for $20.00.  I am a very happy camper.  Once home, I lay out the OKA blocks and start playing to find something that looks right.

24th - After dropping Mister at the airport, I travel towards Abilene this morning to return Jacob as he starts school tomorrow.  I am now on my own for a week.  Oh my, what trouble can I get into?  Once back into Dallas, I make a stop at the fabric store and find a great backing fabric for an upcoming birthday quilt.  So fun --- this one will be bright orange and black.  Interesting for sure.  I have decided to watch Breaking Bad this week so I put the first episode on and start in on my RR blocks for the day.  It is midnight before I know it and I am beat.  Definitely time for bed.

25th - Netflix and I settle in first thing and I finish the RR blocks -- all 56 are done.  I make the quarter blocks and connect them together into two rows, Oh, they are wonderful.  Stained glass for sure.  One row stays here with me and the other heads for the next person in the rotation.  I write in the journal and prepare the whole kit and kaboodle for mailing,  Yes!  I have made the deadline. Moving on to the next project, I weave the OKA top, make sashings/cornerstone rows, and sew the center top together.  This has been such a productive day.  It feels so good.

26th - The decision has been made to travel to Utah on the 30th so I must once again focus on finishing my bears.  It is a beautiful morning out so the bears and I make a trip to the back patio for some spray action.

 I also make the borders and corner blocks for the OKA quilt and get everything attached.  I really like this quilt pattern.  I may have to try it again with a different, less masculine color scheme but I am sure my grandson will love it.

27th - Today's project is the OKA back and label.  I decide to use a solid black for the back and throw in a few leftovers as well.  I have to piece the back out of various pieces of black from my thrift store stash and just barely have enough.  Whew.  It takes forever to get this put together, but both the back and label are ready to sandwich.  I know it looks like a ton of bubbles, but I am just too tired to smooth out for the picture and the label is just laying on the back -- it doesn't go there.

The evening is spent with Netflix and the cutting table getting my "secret" project cut.  (Yep, that's also my RR package sitting there.  MUST mail tomorrow.)

28th - I actually put clothes on today and leave the house.  Yep -- I have been in jammies all week and no -- not the same pair.  I did shower and change each day, but didn't really see much reason to cover additional clothes in threads.  Went to the post office and mailed my RR row.  Then back to the house so that Netflix and I can cut LC for Jacob.  I get it all cut and ready to take with me to Utah.

29th - I am still trying to pack a suitcase full of projects for Utah so I cut the green BOM setting,  I also get some orphan blocks ready for "secret" project by squaring them up and cutting muslin squares to match.  My suitcase is packed and FULL.  The rest of the day is spent cleaning house and shopping for Mister for the week.  A very late trip to the airport brings him back home with me for a few hours before he takes me early tomorrow morning.  It's time to rest.

30th - It is an 18 hour travel day for me.  I know that sounds horrible and if you want to try and understand it -- don't.  At any rate, I have an 8 hour layover in New York and settle in with my crochet hook and netflix.  Yep, I am still deep into Breaking Bad and am so very sucked into it.  I finish a handful of small crocheted spool doilies as I watch and wait.  It is about half of the amount I need.  Good start.  I arrive at my daughter's house at almost midnight, meet my granddaughter, visit for awhile and crash.  What a long day.

31st - My day is spent with Cassie and Ophelia --- no projects worked on at all.  Simply baby time.  Yep, you can be jealous.  It's okay.  Thanks for sharing my month with me and hopefully future months will be a little less boring --- a little more project focused and have the sharing of thoughts and ideas.  These past 4 months have been WONDERFUL though with our grands playing such a large part of them.  I would not have it any other way.  See you next month.

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