Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TWO Celtic Solstice Tops with Poetry

A Quilter's Celtic Ode To The Frog by Deb Hayter with apologies to Clement C. Moore.

The day had arrived, the first clue came out.
"Let the cutting begin", I said with a shout.
The colors I'd chose: orange, green, yellow and blue.
I had pretty jewel stacks and new rulers too.
Each Friday would find me merrily sewing along.
The units were made; please don't let them be wrong.

I stay with the pack, never falling behind.
Until the reveal was given and a new plan in my mind.
I'd make a new quilt for each grandchild this year.
But what of my units?  Leaders and Enders I cheer.
So onto the blocks which from units were made.
They fit together perfect and my fears start to fade.

Months have passed by. Almost six (I'm keeping track).
But my blocks are all ready.  It's an impressive stack.
There are so many - what was I thinking?
"A king will not work," I said without blinking.
Two queens it will be, so off to retreat
And hope for two tops. Oh my, wouldn't that be sweet?

The trip is a success and I am in awe
The tops are gorgeous and shown with a "ta-da."
It's time for the borders, let's get them in quick.
The top looks so perfect - wasn't that slick?
It doesn't lay flat?  A closer look makes me pause.
Oh no, wait, wait.  What could be the cause?

I should have measured and counted my squares
So I wouldn't have put too many pieces in there.
And now I hear from you, the mocking little bit
Each time you open your mouth - "Rip it, Rip it, Rip it."
A lesson has been learned, never again will I cheat.
The borders are back on and my tops are complete.

New piece counts:  Quilt 1 - 2,750   Quilt 2 - 2,750

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