Thursday, June 19, 2014

The "Gratitude" Saga

15th - For those who are following this blog, you will remember that back in April (link) I became the recipient of a treasure trove of fabric.  Included were some blocks and I have been thinking ever since of ways to use them.  One group of them have called out to me over and over again that they need their own quilt.  Today is the day.  My grandson is here with me and doing some sewing of his own so I have the cutting table and time on my hands.  Let's start with some brown fabric that was in the "trove."  I cut 4 1/2" squares to match my little stack of units.  Later in the evening, I just start randomly placing the units I have with the brown squares into two different 9-patches.    It works out evenly, leaving me 5 units (some are the same or I would have made another square).  I opt to keep out 4 units for corners and use the last one to make a label with.  Once the blocks are made --- Mister and I do a layout.

16th - I want the blocks to stand out a bit more, so I go back to the "trove" to see what I can add.  I find some yellow/cheddar for the cornerstones but unfortunately, nothing light with enough yardage so I head for my own neutrals and find a nice one to use for sashing.  There was a white but I didn't think that would work well -- cream is much better.  I opt to go 4x7 on the blocks so have 4 leftover.  I put them together into a square to use on the back, complete with sashings.  (on chair in picture)

18th - Now for borders.  Back to the "trove."  I find a wonderful blue that looks like it will work perfectly and I pair it with a gray (the lightest I had a large amount of) and that just absolutely does not work.

19th -  Back to the cutting table.  I am able to find a tan print that does work.   Woohoo.  Borders are made and my corners fit great.  I like it.

So the saga of my Gratitude quilt continues.  I have never felt more guided in a project.  With each step, the ideas came out of nowhere and used only items from this beneficiaries stash (with the exception of my sashing).  Now that it is time to do the back I know that I want to use all the blocks that are leftover from the front.  I have managed to put ALL the 4 1/2" squares into either the quilt, the square for the back, or the label.  Now I have this square and need to go from here.  I search for backing fabric and all she really has gifted me with are some plaids so that is that.  I don't want to have to match plaids on 4 sides of this square so I decide to make a center panel the length of the quilt.  I remember that there are also been some orphan blocks in the boxes and think they are blue/brown.  Yep -- baskets.  Well, let's put them together and use up ALL the scrap pieces of sashing, borders, etc.  It works and I have a finished top and back.  I truly have felt inspired during this whole process.  What a wonderful feeling.  Now -- to sandwich and quilt it.  Will keep you posted.

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