Friday, June 6, 2014

Those Pesky 1/4" Seams

My tip of the day show how I handle 1/4" seams.  While I know that there are oh so many ways out there -- this works for me.  If finding that perfect 1/4" seam is a challenge for you as well, give this a try.  It is shown here on Barbara - my lovely featherweight - but works the same on most machines.

I use a combination of a seam guide from Bonnie Hunter and the seam guide that came with the machine.  Using the green guide, lower your needle into the 1/4" hole and lower the presser foot to keep it in place.  Then slide the other guide right up next to it and tighten into place.  Remove the green guide.  Voila --- this will give you a scant 1/4", thus enabling you to have an accurate size square after pressing.  (I should have cleaned the machine before this picture -- ah well, live and learn.

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