Saturday, March 28, 2015

Estate Sale Treasures

It's Saturday and that means time with Mister.  He asks if I would like to go estate sale shopping - well, of course.  We map out the 4 closest to us, make a couple of coffees to go and are out the door in time to make the opening of the first one.

The only thing I spot at this one is an O'Lippa ruler that is marked $6.00.  It looks pretty grimy so I check with Mister to make sure it will clean up and since it is last day, we get it 75% off -- 2.50.  Good start.

Across the street is a garage sale so we walk over just to check it out.  I am able to find 6 XXL cotton shirts and two of them are colors that are difficult to find:  pink and purple.  They are asking $1.00 a piece but I get 6/$5.00.  I'm pretty happy about that as we return to the car and head for the second destination.  (The chicken comes later as well as the drawers.)

At the next stop, I only make it to one room.  The minute I walk into this room and spot this lovely little 185K, my heart melts.  I just know she is going to come home with me, but I have to make it work financially.  They are asking $95.00 and everything is 35% off.  Mister checks her all out for me and I leave him to it and wander the rest of the house.  In another room, I find bobbins and some more feet for her in a sewing kit.  I move them to the kit that goes with the machine and tell the attendant what I have done.  We plug this pretty lady in and she runs beautifully.  Ooooohh, now I really have to have her.  We have now been here long enough that the estate sale operator has dropped the price on everything to 50% off.  That puts me at $47.50.  We're getting closer.  I offer $40.00 and they accept.  Load her up Mister.  She needs a really good cleaning, but I am a pretty happy girl.

Estate sale number 3 is where I find the drawers and the chicken.  Mister comes up with a fun idea for the chicken and so naturally it has to come home with me.  More information on that in a future post.

The first three sales were all on their "last day" which makes them extra fun since everything gets reduced.  Our final stop is at a "first day" sale and we do not make any purchases, but there are indeed some fun things here.  A couple of older irons catch my eye.  They even have cloth cords in really good shape.  There is a really cool old sewing cabinet, but priced at $160.00 -- it won't be going home with me.  The information on it said, "Perfect Sewing Cabinet Co.  200 Regan Street, Rockford, IL  Patent Applied For."  Pretty cool.

Another truly vintage iron, but no cord and a dress form also get spotted at this sale.  The dress form is very old and pretty dang cool, but at $250.00, it also will be staying here.

Well, we are hungry and it's time to head home for lunch.  As we turn down our road, a local church is having a parking lot sale so we stop real quick.  I spot a set of wooden tray tables that I have wanted for awhile to convert to side tables for cutting or pressing while I sew.  Mister eyes some Skandia shelving boards and asks what they want for them.  The guy tells him that there is a unit that they go to but for some reason it is inside an armoire and they can't get it out.  He says that if Mister can get them out, he will make him a deal.  I go for my key ring which has a little screwdriver on it and in no time Mister has a pile of wood and metal braces.  They guy is thrilled that we got them out of the armoire and says Mister can have them for $5.00.  Seriously?  I am in shock but Mister calmly loads them up and off we go towards home.  It's been a good day and a fun one.  Now to get some work done.


  1. Wheeeeee . . . SCORES all over the places!! So glad you like to do this as a couple.
    Love the 185J green Singer!!

    1. A good day for sure. I can't wait til Mister gets her up and going. I'm betting she will be a joy to sew on.