Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fun With Allison

It's a playday for me!  Do we ever really outgrow those?  I certainly hope not.  Friends are the best and I am hoping to someday be like these wonderful friends on the left.  Yep, I certainly do wish for these moments ahead.  It took me awhile to come out of my shell and begin to make friends here in Texas, but I am truly loving the journey right now.  Now, onto our wonderful day.

Just as Mister is leaving for work, Allison arrives bearing gifts - some wonderful tea and a new book to peruse.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart girlfriend.  You always make people feel oh so special.  After a cup or two of tea and a nice visit, we are ready to start our day.  The weather is holding for awhile so we are going to get a wonderful walk in at the Arboretum.  Come on along with us and smell the flowers and enjoy the eye candy.  It's great for the soul, I promise.  After walking the loop, it's time for some photos so we revisit the spots that called to us.  The test gardens!

And the grotto.  Oh I love it and this is the first time I've seen it since the big reveal.

Getting artsy now - hahahahaha

Some things in the area stayed the same and I am so glad.  I have always loved this water feature.  I can't wait to see it in a month or so when the wisteria covering it is in bloom.

Dallas blooms -- the tulips are just getting a start.  This is the entrance into the Magnolia Glen.

Smelling is required.

And the new Texas display --- no peacocks this year.  We have longhorn cows instead.  Notice how he is just starting to turn green.  Give it a week or so -- will look amazing.

Sadly, our time is ending here BUT we are off for more fun -- we have ALL day to play.

As we are returning back towards Lake Highlands, we pass Urban Spools and I ask Allison if she has been there.  She hasn't so a quick turn around and within moments we are checking out a new store and finding fun neutrals to take home with us.

From there, we stop in at Quilt Connection where Allison has a bit of shopping to do and we find a few more lovely little fat quarters to go home with us.  Here is my treasure for the day.  How fun is this?  Now to work them into new projects.

The morning has been wonderful.  I feel revived and ready to sew.  How about you?  We return to the house and get set up.  I cut some strips to share of the treasures I found at the Dallas Quilt Show and then make a bit of lunch while Allison sews.  After a delightful break and our bellies filled with artichoke fritatta and fresh fruit salad, we head back to the office to sew the rest of the afternoon away.  Well, at least Allison sews.  I -- am cutting today.  I need to get the Row Robin row cut so that I can start to work on it.  When Mister arrives home, I find out that Allison's feet have been freezing all day and she never said a word --- naughty girl.  Since I'm always hot these days, I don't recognize that others might not be.  Yes, I have become that old woman whose house is freezing.  Ugh.

While waiting for the traffic to lighten up a bit before she heads home, we sit with Mister and have a snack while chatting.  Then, oh too soon, it is time for Allison to head home.  Thank you so much, my friend, for sharing my day and I am so looking forward to our next adventure together.

Well, that's our day and thanks for stopping by to share it with us.  We had such fun -- hope you did too.


  1. It was a delightful day with a delightful Lady . . .YOU! Thank you again for all that we saw, did, and talked about. Love ya! Allison

    1. I had such a great time my friend. YOU are like calm water in my life. Let's not wait too long to do this again -- oh and we still need to do an IKEA run.

  2. I feel inspired to go visit the Arboretum...beautiful

    1. You should go Valerie --- it's beautiful this time of year and changes daily. Mister and I went two days later and I couldn't believe the changes. Will have pictures of that trip posted on the main blog tomorrow most likely.