Friday, March 13, 2015

Orange Crush - Clue #4 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

I can't stand it!  These beautiful fabrics are sitting here calling me to cut them up and finally we get the chance on the next clue.  Perhaps I will just get the cutting finished and be ready for clue day.  This red and black are just luscious to me and I can't wait to see how it will all fit together.  There now, I have a wonderful little stack of red/black triangles ready to become grown up HST's.  Now to get back to my list of today's activities.  I will stay away from these until I get back from DC.  I will stay away from these until I get back from DC.  Repeat that mantra all day, I tell myself and I am successful.

It's a new day and dang if that sweet little stack isn't calling to me --- "stitch me, stitch me."  I cannot help myself and give in.  It won't take long and I'll be ahead of the game for next week when I will be barely functioning after 4 days of DC.  My sweet CoCo has these pretties together within an hour and aren't they lovely.  Ah, red and black.  Truly fun together.
A quick press and trim of the dog ears nets me a cute little stack of finished HST's.  My little baggie of dog ears for my ornament continues to fill.

Now I need to get to work on the regularly scheduled project for the day.  But wait!  What will this block look like?  Now I need to at least lay one out, right?

Oh, I like it.  Perhaps I should sew one together and see exactly what it will look like.  Again, I am smiling so much with this.  Okay, enough is enough.  I have a long list of things to accomplish before my trip and this needs to be put aside now.  To be continued  . . .

Whew, I am back from DC and have had a day to completely veg and rest.  I want to complete this clue as it comes out tomorrow and I would like to move onto other projects for a few days.  First thing, I start laying out blocks all over the place.  Yep, it's easier for me to work this way.

I start sewing and after about 3 hours, all my blocks are complete.  I have to admit that I LOVE the fact that we have put blocks together as part of the mystery.  My units for Grand Illusion are still sitting in a tub waiting to become blocks.  I know this quilt will likely be finished before it will simply because of this one step.  Awesome!  Don't you just love my blocks?  I know I do.  Onto clue 5.  If you wish to participate in this quiltalong, please go to this link on Bonnie's site:  Orange Crush Intro.  As always, you can find all my posts on Orange Crush by clicking the tab at the top of the blog.  Happy quilting!

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