Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dallas Quilt Show and Meetup Breakfast

The day for the quilt show has finally arrived.  I have been looking forward to it for quite some time and even though my transportation is dicey at best today, I am gonna give it the old college try.

Mister is on the way to help his sister move today, so he drops me off for the breakfast meeting that Stephannie has arranged at Mama's Daughters' Diner near the Market Hall.  There are quite a few ladies already seated when I arrive and it is hugs and hellos all around.

Suzanne greets me with a wonderful array of new scraps to play with and they take up residence in the chair next to me.  Fun times ahead there.  I LOVE getting to meet new people and with three new ladies at my table and two more at another I am thrilled.  Way to go Stephannie.

My photography skills are definitely lacking today and I cut off poor Gena's face completely and didn't take backgrounds into consideration even a bit.  Ugh -- Mister wants to know why I choose to put my backside in someone's face instead of going to the other end of the table as it is so blatantly obvious Marcia does - yes I am stealing her picture but am happy to give credit for it.  I have absolutely no excuse.  (Oh and since Sharron is too busy eating to smile at the camera, I make her do a solo shot.)

As we depart the restaurant after saying good-bye to those who went to the quilt show yesterday, we notice that several of us have dressed alike.  It tickles all of us and as we gather at Debra Linker's booth at noon, we ask a complete stranger to photograph us.  Dang, don't we look as though this was planned?

Stephannie and I had spent the morning shopping, visiting, and meeting Lee Ann to receive my fabric from Debra Linkers sale on Valentines Day.  It is time to look at the quilts.  That is why we came here right?  So, here is your eye candy seen through my eyes.  I'm sorry, but ya gotta see what I like.

First two:  The aliens are just too cute BUT the part I like best is the embroidered spaceships and sayings.  The second picture just amazes me.  So many little pieces all perfectly placed and the color -- love, love love.

I absolute adore this village one.  At first glance I thought it was appliqued, but NO -- all paper pieced and wonderful.  Next up:  Oh yeah!  Lots and lots and lots of perfectly placed tiny pieces.  Just what I have a passion for.

So, everyone knows that I am a baby when it comes to doing applique and not even a true fan of it but I am sincerely learning to appreciate and enjoy it more and more.  This Christmas quilt does resonate within me and I would like to try a holiday quilt like this at some point.  The same holds true for this beautiful fall one.  Obviously the same designer.  I guess while we are celebrating holidays, here is another cute Halloween one that caught my eye.  AND - this additional lovely Christmas one which I have now seen in green, red, and blue.  I have looked it up online to order it and will do so this month.  I am leaning towards the green, but have YEARS to make that decision.  I am purchasing the pattern now for a way in the future project.  That and the Dear Jane pattern.  Both for at least 6 years from now.

The next two are as different as can be, but I love them both.  The first one uses subtle tones to make the eye see the geometry at work.  The illusion of circles is wonderful.  The second is a modern one that I like a great deal.  Modern is something I am just beginning to get a grasp of and feel completely out of my element with it, but may tackle one within a couple of years.

A two for one shot.  Both draw me in.  I have not tried a bargello like this yet, but would love to.  The colors here are so vibrant and enveloping.  The smaller one's abstractness simply makes me stand and stare.

So now, the handquilter in me comes out.  I am in awe of this person and her work.  Oh to be this good.  Look at the close up of those magnificent stitches.  EVERYTHING on this quilt is hand done.  Yes, I am bowing down.

We come to another beauty that is basically a whole cloth quilt BUT it has these pinwheels in a few places on it.  Look at the size of these baby triangles.  Oh my.  The quilting is divine as well.

Now for a couple of fun quilts that I wanted to take home with me.  The butterfly one deserves it's award on fabric choice alone.  Everything else in it just enhances that beginning choice.  What an eye this creator has.  The second has a great story about coffee spilling on a quilt and inspiring the creation of this beauty.  I loved the colors and graduated piecing.  So fun and definitely challenging.

Wall hangings are up next and these two make my heart happy -- I would love to own either of them.  The first is just plain fun with a TON of hand stitching as well.  Oh the pieces of bling.  I wish I had these for our upcoming retreat name tag project.  The second is ALL hand quilted and if you can click on it to see those tiny, tiny stitches, please do.  Incredible.

We are nearing the end now and two more grab my attention.  The first was part of a block exchange and the maker used the leftover blocks to make a scrappy binding.  It is so scrappy wonderful and makes me feel right at home.  The second one is one of the few "basket" quilts that I truly like.  Working with neutrals and mediums (no darks except the browns), this quilter has created a true gem.  Simply gorgeous.

The last spot I stop before going outside to find my ride is the block challenge board.  The entrants were given two fabrics that had to be included in the block and here is the winning block.  Again, an applique that I like as I can actually jump right into the picture and feel the leash pulling her forward.  Excellently done.

After a bit of a rough time getting home,  (You can read about it later in my monthly update),  I do arrive and start to unpack all of my little beauties.  First, out comes the purchase that LeeAnn made for me on Valentines Day while I was being treated to a fun day in Fort Worth with my sweetie.  Look at all the fun stuff she was able to pick up for me.

And NOW -- all of today's treasures.  Oh my.  I have the border fabric for Easy Street, fabric for upcoming retreat group projects, chicken fabric for another upcoming group project, and so many fun fat quarters to play with.  I am in love with it all and my pocketbook is empty.  What a truly fun (other than getting home) day.  Thanks to Becky Thill, Suzanne Montgomery, Stephannie Brown, Marcia Welch and her mother-in-law, Lynn Zander, Gena Schmear, Sherri Miller, and Sharron Evans for sharing it with me.  I am already looking forward to the fun ideas we will come up with for next year.

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