Thursday, February 4, 2016

Time with Friends at Brazos - Between Retreats

The house is almost empty.  Yes, I am still at Brazos House and the first retreat ended this afternoon.  Ms. Allison has arrived to spend the "in-between" days with me before her own session starts on Thursday.  All I can say is thank you, thank you to Jerry for sharing her with me.  Tammy and Elisabeth have not left yet and both seem rather reluctant to do so.  It's totally understandable -- I never want to leave here either.  In face, when Debi K. left this afternoon -- it was the saddest face I have seen in a very long time.  I have a hunch she won't be gone long.

Allison gets set up and then decides to peek in on me and see what is up clear across the room.  Yes, we are creatures of habit and even though it will be just the two of us for a few days, we want our "spots".

It's time to sew for awhile and I am busy working on my sweethearts birthday present -- a koala quilt.

After some discussion and the enticement of a wool trunk show in town, we are off to see if I can find some supplies for the March retreat and take Allison to Babe's for the very first time.  Elisabeth stays behind alone at the house to try and finish her project.  She really wants it DONE before she leaves.

Dinner is wonderful and we are STUFFED when we return to the house with leftover chicken and perhaps some wool as well.  Yep, fun was had in more ways than one.  Now it's time to sew some more.  By the time the evening is well spent, I have a flimsy.  Now to piece a back and the batting but that will wait for another day.  There are four of us staying tonight and we bid you -- good night.  (Tammy's quilt in the background.)

GOOD MORNING BRAZOS!  I bolt out of bed hoping to run to the river and catch the sunrise.  I'm quiet as a mouse but who do I find already out walking -- Ms. Allison.  I was crazy to think I would be up before her BUT, we do make it in time to catch some of the sunrise.  Isn't this lovely?

And "Smoke on the Water" the other direction.  Beautiful.

Once back at the house, I am showered and ready for the day.  I have a LOT I want to accomplish today.  It's Groundhog Day and we are told that a shadow was NOT seen so spring is right around the corner.  That's reason enough to celebrate all on it's own.  However, sewing machines are humming and we have made a discovery.  Roberta's GO Big was accidentally left behind.  That calls for circles to be cut by Allison and Elisabeth and I can't wait to see their finished products.

Tammy is trying to finish her top so that she can hit the road for home and Elisabeth can't make up her mind what she wants to do.  Allison and I decide to take a hike and let the two of them decide what their plans are.  We are off to the top of the hill again.  It's a gorgeous day and I'm so glad we decided to do this.  Just look:

Now, I have to tell you that I will treasure these two pictures for a very long time.  Oh my friend, what a joy it is to spend time together.  Yes, the laughter is genuine -- silly girls lovin' life.  Here's a peek back at our viewing area.

Time to visit the critters.  This is Allison's first time up here, thus she is getting acquainted with everyone.  We (meaning I) forgot to bring food for anyone.  Ugh.  Will definitely remember the next time.

We thought that she was just getting lots of loves from the "horses" but once we were back at the house, it was discovered that they had wiped eye boogers all over Ms. Allison.

As we return back to the center, we find that Elisabeth and Tammy are out "catching" eggs before they depart for the day.  Well, since I've never done this, I give it a try as well.  Okay, now I can check that off my list.  I've caught an egg in a tiara even.

Elisabeth has finished her project and packs up to head home.  I'm pretty dang sure she'll be back as we have an opening in the next retreat, but I've been wrong before.  It could happen again.

I'm scared to death to start quilting on Mister's koala so I focus on making the label for Double Delight as well as finishing the blocks.  I'm not sure I can continue to procrastinate much longer.

Allison prepares a wonderful dinner for the two of us while I just sew away.  What a kind friend I have.  We decide to eat down by the river and oh what a good decision that is.  Stan has turned the lights on for us and it is just wonderful.  Well, at least until it's completely dark and there are unknown noises in the bushes.  Time to head back.  ( I REALLY need a new selfie lens -- getting tired of the waves.)

Once back, it's time for me to get to work.  I have a quilt to finish tonight.  I have made the binding and the label.  The backing, batting, and top are sandwiched.  Let's get this baby quilted.

I encounter a few struggles in this and have some bubbles that I need to determine how to fix but overall it comes out pretty good.  I'll leave the nose and eyes for another day and go ahead with the trimming and binding.  I'm not calling it quits until the binding is on this baby.

It's pretty late when I finish but I get her done.  I'm all alone for the good-night shot.  See ya tomorrow.

Before calling it a night I grab a picture of what Allison has on the pool table -- isn't it lovely.  Oh Allietare, I will get to you soon, I promise.

Oh my the days are going by so quick.  Slow down please as I don't want this to end.  It's another beautiful day out, but there is a definite change coming.  There is a chill in the air that wasn't here earlier this week.  Look at this wonderful workspace that just the two of us have.  Heaven on earth for sure.

So today I won't be able to show you anything we are working on as it is the mystery from Plano over New Years and we are sworn to secrecy.  I guess you are just stuck with pictures of whatever else we happen to be doing.  Like going for another walk.  Look at this ----- Blossoms!!!

This time for our trek up the hill we have remembered to bring apples and oranges for our friends.  They are indeed happy to see us coming and we even experience the "donkey braying at top speed" show again.  Laughter all around.

We do have a secondary goal today while up here.  After feeding the animals we head over to the swing to sit and relax for awhile.  What are we waiting for, you might ask.

Well this gorgeous sunset of course.  And yes!  It is definitely worth waiting for.

Now it's time to head back down the hill, have some dinner, and make a couple glasses of Pimm's and Sparkling Lemonade.  Oh yeah.  Should we still sew?  Yes, Yes, Yes.  We have blocks to make.  Lots and lots of blocks.  We do give it up quite a bit earlier tonight.  I think my body is crying out for a good night's sleep and I receive absolutely no objection from Ms. Allison.  Good night ya'll.

Oh my Gosh --- It's Wednesday already.  Time to really kick it in gear and finish up this mystery top.  Guess what is happening today?  We received word that both Elisabeth and Debi have stayed away as long as they can stand it and are on their way back.  So we will be a foursome again tonight.  What fun.  Allison and I spend ALL day working on our mystery tops when the cleaning ladies arrive and give us the signal to take a walk.  Down the road we go and meet Elisabeth as she arrives back for round two.  It isn't long after that Debi is back as well and has dinner with her.  Oh yum.

After dinner, in between working on Allietare blocks and Double Delight borders and cornerstones, I need to get ready for tomorrow.

Help is on it's way and I soon have a fun table working at making my gifts for everyone.  Chocolates all around.   Elisabeth has kept us in wine all evening and giggles are the result.  That and a bit of crooked writing on the lollipops.  After a few of them, the decision is made to just leave them plain.  I think that's a much better idea tonight.

Oh, I have made a wonderful mess in Kay's kitchen.  Ugh.

But they are looking so fun.

Allison finishes up the boxes they will go in and another project is complete.  Whew.  Now back to sewing.

Suddenly, I discover that I am alone and finishing up.  That going to bed early thing last night has me burning the midnight oil tonight.  I have one of each Allietare block, borders and cornerstones made for Double Delight and want to layout this top tonight as the design wall is currently available AND it will be a nice greeting for everyone tomorrow.

It is 3:25 a.m. when I finish and I am officially ready for some sleep.  I DO love the top though.

What can I say about these last few days?  Only that I am indeed blessed to have the most amazing friends in my life.  A special thanks to Ms. Allison --- my soul sister.  Love ya tons girl.  Let the party begin tomorrow.  Night.

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  1. We made some awesome memories didn't we?! Thank you for our time together Deb -- what a great post! It was an awesome way to celebrate my "Now Quilting #3,000" -- a week long retreat by the Brazos with a great gal pal!! Hugs, Allison