Friday, April 15, 2016

Play Day with Allison (Oh and Bonnie too)

Faced with a quiet Friday, I made a call to Allison to see if she could play.  Yay!!  It worked out that she could and I'm so glad.  I have three things I hope to accomplish today thus, after finishing getting the house in order and making some cranberry scones, I do the last of the cutting for the first item.  I am just getting ready to start sewing when Allison arrives.  Now it's tea and scone time -- visiting always comes first.

Okay, okay.  Yes, we are going to sew.  My first task is to work on some more Roll Roll Cotton Boll (summary post is HERE) units that I found in the project box.  I have no idea when their clue will come about, but I know that I have over half of them already finished and bits and parts of the rest just need to be sewn up now.  That is my first task and soon I have a nice little stack and one chore marked off the list.

Allison is working on her Double Delight clue 1 square in a squares.  The summary post for that quilt can be checked out by clicking on this LINK.  I LOVE how her cheddar just pops.  Mine was a much paler color.

We use the phone and a speaker to watch a Quilt-Cam post with Bonnie.  Can you see her in the little screen?

I am moving on to putting borders and binding onto my Valentine pillow.  The handwork is almost complete (just eyes and writing are left) and I will do it along with the binding on my flight tomorrow.  Another task marked off of today's list.

It's lunch time and I have made an artichoke frittata today.  Does that sound good?  If so, AND you are feeling a bit ambitious, the recipe can be found in this post.

My last task for the day is to take the fabric that I made this week and cut a dress for Ophelia out of it.  Yep, put down that rotary cutter, put on the thinking cap to make this fabric go as far as it can, and grab the pins and scissors.

Mister pops in now and then to check on us, make sure we are comfortable, AND take pictures.  Yep, he is just that wonderful.  I have finished cutting out the dress and hat --have some fabric left to try and create a small purse with --- and still have scraps to cut up.  My day is ending with me taking care of the scraps.

All too soon, our day comes to an end BUT we have both managed to accomplish a ton.  Look at this beautiful tray of units that Allison has finished (with just a wee bit of ironing and trimming left).  Another clue finished for her.

I have fabric to sew together still in order to fashion my matching purse  but the scraps are tamed and ready to go into the scrap user's system.

It's been a wonderful day.  Thank you, my friend, for sharing it with me.  Until next time.


  1. What a cute pillow! It looks great in my sewing room.

  2. Thank you for inviting me over! Seams lately I get more sewing accomplished AWAY from home. That is fine with me because friends are always good company while sewing. I'll look at those units in my Double Delight quilt later and recall our time together. Thank you my friend! Hugs, Allison