Saturday, April 9, 2016

Play Day at Maria's

Event Day!!!  I love it when an event from our group finally gets here.  The anticipation builds FOREVER and then  . . . it actually takes place.  Woohoo.  I am on my way to Flower Mound today for a day with my gal pals.  Maria is hosting and we will be treated to seeing where all of her magic takes place.  Well, other than in her mind -- which I gotta tell ya, must be overflowing with creativity.

I'm a bit late in arriving since Jen spent the night with us last night and I didn't want to kick her out this morning.  When I arrive, Allison, Jen S., and Stephannie are already there.  Work in is motion and I have some catching up to do.  My task for today is to simply cut my green scraps into usable pieces as I am working on the Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery that is taking place in the group.  Instead of using strips, I am trying to make scraps disappear and am cutting into squares.  (Any pictures without logos are compliments of Stephannie.)
Maria is quilting on a customer's quilt and it doesn't take me long to want to watch.  What she does scares me to death --- bowing down here.

Jennifer M. arrives a short time later and our group for today is complete. Apparently, though, she has forgotten her glasses and cannot see up close to work on her hexies.  I offer to share an extra pair that I have brought along, but they are bifocals and the giggles soon ensue.  Tears are flowing and she can't hardly speak.  When she does, we hear, "I need a teeny, tiny pair of windshield wipers."  Ah yes, I remember that feeling when I first tried a pair on.  Oh -- what does Stephannie have on her camera?  Well, this:

As we chat away, work is being completed.  Maria is hard at it though and soon wonderful little sections are appearing on her quilt.

Yes, these are pictures of a Master at work.  Many of us have seen quilts that she has done with ribbons on them at quilt shows.  She is greatly sought after for custom quilt work.  I am indeed jealous of the talent both she and Allison have.  Although Allison doesn't do custom work anymore, she still does the most amazing quilting for customers.  Ah, to be wanted that much --- am I a bit green?

Since Jennifer M and I both have midarms, we are not totally out of the loop and she has a question which I actually have an answer for.  Oh yay.  Mini teaching moment.  Yes, that's my serious face.

Group fun, laughter, and love.  It's hard to believe I have known these ladies only a couple of years at the most.  As I said before -- I am indeed lucky.

My accomplishment for the day?  Yes, I tackled my scrap pile.  My paper bag was full to the brim of scraps and now has tidy little stacks inside of varying sizes of green squares.  It's time to call our morning over (well, it should be since it's now almost 2:30) and yet I'm starving.  Jen M. and I decide to go and get lunch at Applebees.  Our waiter comes over to the table and we both compliment his eyes and smile.  He takes our order and well, 45 minutes later -- still no salads.  That's right -- salads.  We ask and then they finally appear.  I'm thinking this is dinner now.  I love the conversation though and need to do this more often.  We haven't just hung out together in quite awhile.  (Yes, we are compensated for the delay in our food.)  After paying the tab, we wait for my change and it arrives in wrinkled up $1 bills that somehow remind me of something a little kid would shove in their pocket.  Really?  Once the giggles subside, we leave our tip and say good-bye.  It's been another memory building day.  Thanks all.

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  1. It was a fun day! I love it when we get gut busting giggles. Sew fun to see where Maria creates her beautiful quilts. Thanks for being a friend amount us. Hugs, Allison