Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Land O'Lakes Quilt Guild - Allison Presenting

While at Maria's yesterday, it was mentioned that Allison is presenting at the Land O'Lakes Quilt Guild in Lewisville.  Maria is the president of the guild and we have all been invited.  Well dang -- the first thing I did upon arriving home is ask Mister if we could go.  It would mean me taking the train to meet him after work and him having to come along.  Gotta love that man of mine, he said yes.  Not only did he say yes, but he suggested that we get there early enough to help Allison get set up.  No, he is not for rent.

We arrive a little more than an hour before the meeting starts and although Allison has already had help unloading the car, we pitch in and get the stage set up.  Beautiful machines everywhere.

My fingers are a bit slow in taking the posed for picture ---yep she's already onto new things, but still waving.

The things she has moved onto --- obviously Mister is involved.  He is trying to get things just so.

As Allison and I go around the room checking out the tables and talks that the guild has to offer, I notice that my sweet Mister is standing as sentry over the machines - making sure that no harm comes to them.  What a sweetheart.  It's time for the presentation to begin and Allison is on.  She does a great job and has everyone's rapt attention as she speaks about The Thrill of the Hunt for Vintage Machines.

Whenever she needs some help with the machines, Mister hops up and gives her a hand.  I so love that he is willing to do this with me.

It's hard to hold a microphone and a machine AND point out different features all at once.

Mister, a.k.a. Vanna, does a really great job.

We hang around until the very end and help answer questions from the members before packing up and loading her vehicle.  Another great presentation, my friend.  We're happy to help at any time.

A side note to this night:  I LOVE the Land O'Lakes Guild and have every intention of joining and becoming a very active member.  Fun times ahead --- starting in June since I will be at retreat during the May meeting.

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  1. I am so fortunate to have you and Mister as friends!! You know I've thanked you many times already, but I continue to be touched by your offer to help set up and take down. You both reduced a great deal of stress for me to be able to focus on talking. Thank you again for doing that for me. Hugs to you both, Allison