Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lunch With Valerie

I am fortunate enough to have the wonderful friends that I do.  Today, lucky me has been invited to lunch with Valerie and we are going to the Arboretum for a nice lunch and a walk.

Lunch is on the patio surrounded by the beautiful songbirds that make this place home.  After an hour of delightful conversation, I ask if she wants to walk and away we go.  This is day three in a row for me at the Arboretum and each day it is different.  So many of the beds are being changed out right now since the tulips and other spring flowers have finished the splendor of color.

The Japanese Maples are in full glory though and we make a stop there for a brief picture break.  Seriously, it's brief enough to only net a picture of Valerie with her beautiful smile.

As we venture into one of the newer areas, the koi are active and glowing in the sun of their pond.  Yes, this place truly does make one's soul feel good.  Gotta remember to come here more often.  You too, Valerie.  Not just once every three years or so.

Three hours later, I am back home with my heart full and happy.  The older I get in life, the more I treasure my friendships.  I truly want to be one of the crazy old ladies who does crazy things with their friends and doesn't give a care what other people think.  I'm working on it.  Look out.


  1. Glad you and Valerie had a nice lunch and Arboretum walk-a-bout! Hugs, Allison

  2. Thank you for sharing a lovely afternoon with me!