Friday, April 22, 2016

Leanne's Visit and Artscape with Mister

In addition to the Jennifer's inviting me to go play this week, I also was asked by Leanne W. if I would like a new person to come and sew with me today.  Absolutely.  One can never have too many quilty friends.

She is a fairly new quilter who has signed up for my beach retreat in September.  I am so glad to have this chance to meet her ahead of time.

I am working on clue 3 of Roll Roll Cotton Boll and you can read all about it HERE.

Leann is making a rag quilt and I am seriously considering doing one of these in the near future.  I have some gorgeous flannels that Mister loves.  Perhaps a cuddly for him is needed.  Time will tell.

I love watching how others work and bring their ideas to life.  AND new quilters are such fun to be around.  We are all eager to learn, but they are sponges.  I know cos I still consider myself a fairly new quilter and am still soaking up everything I see.

I am able to give her a few tips on cutting and Featherweights while she is here so it fills my need to share the information I have gleaned from others.  We have a delightful time together and I hope she makes a return trip to Casa de Debi.

My stack for the day -- around 10 or so squares.  No, I was not very focused today.  It was much more fun to visit.  Leanne leaves in early afternoon and I get ready for a trip to the Arboretum.  Keep reading past the big picture.

Artscape at the Arboretum is one of my favorite art festivals all year.  It's small and usually has unique items to see and touch.  This time everything holds true once again.

At one of the booths I spot a weaver making scarves.  Her work is beautiful and it seriously looks kind of soothing to me.  Very repetitive, but also each outcome is a one of a kind item.

We are here with Mister's brother and his wife and everyone has moved on ahead but I am mesmerized by this.  Should I even be this entranced?  I have so many projects now -- weaving should be left to watch.  Walk away now -- walk away now ---- WALK AWAY NOW.

But oh look at what she makes:  (drool)

I finally step away and walk to catch up with the others.  The very next booth stops me in my tracks again.  This time it is a spinner and she catches Mister and his brother's attention as well.  In fact they both really want to understand the workings of it.  Me?  I think it's really cool and would love to give it a try, but dang --- this really looks like work to me.  It would take forever to get enough yarn to make something as wonderful as the stuff this incredible lady makes.  Check it out.

Well, our time here comes to an end after a wonderful walk through the gardens and we are off to dinner.  Here's one last piece of eye candy for you.  Absolutely remarkable Delphiniums.

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