Thursday, April 21, 2016

Estate Sale, Antiquing, and a New To Me Quilt Shop

I haven't exactly been watching the estate sales lately, but for some reason I did this week.  I spotted this one with lots of machines and a ton of fabric.  After setting it up to meet Jennifer S. here today (and return the treasures I took from her by accident when shopping), I drop Mister off at work, find a cup of coffee, and head to Joann's to see if I can find a few necessities.  Yes, any excuse in a storm.

And yes, again, I do manage to find an entire bag of fun.  Secrets -- secrets.  I'll never tell.

It's time to get my body to the sale or I will be so far back in line that there won't be a chance for me to even see the machines before they are sold.  As it is, a half hour early puts me this far back.

Jennifer arrives and when the doors open, she is quick to check out a red-eye treadle and I head for the room with all the other machines.  Yes, there are quite a few but guess what?  They want oh so much for them.  There is a 99k I would have liked to take home, but $200 is more than I have paid for any machine I own other than a Featherweight.  It's just too much and Jen finds the same thing with her treadle.  We move on to the fabric and oh my goodness.  Here is where we can make a deal.  I have no idea how much she wound up with but for my $38.00 I am taking home a cutting mat w/turntable and 32 yards of beautiful fabric.  Woot, woot.  (Oh stop -- I know I'm not supposed to be buying anything.  I will get back on the wagon, I promise.)  The bottom piece is a corduroy print so that my granddaughter can make herself another skirt when she comes to visit.  The rest just reminds me of a basket of Easter eggs.  So soft and pretty.

After the estate sale, I make a stop at the Forestwood Antique Mall for a quick look around.  Usually the items in this mall are out of my budget, but it's fun to look.  And I do find some super fun items.

Miniature machines:

Check out these irons:

And this luscious beauty.  Oh my.  Isn't it fantastic?

Okay, enough drooling.  Now, I still have time to kill before I can pick Mister up.  Where should I go now?  Oh wait, I know.  There is a quilt shop that I have been so wanting to check out.  Now seems as good a time as any.  GPS - take me to Sew Let's Quilt It.

This store takes my breath away from the moment I walk in.  Not only is it dang cute with wonderful samples everywhere, but they are super friendly and made me feel so welcome right away.  I just wanted to browse for awhile so they let me be and while I walked around, my camera snapped away.

The Farm Girl blocks and the new Row by Row fabrics both scream, "buy me."  I walk away quick.

I just love the blue bag.  Must make.

Color everywhere.

I spot a sample of the doll I picked up in Carrollton the other day.  They have embellished it with rhinestones and she's dang cute.  (No, I am not going to do that as I don't want them eaten, but they are cute.)

Using the same fabric line, I spot a sample quilt that I fall in love with and my plans for the quilt for the new baby take a severe turn.  As in -- they are right out the window and I'm now in love with this one.

Within no time, I have found a fat quarter to go with the charm pack I picked up in Carrollton, the white fabric, the binding material, AND the beautiful white minky for the back.  Let's toss in some fat quarters and a few patterns while we are at it.  Oh this store is scary.  Dare I come back?  Well, it's late afternoon and I haven't eaten all day.  I'm gonna grab a bite to eat and wait for Mister.  Thanks for sharing my day.

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