Thursday, April 14, 2016

Roll Roll Cotton Boll - Clue 1 - Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Quilt

All I can say is Woohoo!!!  Another group quilt-a-long and the possibility for me to finish a UFO.  What more can I ask for?  Since this is a UFO one would think that I am ready to go on this --- wrong.  The clue releases today and I head off to the studio (which is in the most magnificent mess) to try and locate the project box for this which has sat quietly since December 31 of 2013.  Pretty crazy huh?  Where on earth does time go?  Even though this mystery originally debuted in 2010, I was not even aware that I wanted to quilt at that time, much less have a clue as to who Bonnie Hunter was.  As a result, this quilt start is the product of a Plano New Years Eve class and hasn't been touched since.  So sad, especially when I read the post from that day (the link to that post can be found on the Summary page which also has a link to take you to Quiltville, where you can purchase the book if you wish to play along.).  I had such high hopes.  HAHAHAHAHA

Okay, fast forward a little over two years and here we are.  Goodness.  Today's clue is to make a whole lovely stack of "threesies" which, for me, will be purple, green, purple.  I do some digging in the scrap user system bin of squares in the right size and find quite a few but not enough to complete the clue.  Now to the strips where I locate what I think will be enough.  It's time to cut and sew.  Oh wait, before I start cutting into my strips, I still need to check the scrap bins for fabric that hasn't been taken care of yet.  I am able to fill an entire paper gift bag with green scraps to take to the play day at Maria's tomorrow.

At the event, I get the whole sack cut and am now ready to sew.

Most people who are working on this are likely using just strips and making the subcuts.  Me?  One square at a time, BUT it will be super scrappy.  Is that good?

Soon, I have lovely chains everywhere and it's time to press.

YES!!!  Clue one is in the books AND I still have a day to spare as clue two comes out tomorrow.  See ya then as I have a story to tell about that clue.  (YES, I am the one posting them so I kinda know what's coming.)

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  1. It is coming along sew nicely! Fun that your pinks are purples instead. Hugs, Allison