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October 2018 Quilt Update

Welcome to the Monthly Update.  What does that mean?  Well, it's just little ol' me trying to recap what took place during the month so that I can keep track.  I kind of use it like a journal.  Please sit back and enjoy a peek into a month of my life.

Any links that you click in this post will open in a DIFFERENT window, allowing you to continue reading this without losing the page.

So . . . . If you have followed me in the past, you know that I have set CRAZY goals each month and it's tough when they just don't happen.  I think goals are wonderful - believe me, without them I fear my lack of  movement.  The thing is -- I just don't want another year of unattainable goals making me feel stressed.  I have a busy year ahead with lots of surprises, family happenings, and retreats.  Those items alone give me PLENTY of deadlines to deal with.  As a result, I am introducing the new goal section - hahahaha, it's the same, only reasonable.  Let's hit the ground running . . . or not.  How about a hot drink and a good read?  See, life is good.  Oh, and the goals each month are at the end of the post now.

The previous 2018 monthly update links are located at the end of this entry.  I hope that you make it that far.

1st -  Happy 1st Day of October.  It's my very favorite month of the year but I bet you already knew that.  It always has been.  The temperatures are wonderful, the colors are intense, and festivals dot the landscape everywhere we go.  For me --- it's just perfect.  Ahhhh, the view out my back door.

I spent the ENTIRE day setting the Autumn Splendor Mystery quilt and I have to admit that I do, indeed, love it as much as I did on paper.  Whew!

Having a list to guide me at the beginning of each month really does help.  I am able to set all the items out that need to be worked on and, although it makes a mess, it really does help me stay on track.  My evening entertainment is to work on the quiet book cutouts and to lay out my OS blocks for this month.  It's a great day 1.

2nd -  Being in mystery mode is sure challenging, but, at the same time, so fun and rewarding.  Today I am working on the back and label.  The ENTIRE day goes that direction, leaving me with everything ready to quilt.  Whew.

Playing with the littles that were left over during the course of making blocks lets me just have fun.  No direct result required and the creativity flows.

Once again the evening is quiet book time.  I can see forward progress.

3rd - Pat Sloan's Merry & Bright Block #9 released today and I thinks it's so pretty.  I get it cut and made then pack and load the car for retreat.  Mister has had the Taurus repaired as part of our process to be a two car family once again.  Laundry is done, all messes in the house have been tamed, groceries are in the house, batting for Garlic Knots is ready, and quiet book page parts managed to get cut as well.  The next pages are the front and back and a couple of alphabet pages.

I know this doesn't seem like much, but they had to be laid out in some type of order.  Why???  Well, because I thought it was important.  Go figure.

4th - An away I go.  I DO love this time of year because it really means the beginning of "Retreat Season."  In no time, we are well into our first day of the October Retreat.  Come along by clicking THIS LINK to share in our fun and merriment.

I am really focused on setting my Winter Wonderland top and that is today's task.  After taking over the design wall for a bit, I am pleased to say that I have a TA-DA.  I do so love this top but now, it's back to more redwork.

At retreat, Darlene gifted me with this incredible hat and bag.  What???  It's so gorgeous and I can't wait until May to wear it for with my birthday outfit for Red Hats.  Thank you so much, Darlene.

5th - Retreat is still in progress and fun times about.  I have veered from my scheduled project list and am now caught up in making the label for Winter Wonderland.  Oh my, more littles everywhere.  It (and the binding) come together though and soon I can move onto something else.

Like game night!!!!

6th - We are having such a great time together.  Oh, I do love this time with friends.  Clue 6 for the mystery is available today and here's your CLICK TO THE LINK.

I am actually up EARLY today and off to see the sunrise.  Can you believe it?  It bodes well for the day, for sure.  It's a beautiful morning and I am amazed at how absolutely still everything is until the sun peeks over the horizon.  Suddenly, fish start jumping, birds sing all around me, and the world is waking up.

With an early morning start, I am able to get my fall wall hanging sandwiched before the house is fully functioning.  An afternoon trip to the river helps ground me and my soul seems content.

Now to quilt

Once I finished the quilting, I moved right onto binding and I have a true TA-DA!!!  Woohoo, this is getting hung up at home to help bring the season inside.  (toes!!!)

7th - Well, dang it anyway.  We are packing up and heading back home today.  This retreat simply flew by and I have no idea where it went.  Truly.  Again, wonderful women to spend time with makes that happen.  Once home, I unloaded the car and relaxed for the afternoon --- Mister is with family and I have the house to myself.  After showering in the evening, apparently I managed to have contact with poison ivy once again.  ARGHHHHHH.

8th -  I slept about 12 hours.  That seems a little bizarre to me considering that I really didn't overextend while at retreat.  At any rate, pictures and blogging take up the morning with a little future retreat organization thrown in for good measure.  I finally decided on my costume for the November retreat and it is now ordered.

9th -  Itching like crazy, but worked on the flag quiet book page.

10th - Happy Anniversary to us!!!  Since it's the middle of the week, Mister is working and I'm just plugging along on my list.  All of my OS blocks for this month are finished, I sewed both Whimms backgrounds while using Talkin' Turkey parts for leader/enders.  A quick trip out to the studio and my row by row block for this month is complete too.  Check marks everywhere.

More work on the flag page and the alphabet pages are sewn.  WOW --- I think it took two hours to get all the parts attached.

My sweetheart has made plans for dinner at Thai Opal and I'm thrilled.  Time to shower and get dressed for a lovely night out.

11th -  Some days are just single project focused.  Today is such a day.  All the for 4 quiet book pages is completed and I can move on.

12th -  Can I get a couple more check marks today?  I am so hopeful.  This month's Whimm's blocks are crazy intensive.  Honest --- I am about to throw in the towel on more than one occasion.  Oh my goodness ---- I just know that the worst is yet to come with these blocks.

Block 10 for Pat Sloan is today and I am staying on top of this one.  The block is made AND

I've set everything up to this point.  I'm really liking it and think it's going to be the perfect size for a wall hanging or lap quilt.

T.V. time includes handwork on turkey quiet book page.

13th -  Clue 7 of Autumn Splendor is up and running.  Here's your LINK.  Mister and I are running away for the weekend.  Please join us and follow along with our adventure in this Anniversary Escape post.

14th -  Only a couple hours from Dallas and such a fun day with my sweet man.  Come along with us in this Texas Fun LINK.  We did a little antiquing along the way and some new scissors made their way home with us.  Sherri, Stephannie, and Stephanie.  My thoughts were with y'all today.

15th - Homeward Bound with a stop in Waxahachie to peek in on my friend, Diana.  Oh please check out this wonderful quilt of hers and if you clicked the link I shared on the 14th (above), then you already are filled in with the fun.

Common Threads in Waxahachie ---- such a fun store.

16th - Mister is off again today and since I need to drop a quilt off at Maria's in Flower Mound, he has looked up an antiquing stop for a little fun along the way.  Here's the post for what we were able to enjoy:   Antique Gallery LINK

17th -  Off to the post office first thing and then I met up with Rocky and Maria for a quick drive down to Waxahachie and back.  I love the time just spent chatting and sharing.  Once back in the Metroplex, I made a stop at Queen Beads on Harry Hines to replenish my charm supplies for 2019 retreats.  While in Waxahachie, I picked up a few neutrals that I'm hoping will work in Bonne Hunter's upcoming mystery.

 Started the next stage of redwork on Winter Wonderland.

18th -  Feeling like some time in the kitchen, an angel food cake and fresh applesauce are the outcome.  Yum.  Yesterday was another Pat Sloan block so as soon as I exhausted my desire to be in the kitchen, the block got cut and then I moved onto finishing the turkey quiet book page.

My Garlic Knot quilt is calling and before I know it, it's sandwiched and ready to quilt.  I am going to work with it on my 301 and try a few new things.  I sure hope it all works out as it is scary to stretch the wings a bit.  Since this has a panel on the front, it's my first chance to try some outlining and working in different colors.

Finishing out the day, the beach quilt label is written and we are off for Thirsty Thursday.  Date night is ON!

19th -  Coffee with friends --- isn't it the best?  Meri is over and I'm enjoying a visit with her.  She even came bearing gifts and I am now the proud owner of two "Roo" beads.  Love, love, love.

I am so struggling with the flag page magnets.  Nothing is working right for me there.  Mister and I decide to gift Jen with Featherweight for her birthday, meaning the rest of the day is devoted to cleaning it and finding accessories that fit.  By the end of the day, it is ready to go.

20th -  Clue 8 of Autumn Splendor is posted and her is your LINK.  We are off to Abilene for some great family time.  You can see all in THIS POST.  While there, we had a few minutes to peek in a R Quilt Haven and thought we'd share this Shop LINK with everyone.

 21st -  It's a computer day and I am working on the blog for a bit.  Somehow I got in my mind that I would quilt a giant snowflake into the GK quilt.  All I managed to do is ruin my desk with a blue Sharpie.  UGH.  Back to the original plan.

22nd -  Some time is spent in the studio today --- cross hatching on GK quilt for several hours.  Time just flies by when quilting and my shoulders tell me to stop before my mind does.

23rd -  Mundane duties abound today:  Laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  I do managed to get out to the studio long enough to finish the cross hatching on GK.  Yay!!!  Now for the outlining and free-motion work.  It's the first game of the world series and we are settled in for the duration.  Game 1 - Boston Red Sox win.  Where is my camera the past few days?

24th - Pat Sloan Block #12 posts today and I am hopeful to get to it along with last week's block that still hasn't been sewn.  So much for staying on top of that one.

Off to Maria's to pick up a couple of quilts, coffee with Stephannie, a stop at JoAnn's for a surpise retreat project and back home again.  I trim both quilts, cut binding for the smaller one along with parts for the label.  New magnets arrived today and I sewed the starts together on the quiet book page and Game 2 of the World Series -- Boston Red Sox won again.  Check out the quilting on Autumn Splendor --- Maria is simply amazing.

25th -  It's a crazy productive day and I love it.  I caught up with 2 PS Blocks and the row is added to the mother ship.

The binding and label for the smaller quilt are made, a gift pillow is finished, (I just can't show any pictures of these until they are gifted.  So sad), binding is attached to the mystery quilt as well as the smaller gift quilt.

All black thread quilting on GK plus one sample echo block hit the completed column AND Autumns Splendor is DONE.  I like days like today.  Soooo many great things finished.

26th -  Desk time.  I know that sounds terrible, but all good things need days like today too.  Emails sent, PayPal balanced, desk cleaned, stencils and retreat decorations ordered.  I started cutting for my retreat project and quilted on GKfor awhile, completing all the gold and black.

The gift quilt is bound and I have FINALLY finished the flag quiet book page.  Oh my gosh, that took awhile.  I talked with my granddaughter for an hour and then proceeded to watch the longest World Series game ever.  Red Sox lost and we actually made it to be right before 3 a.m.  Oh my - it's been while since Mister and I have stayed up that late together.

27th - Today is the day.  Autumn Splendor is Revealed and here is the TA-DA LINK.

It's also our Red Hat Halloween today and I am going as a Sock Hop Girl ---   click HERE to read all about it.  Such fun and frivolity.

After my BUSY morning, a little time in the studio for some more quilting on GK then into the house to make my sweetheart some English Muffin bread and dinner while he put up the new lights in the studio.   WOOT WOOT --- and the Lord said, "Let there be light."  And there is and it is good.

Now, onto the World Series and game four --- which the Red Sox WON.

28th -  A beautiful Sunday morning and my day w/Mister begins.  We are off to the Huffines Art  Trails and hopefully some coffee will be found there.  OH VAL --- check out this cute cutting board I spotted that is just calling your name.

After Huffines, a stop at St. Joseph's for their annual fall festival and yummy food ---It's a great time and although we are early and will miss the cloggers this year, our tummies are full and awe are ready to finish out the day.  Grocery shopping for Mom and deliver of the goods is nest.  Mister's Sis, Michelle, is visiting along with her greyhound, Brant, and we spot him enjoying the quilt I made for Mom.

A stop at the Growler and then home for the evening and game 5.  I have stencils to use on white felt and that is my during game project.

OHHHHH --- The Red Sox WON the World Series.  I'm sure that my friend, Lori, is losing her mind with joy in McKinney.  Will she even sleep tonight?  Who knows.

29th -  The days are counting down and I have company coming so it's time to kick it in gear around here.  Tackling things that are sitting around, first up is to write on the Autumn Splendor label.   Check.

Now, I want to put up all my fall decorations this year but that means some repairs are in order.  Settling in on the kitchen floor, I set to work with the extra parts Mister picked up a week ago.  He always manages to remember the little comments I make.

Once all the bad parts are clipped away and new items added, up everything goes.

I LOVE this time of year more than any other.  The colors just speak to my soul and calm me.  Plus, scarecrows!!  I mean really --- aren't they the best?

After working all day on cleaning three rooms and decorating, I am cutting out my stencils for the evening project.  Whew.

30th -  Some English Muffin toast and homemade jam start the day out right before my determination takes center stage it's off to the studio with a finish on GK in mind.  The quilting is complete and binding is on.  Yay!!!  The rest of the day is spent running errands and cleaning the office.  We are getting there.

31st -  Happy Halloween!!!  Pat Sloan's Block 13 is out but my day is a bit too busy.  I get it graphed and the cutting directions written before moving on.  It's also Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Introduction and I'm super excited for it.  Entitled "Good Fortune" the color cards are out and I'm off to Lowe's first thing.

Now to pull fabrics!  I have a start -- will likely need more orange.  I considered switching it for golds, but I have even less of that and I REALLY want to purchase as little as possible.

The rest of my day is spent cleaning house.  Yep --- not the best way to spend Halloween, but it had to be done and we are ready for company.  We are even ready for the trick or treaters that are willing to brave the rain tonight.

A few do and are treated to full size candy bars.  However, we have a TON left and Mister and I are just not that strong.  We will try and be good --- make them last.  Hahahahaha, who am I kidding?  Grands are coming tomorrow -- we'll sugar them up. 

While waiting on the kiddos to ring the doorbell, I am happily binding away and I have another finish this month.  Garlic Knots is DONE.  Now to find a good name for this quilt and get the label written on.  I do love it and it certainly taught me some new tricks for my bag. 

Well, it's been another whirlwind month and as much as I was sure they would drag as I wait for the end of November, it appears that time marches on no matter what.  Thank you so much for being a part of my life and helping me to stay on track.  As always, keep on creating, and I'll be back next month with more fun adventures.

Personal Goals:

REPLY TO COMMENTS:  This is a big one for me.  I want to stay on top of it and will work very hard to do so.  It may not happen the day of the comment, but I will be fairly current.

UFO for this month:

Pineapple Blossom - quilted and bound
Garden Party - quilted and bound
Texas Tumbleweeds (yes it got moved to UFO status) - quilted and bound
Fall Wall Hanging - quilted and bound - DONE!!

Current Projects:

Quiet Book - 2 pages finished - 4 FINISHED
Autumn Splendor - totally done - DONE
Pat Sloan Merry and Bright blocks - All blocks through 13 made and set through 12 -  Through 12 made and set

UFO Monthly Items:

2 BOM - Whimm's - DONE
Red/White quilt - laid out, top made DONE and label/binding
Ohio Star - 10 blocks made - DONE
Garlic Knots - quilted and bound - DONE
1 Row by Row block - DONE

UFO Handwork Items:

1 Box finished for tea set - on hold til Mister's hand is better
Redwork on seams of WW quilt top - worked on

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