Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fabric? Who Needs Fabric? Kelly and Ellen Do - That's Who

Way back in October --- hahahaha -- yep, that is exactly how long I've known Kelly --- we planned on getting together today for some fun.  After dropping Mister at work, I head for Mama's Daughter's Diner where breakfast is waiting.  And paid for by a nice man who must have thought I looked pitiful in my oversize sweater sitting all alone.

 She is in town with her mom, Ellen, and daughter, Izzie and wants to go to the warehouse district. I, for one, am more than willing to show her around.  How good can I be?  Fortunately, they are on the hunt for specific things and I am able to channel my buying frenzy into their pocketbooks.  Yep, everyone needs a friend like me.  We start out at Fabric Wherehouse (in the sale room pictured here) and are soon taken through the back rooms to the other side for fun in the quilt cotton room.  Yes, this room will do.  We find almost everything they need right here.  And me?, you ask --- well I walked away with ONE 2 1/2 yd cut of Indigo for Double Delight.  I've been VERY good.  A quick stop at Golden D'Or for the last piece and it's time for food.

When we all went to Babes Chicken House in Granbury at the last retreat, Kelly was unable to get there in time and since she is another of those Babe's "virgins" that is now our destination.

Good food, good fun and more wonderful people in my life.  Seriously, can it get any better this year?  Since I am soooo selfie challenged, Izzie offered to take over.  Somehow these teens have no issues with this like I do.  I think my fingernails are the problem.  Honest.  Stop laughing.

After lunch, a stop at the quilt shop is required.  And guess what?  I do manage to find things to buy.  Check out these awesome pop-up bags.  They come in a set of small, medium, and large so of course all three are coming home with me along with the pattern.  The medium is on the chair in it's compressed state.  Too fun and the fabrics are AWESOME!  Anyone recognize them.  The red and yellow were both part of our pillowcases at May's retreat and the panel, that beautiful panel, is part of my back to my FNP that is awaiting quilting right now.

The others are off for more shopping at the mall --- I DID say Izzie is a teenager right?  We say our good-byes for now and I have hopes that I will get to meet Ellen again at a future retreat.  Alaska is just a short distance away isn't it?

I can't leave Carrollton without a stop at the antique shop on the square as well.  Perhaps there will be a treasure that I just can't leave without. It could happen.  I see a lot of the same things that have been here awhile BUT new photographic moments do present themselves.  This rack of wools is gorgeous - a bit pricey, but gorgeous nevertheless.

Quilts and hankies abound.  This booth on the right just screams "vintage" to me while the child's WORKING iron and board have me literally sitting on the floor to check them out.  The price tag of $65 stops me short but this board is seriously only 12-18" long and it STANDS.

Another little room makes my camera happy with fabric and old, old books.  Again, a bit high and I'm not enough of a "vintage" fabric expert to know if they are worth it -- or, for that matter, if they are truly vintage.  I think I have used one of the yellows so that makes me question it a bit.  It's yummy in here though.

There seem to be several little niches today that are just what a sewer looks for.  Lovely little boxes and jars filled with thread, buttons, etc.  How fun.  Doilies and hankies are in literally almost every spot that I am drawn to.

I'm thinking that THIS display is apropo.  If I have to use an iron like these, I WANT the rum to come along.

Another "Martha" cabinet is spotted and this one is closer to what I would like.  So is the price.  I'll have to think on this one for awhile though as I spent all I brought with me already.

It's time to point the car back towards Mister but I'll make a stop at Mom H's. for a visit first.  Thanks for coming along on my fun day.  Oh, Oh, Oh --- here are my days treasures:


  1. Marvelous day trip with Kelly, Ellen and Izzie! Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Allison

    1. It was truly a fun day. Loved meeting both Ellen and Izzie and felt like one of the family. Just the way it should be.