Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Easy Angle Lesson with Roberta

A "HELP"  went up in the group.  Roberta wanted someone to help her with the clues for Allietare.  Since I absolutely love having people at the house and I've been too lazy to clean up from last Friday, it seems an easy solution.  Come on over.

She arrives nice and early.  She has completed Clue 3 since she learned 4-patches with Ribbons of Love.  Now for the new rulers to be put into use.  First up is clue 1 and the Easy Angle ruler.  She already has her strips cut so we are off to a great start.

Time out for a coffee cake that I made this morning.  It is an OLD family recipe that is actually made with coffee as the liquid and is a gummy cake, making one think that it is underdone, but no.  Oh and so fun to squish in your hands as a kid.  Me??? No, I never did that.  It doesn't get frosted, just a nice snack cake.  I've been baking and prepping lunch off and on all morning.

Break time.

While Roberta enjoys a momentary break, I put her Featherweight into my table and set to work adjusting her bobbin tension.  Yep, that was the problem and she is ready to roll.  Hmmmm -- I'm thinking this table is just a wee short for a tall girl like her.

My guess is that she will have all of Clue 1 finished before lunch.  Get to it girl.  I love watching people the first time they use this ruler.  When it comes to sewing ---- NO EATEN POINTS.  How awesome is that?

She DOES make it by lunch.  Yep, I'm just that good of a teacher.  I can even predict finish times.

My girlfriend, Lisa, stops by for lunch and a holiday greeting.  It's always so nice to see her and I think we kept Roberta smiling with our stories of our sweeties when they are together and/or apart.  She has to leave after lunch but it is super to get to see her again.  She is an amazing artist and you really should go check out her website HERE.  As she leaves, she takes a bag of fabric scraps with her to play with.  Oh to see what she can create with fabric when she is oh so amazing with magazine pieces.

Okay, it's time to get back to work.  I am going to start cutting on prepping for my Talkin' Turkey class next week.  First up:  the strings.  I need blue so pull all of them out and then go in search of my 1 1/2" blue strips that will work as strings too.  Still not near enough.  Time to cut as Roberta has her clue 2 parts ready and heads for the machine to sew.  The cutting table is now mine for a bit.

I cut and cut and cut.  What have I gotten myself into?  I even have to call on Allison to confirm that I am, indeed, nuts.  That's enough of that for today.  I'm gonna see what else I can do.

Roberta has finished her Clue 2's (yes, she is rocking the place) and is out of strips so sets up her Go cutter and I watch, still wondering if I need one of these blasted things.  I'm still voting no, but it sure did go quick for her.  Once her strips are all ready, she is busy getting her clue 4 parts cut.  She is becoming very proficient with both the Easy Angle and the Companion Angle rulers.  Yay!  Another skill in her tool box.
I see my friend looking a wee bit tired.  Chocolate to the rescue.  She is not the only one to succumb to the pleasures of the candy bowl in the living room.  It has helped several this week.  Isn't her red fabric simply lucious.  I am snitching as many scraps as I can of it hoping to put it to good use somewhere.

And what have I gotten up to?  Well, Roberta walked in with a bag of scraps and since I'm gather all the little blue pieces that I can find, it seems like a good time to make a mess.  I do a FINE job.

It's been a simply great day and almost 7 when Roberta points her car back towards Waxahachie.  A long day, BUT she has all four clues almost complete.  Pressing and trimming is pretty much all that remained plus a few of her clue 4 units.  She will be caught up with the rest of us when the new clue comes out.  Woohoo.  

Roberta, thanks for letting me help you today.  I really am happiest when teaching.  The trick is to find something I feel proficient enough in to teach.  I have spent HOURS with these rulers.  Today was an easy day for me.

SOME PICTURES WERE STOLEN FROM ROBERTA -- Just keeping it honest here.

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  1. Had such a great time and am grateful to your teachings. Must do this again one day. I was worn out though. Haha