Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Finished Non-Quilty Craft Items

I LOVE doing things other than just quilting and sometimes I feel as though I NEED to try my hand at something different now and then just to mix it up and keep my creative ability intact.  Here's a peek at what 2015 held for me in the non-quilt category:

January - Skirts for Miss Elena and Miss Malea.  Now, truth be told -- Miss Elena did a lot of these herself and you can see that post which includes a video HERE.

Seems there was yarn laying around crying to be made into gifts for a future use.  Scarves and hats just appeared while sitting with a very sick friend.

Jason's hat to help him fight the chill he was experiencing as he prepared to leave this time and space.

A scarf for Tina as she worked through her grief and pain of losing her sweet companion in this life.


Mug Rugs/Cups at the Valentine Retreat down at Brazos House.  You can read more about it by clicking this link.


A Tea Set for Miss Zyra.  For the whole story, please click RIGHT HERE.

Design Boards - It's retreat time again and this is one of the projects for it.  Here is the prototype.

Pillowcase - We are also making cuffed pillowcases for retreat and this is the prototype.  It will accompany me to all future retreats.

May -

More design boards at retreat and also the name tags.  Love the design boards in various sizes.

Mother of the Bride Dress - I stayed at retreat for 10 days and between sessions sewed and sewed and sewed on my dress AND the flower girls dresses.  First time working with my serger in quite awhile.

Flower Girl Dresses


Ophelia's Quiet Book is finished this month.  It has been my main project for months now.  Oh I do love it and she is receiving it for her first birthday.  To follow on this saga, please check out this link.

Ribbon Sticks for Wedding - While setting up for the reception, Louis, Doug, and I made these ribbon sticks for the children attending.

Flower Crowns - The same afternoon flower crowns are made for the bride, ALL bridesmaids, and the flower girls.  Also the brides bouquet.  Goodness.


Rockin belly bands - My sister-in-law's dog is struggling with end of life issues and needs some belly bands to hold his "panty liners".  A quick trip to the machine solves that.

Doug pumpkin - My sweetheart is having a "decorate a pumpkin" contest at work.  Here is his effort with the Dallas skyline:

Doug blanket for Rockin - While I was at retreat, My sweetheart made a blanket for ailing Rockin to go with the belly bands.

November -

Ophelia's Fabric "paper" dolls - made while at retreat.  How fun are these?  Cassie and I purchased the panel and fabric during my visit this month.  One Christmas gift checked off the list.

December -

Seat Cushions for my studio and office out of leftover "sewing" fabric from my Friendship Quilt AND the insides of den pillows that were replaced.  Repurposing at it's best.  Fronts:

And backs:

A skirt for my mid-arm frame made from some bright canvas.  It sure hides a lot.

And that's it for this year.  I wonder what will find it's way into the project box next year.  Time will tell.

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