Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Finished Quilts

Well 2015 was not quite as productive as 2014, but there were still some great finishes.  Take a peek.


Wanderlust - Bonnie Hunter Plano Mystery - Later released in Quiltmaker magazine.  First stitch taken 12/30/13 -- last stitch taken 4/25/15.  First time quilting a little loopy stipple.  Used my 301A and variegated thread.  Love how it turned out.


Ophelia's Squares - One of the quilt groups put out a challenge to use a charm square pack that was hanging around.  I had two partials and combined them with a disappearing 4 patch to make this little quilt to give to Ophelia.  First stitch taken June 15, 2015 and the last stitch in the binding made while driving to my daughter Rhiana's wedding in Montana -- June 19, 2015.  I think that is a record.  Of course we had to stop and take a picture.


Bow-Dacious - Bonnie Hunter class in Plano, TX New Year's Day 2015.  Last stitch taken 10/18/15.  This is the first one quilted on my new-to-me Pfaff Grand Quilter and frame.  Simple stipple.  (This quilt was tried on the 301A and I had a huge bubble so over a quadrant had to be ripped out so it sat until now.)

Ribbons of Love - I designed this quilt and presented it as a mystery to my Facebook groups.  What fun this was even though I had to totally rework the pattern and make it twice.  Love, love, love it.  First stitch on the constant taken 9/25/2015.  Last stitch taken October 28, 2015 as the reveal is October 31st and I am headed to retreat.  Whew.

Scrappy Version of Ribbons of Love --- total remake after changing the pattern.  This top was made and totally ripped back down to 2" squares and resewn.  Learned a ton about staying with the same color value.  Great lessons.  First stitch taken (on original pattern) 8/13/15 (on remake) 9/5/2015 -- last stitch taken 10/28/105.  Goodness what a lot of work it took to learn about color.  Back is a custom one from Debra Linker and the third on my midarm.  I am super happy with the way I managed to center it.  Woohoo.

October -

Less Than Traditional technique by Charlie.  It is all batiks and a quilt as you go class that Mary Easley taught while at retreat this month.  First stitch taken 10/29/15 and last stitch 10/31/2015.  Yep, it's a quick and easy one.


Quilting Sisters - This is a friendship quilt that was started when Jennifer Marshall requested a 9-patch from each of her retreat friends.  It quickly became an exchange.  My nine patches were made at retreat on 5/9/2015 and then when I took them home to sign and measure, I discovered that they were all too small.  I then ripped them all apart and remade them on 8/8/15.  Then they were off to Jen and she made the exchange with everyone.  Final stitch taken 12/14/15.  I tried a new pattern for quilting and am okay with it.  This one has a sleeve and a super fun back.

Ho Ho Ho - Right after returning home from the February retreat I had an idea to do a Christmas Quilt block exchange and then make the quilts at the November retreat.  I soon sent out the word to all who would be attending and the block making began.  It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted a larger quilt so I made quite a few extra blocks.  I absolutely love the way it turned out.  The border started out as exchange blocks but I decided to keep them as they weren't perfect --- I found a use for them.  What a fun quilt.  We exchanged the blocks at the November retreat and it was set entirely there.  Last stitch was taken 12/15/2015 and onto my bed it went.  The label is signed by all who contributed blocks.

Orange Crush by Bonnie Hunter.  We did this one in group as a mystery all over again.  I had a few issues with the quilting and at one point this one went in the garbage before being rescued and put in time out for MONTHS.  First stitch taken 2/18/2015 - final stitch on 12/16/2015.  Quilted with the same loopy stipple I started with on my 301 only this time on the mid-arm.  Much better.  Backing is almost every odd piece of orange fabric that I could find.

Grand Illusion - Bonnie Hunter 2014 Reader Appreciation Mystery.  First cut 11/28/2014 and final stitch taken 12/22/15.  I have renamed this one "My Gran Delusion" because I tried something totally new while quilting it and about killed my arms AND realized that I am really not very good with my mid arm yet.  The outer border has a simple stipple, the narrow yellow inner border is a tight, tiny circles, and the center is a loopy stipple.  Scary huh?  Backing is bicycles since Bonnie's inspiration for this quilt is the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island - where cars are not allowed.  Leftover pieces down the center.

Bonnie Hunter Medley - I was invited to participate in a Row Robin this past year and decided to make each person's row from one of Bonnie's blocks.  At the same time, I made a duplicate row for myself and this is the result.  First cut taken 7/21/2014 and final stitch on 12/30/2015.  I took it to class with Bonnie and had her sign it on New Year's Eve.  It is quilted with a simple loopy, solid backing but first time using different colored threads on top and bottom.

Not a bad year over all.  I wish I had finished more, but I'm happy with 11 finishes.  I have quite a few that are dang close.  See ya next year.

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