Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Class 2015 - Fabric Fanatics

Oh my gosh!  It's here.  This day has been long awaited by me for the fun I just know is in store.  I am off to Plano and Fabric Fanatics to enjoy a day with Bonnie Hunter, Ana, Marti (minus her voice), Irene, and a whole classroom of wonderful ladies.  Let's go.

(We have to pinky share not to show anything from this class until the pattern comes out in the spring so you will just have to wait until then for me to update this post with all that I worked on.)

The class starts out with hugs all around and it is like old home week as everyone comes together for our yearly gathering.  As soon as everyone has arrived, we are off to the cutting table for today's lesson.  Bonnie spots me with the camera catching her in an unusual position ---- YES, she does talk with her arms and hands a lot ---

So obviously she then strikes a pose for a second shot.  Yep, told you these classes are FUN!  Love ya Bonnie.

 My wonderful table mates -- Ana and Marti from the gang

And Theresa, who joins us in our merry little pod.

Funny, funny story here!!!  Fabric Fanatics is having a sale and asked Bonnie to put a little blurb in on her post.  She is doing voice to text and says, "Batiks on the bolt are on sale at Fabric Fanatics."  She then hits send.  Low and behold, what her phone sent was "butt cheeks on the bolt."  Oh my.  We are all laughing so hard but she is mortified and trying so hard to fix it.  Funny, funny.  After lunch it is time for show and share and Marti has her hexie quilt to share.   Ana took this picture for me but then I stayed up to help her show her quilts and didn't get a picture of them.

Now it's my turn and since I'm sharing, I obviously don't have pictures BUT, I have some that Bonnie took.  Yes -- these are her pictures and carry her watermark.  My Friendship quilt front

And back.  I had such fun with this.  Pay attention Ana -- seriously, lol.

And the ever finally finished Orange Crush.  Oh my.

The rest of the day is spent just working away on our new quilt top and loving every minute of it.  The best part is that I know I get to return again for the next three days.  Yes --- lovin' life.  What fun today has been.

After class Irene and I went to dinner and then a quick stop at JoAnn's where we discovered this display.  Oh Panetone -- your Rose Quartz and Serenity just feel like my bathrooms at home.  Too funny.  See Ya'll tomorrow.  Same Quilt Time, Same Quilt Channel.

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  1. Gosh, this was JUST last week! So sad it is over, but ever so glad for the memories made together my friend! Hugs, Allison