Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Day With Mister - Fun Stuff EVERYWHERE

Oh goodness.  My sweetheart actually is running away from work today.  And I do mean running.  We are out the door and away from computers.  Now what?  How about an estate sale or two?  There are a couple right near the house and we are off to see what treasures might be in need of a new home.  The first stop nets us a wonderful partially finished hand-stitched quilt top and the remaining pieced blocks.  All I have to do is figure out a white fabric to use with it.  We also locate a box of old thimbles and a beautiful scarf.  The second sale gives us two organizers filled with parts that Mister can use along with a TRAIN.  Total expenditure of these two stops is $34.49.  (The Spirograph came later)

Our next stop is a "new to us" antique mall that Mister found in Mesquite.  We spend HOURS in there and walk out with the Spirograph that you see above.  That's it.  Total expenditure $5.00.  Wow.  However, we did find some pretty cool stuff.  Check out these pictures (and I was not as good today at taking them -- there were many more):

The first thing I spot are some VERY old quilt blocks that are paper-pieced on newspaper that is dated over 75 years ago.  Yep, you read that right.  Amazing.

I round a corner and run into this machine but oh my, the price tag is $200.00.  Seriously?  This one will be here for a long time.

The next booth has another head and it is priced the same.  $200.00.  What is up here?  This is a HEAD - no pedal or power cord.

Some irons, oil lamps, and quilts come along and catch my eye.

Then a nice, overpriced sewing box

I hear Mister in the booth next to me say, "WOW."  Then again, "WOW."  I HAVE to backtrack and go see what he is in awe of.  He is holding this:

I am scared to death that he likes it and then he looks at me and says, "Isn't this the worst thing you have ever seen?"  Whew --- major relief.  It won't be going home with us.

Sets of 2 treadle drawers ($29.00 each), quilts (new and being sold much too cheap -- around $75 each) and pillows everywhere.

 Finally some truly vintage stuff again.  Old wooden spools, again over priced and then some truly beautiful and very fragile quilts.

I LOVE the log cabin one.  Oh my.

Finally we round the corner and find a vintage machine booth.  It's nice, but I am more drawn to the irons than I am the machines.  This sweet little one on the middle iron shelf is only $20.00 and I would love to take her home with me, but it is right before Christmas and I am trying so hard to be good.

It's a beautiful booth though and looks as though this person really cares about their items.

 We continue on and when we hit the very last row, discover something that I REALLY would like to have.  A lovely blue Morse.  Oh my.  Mister takes the time to check her out thoroughly.  The price tag is $100.00 which is a bit high but I am willing to pay it if I get a go ahead.

It's lovely and ready to sew on.  She weighs a ton but has this really cheap, icky foot pedal with her.  Mister says it will have to be replaced and we will need to find the correct one.  That raises our cost and puts her in the "no" category.  So sad, but she is staying behind for now.

The same booth has a 328

And a 327

Both nice but I already have a 328 and am not interested in the 327.  One last stop before heading out the door provides a toy  machine.  Lovely red, don't you think?

Wow --- it's 3:30 when we come out of the store.  We can't believe how long we were in there.  However, we are in Mesquite, which doesn't happen very often, and I have recently found a gift card for Hancocks.  Let's go see what we can find to purchase with it.  It takes us awhile in the store, but we do find several things I want.  A pillow form for the February retreat, some new pins to replace the 15 year old ones in the pin cushion, and 3 new rulers.  We spend every last cent of a $50.00 card and I am thrilled.  Now for dinner and a beer or two.  What a great day with my sweetheart.


  1. I love antique shops, and I also collect vintage sewing machines. Will you please share the name of the Mesquite mall? I found the best vintage postage stamp quilt at an antique shop in Waxahachie - at the best price.

    1. I believe it was called the Antique Gallery. Just off Towne East. Hopefully that helps. I love them too.

  2. Wonderful day out together and long over due! Good for you both along with all your finds. I adored the video of the train in action you shared on Facebook! A train that talks!! How cool is that? Hugs, Allison