Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Talkin' Turkey Class - Fabric Fanatics

Today I am going to put all that cutting from last week to good use.  It is day two of the Plano classes and we are going to tackle Talkin' Turkey.  I have chosen to do mine in blue and am actually pretty excited to see how it all turns out.

Mister and I are ready to leave the house a bit early so opt for some time together to visit over coffee and a yummy breakfast.  What a wonderful start to New Year's Eve.  Well, in all fairness this pretty much IS our New Year's Eve.  We'll likely go to dinner tonight and then my sweetie has to work.  I know -- it sucks.

After our wonderful morning respite, I drop him off and work and head to Fabric Fanatics.  It appears that I am the first to arrive.  I lay my meager supplies (since I left most things here yesterday) on the sidewalk in front of the shop and stay warm and toasty in the car.  Before long, the lovely Allison joins me for a delightful visit.  Yep, she is here today with me.  Let the party begin.  (Below: Turtles and quilting -- two great loves of mine.)

Allison joins Marti and I in our pod and Lee Ann sets up with her daughter in another corner of the room.  What fun.  As the class starts, I have an empty spot beside me.  Let the sprawl begin.

Bonnie arrives and the merriment truly begins.  The room just lights up once she is there.

Setting up stations takes over for awhile and soon our merry little pod is ready to go.  Marti is still minus a voice but sporting a wonderful scarf that I made while Allison is wearing two at once.  Yep, how fun is this?  I gifted her the cream one which is made from recycled Japanese kimonos last spring after she delivered my mid-arm to me.  The colorful one was made by me.

Okay, it's time to rock and roll.  Oh how fun.  Bonnie chooses my station and machine to do her demo on.  Lovely Barbara gets to be the spotlight for a few minutes.

The first thing up is string piecing our blocks.  My strings are all blue and I'm excited to see how it looks.  I made this blocks last year while working on the Row Robin so know what I am doing but that never stops me from learning new things in class.  Today is not an exception.  I love it.

First string block:

By lunch time we have been stringing away for a couple hours and after another lesson from Bonnie, there are colorful triangles all over the place.  Check out Allison's brilliant yellow.

And then --- an oops.  HAHAHA

 Lovin' my blue triangles.   I have not even made a dent in the string bag though.  I am hopeful that this pattern will eat them up by the end of it.

Next up is show and share and I have brought a couple quilts to share.  First up:  my Christmas quilt.

And my Bonnie Hunter Medley which I had Bonnie sign after showing it.

Bonnie focused on my labels and took these pictures as well.  How fun is this?

Back to work ladies -

Oh the smiles -- yay

And . . . . . ta-da --- I have a finished block!!!

Group shot time:

And then there were two:

 What an amazing and fun day this has been.  It's now time for the drive home and straight into the studio to prepare for tomorrow's class.  See ya there.

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  1. Awww, what a great day we had together . . . all of us. Thank you for documenting our bliss! Hugs, Allison