Friday, October 23, 2015

Visiting with Jen --- A Little Work Too

I've been invited to Jen M's for lunch and a visit.  Yes, I am going.  Was there any question about that?  It is pouring cats and dogs out.  I can't see the windshield but am going to drive up to Haslet.  Am I crazy?  Perhaps, but we take the opportunities whenever we can.

I get there and the first thing I do is ask for help with the mystery.  I have this beautiful backing and am unsure how to load the quilt into my frame to get the pattern centered.  Thank you Jennifer, for helping me to understand that.

Lucille (Jen's Mom) and David arrived shortly after me to pick her their treasure trove being store in Jen's garage.  Yes, estate sales are oh so fun and they definitely scored on this one big time.

By the time they finished loading the pick-up --- there was very little space left AND the back of the cab was full too.  Ooooh Lucille --- you will have days and days of fun just going through things.  Major jealous here.

It's lunchtime and Jen has made the most wonderful Barley and Bean soup.  Yes --- on this rainy day soup is absolutely divine.  Great food, great conversation, great friends.  This is best type of day ever --- even if I almost drowned getting here.

After lunch, farewells are said and I'm a bit sad but realize they have a much longer drive back than I do and even though I am jealous of their haul, I am not the least bit missing having to unload all of that when they arrive.  Whew.

Now to try and get something accomplished.  I finished unstitching my Bow-Dacious quilt while in Utah so Jen helps me pull pins and then I set to picking threads off for the balance of my time there.

It's a perfect, fairly mindless task and I am able to work away while we visit.  About halfway through, I take a break to go and explore Jen's studio.  She has some really cool projects going and her mystery quilt units look amazing.  So excited to see it finished.  I also get a sneak peek at some upcoming treats.  Fun, fun.

Now, back to picking threads.  They seem to be never ending but I do manage to complete the task and now this quilt is ready to be my FIRST one on the new frame/machine.  Am I scared.  Oh golly yes.

That's quite a handful of picked threads.  Another 2 hours added to the 14 it took me to unstitch and it has now taken me 16 hours to get this quilt back to where it was before 45 minutes of quilting.  Can you say grrrrrr?

Thanks Jen for let me work while we chatted.  I am so thankful to have this project behind me.  You're the best.  Love ya.